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What is life? Is it nothing more than the endless search for a cutiemark?

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Yup - sounds legit.


... Huh?
Also, yeah, this show is pretty inconsistent at times. Admittedly, it's one of the things I hope G5 might be able to handle better. If they manage to keep their stories straight and reduce contradictions to a minimum, they'll already close a lot of distance on G4.

Very true. I'm kind of hoping they don't end up using names and characters we're familiar with from G4; it'd just be too weird if Twilight Sparkle suddenly turned up as an earth pony or something.

When I saw the title of this story.... I'm thinking The Lego Movie for "Honey, where are my pants?"

Huzzah! That's the reference I was going for. I often put quite obscure references in my stories (particularly the comedies) but people rarely get them. So I'm glad you have!


Pretty sure the Mane 6 will be carried over at least since Hasbro considers them iconic to the franchise now.

Though I am hoping they reconsider some of the concept ideas that have been leaked. Because iconic characters aren't as iconic when you change things about them.

Also, that cliffhanger at the end is evil. :rainbowlaugh:

Haha, thanks! :trollestia:

I know what you mean - especially as Fluttershy now appears to be becoming a unicorn (or earth pony, I forget - but she's certainly not a pegasus), which is crazy! She's called FLUTTERshy, for crying out loud!


Honey, Where are My Haaaaaaaaaannnds?

"...and was once again gasping for breath, Luna smirked at Twilight, who had remained speechless..."

When did her Tenebrous Majesty arrive to the scene? :raritywink:

Maybe it's a Minotaur thing?

Okay, that's officially weird - thank you for pointing it out, 't has now been corrected!


Honestly, of the concept changes to the Mane 6 Fluttershy becoming a unicorn is the least jarring for me. Since very little of her character really relies on her being a pegasus. The biggest exception being her childhood friendship with Rainbow.

Pinkie becoming a pegasus means many of her eccentric moments won't have as much impact because she'll be able to fly. And Twilight becoming an earth pony takes away one of the defining features of her character.

Then there's Applejack who's potentially getting a complete personality overhaul. Which means in G5 she'll just be Applejack in name and appearance only.

Hmm, I see what you mean. Especially as Fluttershy can, after all, barely fly. :trollestia:

I'm just hoping that G5 will be different enough from G4 to not feel like a newer, fancier copy (think Star Wars, Episode VII: The Force Awakens!).

What just happened? And what does Star Swirl have to do with it? I DEMAND ANSWERS! :flutterrage:

Author Interviewer


Not what I was expecting.

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