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What is life? Is it nothing more than the endless search for a cutiemark?



This story is a sequel to White

Still reeling from the shock of Rarity's revelation, Starlight is looking forward to a more relaxing weekend with Fluttershy. It isn't long, however, before she also learns something new about the shiest of her friends.

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:derpytongue2: Okay Spike what's your secret?
:moustache: I do friends...

First, Applejack. :ajsmug: Then, Rarity.:raritywink:Now, Fluttershy.:fluttershyouch: I wonder who’s going to comfort Starlight Glimmer next.

>flutterdash shipping
please quit trying to sour the mood sir/madam

I most awfully sorry, I'm afraid I must beg your pardon - you see, I don't quite understand. For some reason, I was under the impression that this was my story, and that you merely chose to read it? If there's something I'm missing then please, do enlighten me. Perhaps, if it's not too much bother, you might also be able to explain why a dash of Flutterdash (pun intended, for which I apologise wholesale) should be taken as an indicator that I am 'trying to sour the mood', to quote?

With the deepest of British uncomfortableness,

Inky Scrolls

no warning about it for a start
secondly, and i know this isn't really something you'll care about, i rather hate that ship, as i love fluttershy in such a manner(and am quite certain that rainbow dash is straight as a die)

Fair enough, I can see how the lack of warning might throw a less than stable reader into a tailspin (horse puns akimbo!). Even so, to dislike the story just for that? If you don't like the ship, why not just. . . oh, I don't know, maybe read a different story?

because you didn't warn me, dear
how am i to know to avoid something if i cannot know it's there

True, true - still, you could easily have stopped reading as soon as the direction of my story became apparent. You surely can't hold me responsible for your own irrational dislikes?

not holding you accountable for my idiosyncrasies
just holding you accountable for not knowing your audience

I can you hold me accountable for not knowing my audience?

I'm sorry you've got depression man, really I am. But guess what? So do I! And I don't go around making baseless accusations because of it.

So if you've nowt grand to say, better not say owt.

you're not quite seeming to grasp the idea, sweetie
let me enlighten you
do ya get it yet
do ya see why i might see this as a personal attack yet

Listen, chum. I'm sorry I've impinged on your Flutter-fantasies, alright? Maybe - who knows - maybe you'll have to accept that THIS STORY ISN'T EVEN CANON.

Or maybe 'twas all but a dream? Who knows.

Listen, chum. I'm sorry I've impinged on your Flutter-fantasies, alright?

have you really though? you haven't changed your tone(or the story for that matter)

Maybe - who knows - maybe you'll have to accept that THIS STORY ISN'T EVEN CANON.

was wondering when i'd hear that bullshit excuse.i know it isn't canon, dearie. if it was, there'd be a lot more people pissed off at it. wanna know a secret though? good fanfictions can work with canon. they can fit right in with canon.

Or maybe 'twas all but a dream? Who knows.

are ya fuckin with me dude? you're gonna pull that lame-ass excuse out now? when there was no hint whatsoever towards such at all? not only is it pathetic, it's completely non-applicable to this!

I've tried to reason with you, really I have. I apologise for being a tadge confrontational, that wasn't professional of me. But I see no reason why I should change my story to suit one upset reader. There may very well be dozens of readers who enjoyed it specifically because of the Flutterdash element! Who knows.

So while I'm sorry that you've taken what you see to be an imperfection in the story to heart, I'm afraid I have no choice but to disincline to acquiesce to your request.

a: who says i'm the only one? perhaps i'm just the only one to say anything?
b: the term is "decline".

Can be either 'decline' or 'disincline'. To incline to something means to be willing to do something, thus if I'm disinclined to something it means I'm not willing to do it. Subtly different from 'decline', which means to refuse to do something.

more ya know i guess
aaaanyways, i still find the tone of the story to be rather upset by the insertion of shipping

:twilightoops: He does!
:duck: Ask me.

Ooh-er, I don't know if that's wise. . . :applejackconfused:

:derpytongue2: Dragon Quest...
:twilightsmile::raritywink: We were there.
:moustache: Was I there too? I was sort of busy at the time.
:trollestia: and as usual I did nothing for my little ponies.

special connection, with Rainbow

The lovers, the dreamers, and me?

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