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Enter Madness

I'm just a guy. Who likes ponies. And fan fiction. Why not both?


Twilight casts a new spell labeled as a "pick-me-up" that, among other things, gives her the ability to smell color and causes her to lose all meaning of the words "personal space."

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Really funny trip Twilight went on. Wish there was a followup though, so many dangling threads to resolve from when she gets back to normal and reviews over everything she experienced in her highly analytical way.

This is one of the funniest fics I've ever read, good show sir and/or madame! :moustache:

Wow. That was, well, perfect. Engaging story the didn't drag on or feel like it skipped around, just enough comedy to be light-hearted without overdoing it, immaculate spelling and grammar – this was an amazing story. I recommend you submit it to EQD.

EDIT: Also, start reading what you sign Celestia, or else you might be the next Zaphod Beeblebrox. If that reference was intentional, I award you all of my internets.

:rainbowderp: Why didn't I take her literally? It would make much more sense.

Twilight, having succeeded in her task, suddenly felt exceedingly tired. She needed something soft. Fluttershy was soft.

She would sleep on Fluttershy.

Can't argue with that. :rainbowlaugh:

Is pick me up some sort of drug slang for ecstasy?

“I wonder what Fluttershy’s face tastes like.”

best... line... EVER! :rainbowlaugh:

But... I thought pick-me-ups only came in powder form!

“I wonder what Fluttershy’s face tastes like.”

Ponies lick salt. Just sayin'.

Twilight? More like Highlight.
Geddit? Geddit... ...'cause she went on a trip...
This was hilarious. A+.

...i dont ged it.

Pick-Me-Ups also come in pill, cigar, and pipe form.

“I thought pick-me-ups only came in powder form,”

I lost it every time that line showed up. Hehe, line.

More like instant ADHD.

Care to tell me more about this powdered Pick-Me-Up?
In the back alley over there, with cash so as to be untraceable?
And of course, I trust you'll keep this entirely confidential. We can't have anyone finding out.

I can't let anyone know about my C12H22O11 addiction.

A lot...
My best friend...

LOL this fic is hilarious! :3

I enjoyed this. Just the kind of nonsense shenanigans to make my day better. I'm thumbing this up and favoriting it. :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by Zeyon The Green deleted May 28th, 2013

I'd like to see how Twilight feels after the spell wears off, and her friends tell her what she was doing... :twilightoops:
Twilight it isn't funny to laugh at your friends accent.

Well that was... wonderfully accurate :rainbowwild:
Nawbtrly. This story was absolutely hilarious! Kind of makes you wonder if Pinkie is on a trip 24/7...

yep...that just happened :rainbowderp:

But damn this was hilarious. I should have expected as such from someone named Enter Madness:rainbowlaugh:

this was very fun to read good job i was hook from beginning to end. the narrative was flawless :D

The craziest thing in this story is that Fluttershy gives animals chocolate! It's poison to them!!
And the ending was superb, great job.

I don`t quite get why RD was so embaressed by Twi smelling that she´s fruity? :rainbowhuh:

The Shy one was thjavascript:void(0);e best though. Espically with the conclusion at the end Twi got where she will sleep. :rainbowlaugh:

2741501 "Fruity" is often used as slang when calling someone gay. I was poking fun at the much-used trope in the fandom of Rainbow Dash being a closet lesbian, or at least everypony thinking she is.

Spike asked this question as he watched Twilight pour over a small scroll.


Pinkie hit her hoof against the counter and a sign dropped down from the ceiling. It read “Trying to find a unicorn, be back later.”

That DOES seem like the kind of thing she would have. More convenient than explaining to customers that she's been studying magical-philosophical conundrums while making their food and needs a test subject.

2741628 Um, actually, pour is like pouring a drink. Pore is like the pores in your skin. It was right to begin with... :twilightsheepish:

Headcanon 1.0 initiated...

Installation complete.

Princess Celestia had to have somepony besides herself to test the spell on, right? What if she tested it on DERPY?:derpyderp1::trollestia:


I didnt knew that. Thanks.

But you know, given that i think AJ and Rare should get some better parts and maybe Pinkie/RD could be "maxed" like with Shy and the "face-tasting". XD
Cause theirs felt kinda harmless compared to Shy´s one. And when i have read the description i kinda expected alot crazy Twi but it wasn´t that much crazy actually. Or better said, it wasn´t as embarressing/personal as i thought it would be. Dunno i expected more cause of the description, i guess.

Kinda like Rare and Spike do find Twi first and then Twi goes all touchy on Rare´s face cause "its so beauuuuuitfuuuuul, but~" and then removes all the make-up Rare has on her face to look stunning (like her fake eyelashes, the markant eye-liner, etc.) and removes it all with magic and then goes al rubby rubby with her cheek on Rare´s cheek and is all "yeeees, this is better, now you look aaaawweesoomme~" while Spike and Rare are just gaping having no idea how to react and bam Twi´s all "i need sweets" and is gone and Pinkie happens. XDDD

Or like with AJ she goes all "i like your voice, i like you, i liiiiiikeeee you AJ, do you like me?" and such while AJ just blinks and has no idea how to react to the snuggling Twi on her neck. XDDD

Or RD after her question Twi answers with a big smile "Cause i LOOOOVEEE fruits. I´m a grape, i must taste like one, don´t ya think too? Hmm, i wonder what you must taste like~" (going all innudeou or whatever that complicated word is for RD to REALLY have to fight a wingboner when the thought enters her mind that Twi just asked her how she tastes like. XDDD

But it was a fun read. Liked it, enjoyed it, what more can i ask for? Expect the stuff above i had imaged would happen when Twi is on a drug trip where she doesn´t care about personal space anymore.^_^

And Trollestia strikes again.

Hilarious! Nice work. :twilightsmile:

This needs a sequel. Perhaps Luna finding the spell... Hmm...

Anywho, that was AMAZING!:pinkiehappy:

This was GLORIOUS!

Hey hey, congrats author! Just wanted to stop in an say hi. Cheers.

How does one pinch things without fingers?


The same way they hold things with their hooves: by using the ambient magic to strain the higgs field tensors and manipulate the middling atomic force. By simply putting half their effectors a hundred and eighty degrees out of phase, a pinch may be induced--nothing could be simpler.

Why would being addicted to common table sugar be an issue?

*Grins* Very cute but the ending feels too abrupt. I'd much prefer an epilogue or somesuch explaining what happens after. Does Twi wake up? does she remember anything? Is she still under the effects of the spell? Is she abashed or too caught up in the urge to study the spell on someone else?

I like this fic immeasureably and I'll still recommend it to folks but with the warning of the abrupt end.:pinkiehappy:

spent prolonged periods of time with a small child. give them sugar and see how long you last.

at least its not a NaCl addiction, that would be a serious health threat.

Headcanon 1.0 is buggy, download Headcannon v2.5.321 Patch

It's like we're back in 2010!
Good show, sir, good show.

2750485 You mean the initial test was on Derpy, but it was buggy, and the successful test was on Pinkie Pie?


>>assuming Twilight will remember any of it

out of all this, fluttershy seems to be taking things the best.

Excessive consumption of salt can cause over hydration and high blood pressure, which in turn can lead to a high likelihood of strokes and cardiac arrest.

excessive sugar consumption on the other hand can cause diabetes, which while still being problematic, is severely less life threatening than the above mentioned.

What about Dihydrogen Monoxide? Nearly 100% of alll humans exposed to it have died...

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