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Inky Scrolls

What is life? Is it nothing more than the endless search for a cutiemark?


"I was stuck in silent prison with the voices in my head." When she thinks back to the song Autumn Blaze sang the first time they met, Applejack can't help but wonder if there's something the friendly Kirin isn't telling her.

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Interesting premise. Looking forward to seeing where you go with it!

I'm sure Autumn Blaze was chatty before the enforced silence, and the lack of interaction could have hurt her fairly deep...

Well, I approve of the cover art for sure!

Haha! It's such a good scene, isn't it? :pinkiehappy:


Yup! I’m trying to think of an Autumn Blaze to write but I’ve got nothin’....

I know what you mean - she's such an excellent character, but we know so little about her (despite her song - which has got to be one of the best songs in MLP!).


The best I’ve come up with is “bumpkin rube visits Canterlot, hijinks ensue,” but my talent is writing sad, not hijinks. Autumn Blaze and sad don’t mix.

That's a good story idea - but I know what you mean! I tend to write sad stories too, so this one is going to be a bit out of the ordinary for me. You could always give it a shot and see what happens - you never know, maybe you'll get your cutiemark in bumpkin story-writing! =D


Thanks! It’s in my queue, but I’ve got a Vinyl-Tavia short to finish, a Luna novel to finish, a Cadance-Twilight novelette to recruit prereaders for, and two other Luna novels I want to start, so.... it’ll be a while!

Blimey, a busy chap! I find my inspiration comes in fits and starts, rather, with often months between ideas - I've certainly never had as many on the go at once as you! :trollestia:


I throw away more idea by noon than I have the time to write all year....

I think it’s all the caffeine.

Hmm, I know that feeling. . ! It's just coming up to midnight here in the UK and the only thing that's kept me going this long is SUGAR. But now I think it's time for beddie-byes. :scootangel:

Pinkie Pie gets to meet autumn, maybe in group therapy. I can just imagine her meeting big mack.

Pinkie, pikamena and surprise meats autumn and her voices two person parties with unlimited energy and no end in sight

:ajsmug: "Ya want ta take this one, Autumn?"

🍂 "Oh, absolutely! I love it! It's very true to who I am, captures my breathless, scattershot, stream-of-consciousness nature really well! Like, how I run right out the door and hop on the train for an hours-long ride without any luggage or money? Oh yeah, been there, totally! Though really, this is a little subdued for me... I mean, this is like me before my first cup of coffee? And I can't wait for stuff to start happening! I mean, there's Applebloom waiting way over there on the porch, and I can't even say hello to her yet! I want to just run right over and meet her! Seriously though, I hope this story keeps it light and fun, and doesn't get all broody and tortured about me being twisted up inside from years of enforced silence and months of social ostracism, right? Because that's just not me. Talking to anything that moves, and even things that don't? It's a coping strategy! C'mon! We all have 'em! Hey, you know what my therapy should totally be? Writing fan-fiction! Yeah, or better yet, writing comments on fan-fiction! That's the way to deal with voices in your head, put 'em to work! Right, A.J.?"

:ajsmug: "Eee... yup..."

Ahem... this is a great beginning for this story! It's well-written, has good characterization, and lots of potential for comedic scenes if you can keep the energy up. I like where you're going here with Autumn Blaze, and look forward to seeing where you take this. Nice job!

Thank you, Twilight, I'm glad you're enjoying the story so far! ;-) I'd already written the second chapter before I read your comment, so I hope you like it alright. :twilightsmile:


And then it turns out the Voices are actually evil spirits and they DO kill her.

reading a magazine on 'Wing Care, the Basics: for non-Pegasus Parents of Pegasus Foals', waiting for Autumn to re-emerge.

That’s a fic all by itself!

What's the chances of seeing pinkie and discord one shot chapters where they try and help? Can already see discord snapping his fingers and separating the voices into there own being and the hi jinks that results

It's certainly an interesting suggestion!

Well, we'll have to see - I hadn't planned any, but now you mention it. . .


You got it! I was struggling for a 'Freud' pun, when suddenly the Simpsons resident shrink hit me between the metaphorical eyes. :yay:

Amusingly, I read that one before this one.

Oh really? Hopefully it made enough sense out of context. :trollestia:

Comment posted by MJP deleted Apr 7th, 2019
Comment posted by MJP deleted Apr 7th, 2019
Comment posted by MJP deleted Apr 7th, 2019

If autumn has taught us anything it’s that forcing your way of life on people who were perfectly happy the way they were only results in good

And that hypocrisy is ok

Comment posted by MJP deleted Apr 7th, 2019

Yep, show up, save your friends from being mind addled, then the mind addled people ask for your help. But totally you forcing your beliefs on others.


Because I’m sure absolutely no one was perfectly fine with being mute

Because I'm sure they forced everyone to drink the tea then drained the stream of silence so no one could use it again. /s

Awesome story! Thank you!

Being forced into silence for any period of time over a month would have long-term, if not permanent effects on her mind. Not trying to be cruel, but she could be partially insane.


I wonder if any of the other kirins have suffered from their self-imposed silence, or just Blaze after a long period of exile.

Man this is creepy and depressing.

There are a lot of Autumn Blazes out there. People who seem put together but are hiding issues behind closed doors.

Granny Smith: "My young'un and Blaze will be (😎) making some new apples together."

Big Mac: "Yep."

Interesting. I’ve never really understood the fear some people have about medication for mental problems, as soon as it was broached to me that a drug might help with my issues I was all for it.

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