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One day Spike answers the door and the bailiffs are there. . . turns out, Twilight forgot to pay the rent. For about five years.

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This was actually very entertaining to read. Keep up the good work!

How completely out of character for Twilight. She ought to have had no plan and broken down mentally at the first appearance of adversity, only to be bailed out by Spike, Starlight, or Pinkie, who are actually world-wise.

And she would have viewed it as the height of sacrelige to forge Celestia's signature.

Hmm, true - but then, this was always intended to be random. Perhaps I could write the 'realistic' version at some point. . ?

Mare-mite / Vegimite... :pinkiehappy:
:pinkiegasp: Skippy?
:rainbowhuh: forgery ?
:trollestia:It's because I don't get off my cake filled ass to do anything for my little ponies, Ask Luna

did you miss the comedy tag?
knowing you, you probably did

Comedy 1) does not excuse flawed characterization and 2) would be better served by the characterization I described. Or so say the people who keep using it.

Least no one said about Spike's Citizenship.

Spike's citizenship?

If Equestrian citizenship works anyway like the Unites States', Spike would be a natural born one

What's all this talk about citizenship?

You do know you’re not going to change anyone’s mind right?

Oh that ending was brilliant!

So Twilight forgot to take regular dumps near the Tree of Harmony? How else would she pay the Tree rent?!

how about the Random tag, did that not stand out to you at all or is that stick so far up your ass that it's reached your brain and messing around with how it perceives things

I was sure this would revolve around the land the castle grew on being town property.

With these scents lying thickly in the air, like a pleasant but mildly malodorous canine, Spike hurried as fast as hit (his) little legs could carry him. Once in the kitchen, he found Starlight, usually so bad at cooking but a dab-hoof at whipping up a homemade Maremite sandwich, busily engaged in doing just that.

I'd point out that if she doesn't owe rent because she owns the place
then she DEFINITELY owes back taxes + interest & penalties.

Also, non deliverable mail is supposed to be Returned to Sender
Derpy, you got some 'splaining to do! :derpyderp1:

The story never said anything about Taxes. I would assume either Celestia was covering it, she was already paying them Pre-Alicorn or that, being Royalty she didn't have to pay any.

Oh, so that's where all this talk of taxes is coming from - the law must be different in the US.

Royalty don't have to pay tax anyway, so. . .


I didn't know that. Here in the USA we don't have royalty.

No, not since that spot of bother in the 1770s. . . :rainbowlaugh:

It always gets me how long ago you colonial types view the Spot of Bother as happening - England was already 1,336 years old when The Awkwardness began, so unless it's over a thousand years old we don't view it as being that long ago!

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