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Inky Scrolls

What is life? Is it nothing more than the endless search for a cutiemark?



This story is a sequel to Indigo

After spending a long day together, walking round the Middle Equestrian countryside and enjoying each other's company, Starlight has an important question for Applejack.

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Comments ( 7 )

Interesting and very well written too.

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it! :twilightsmile:

That was so heartwarming, Inky. Who’s next to cheer up Starlight?

I haven't decided yet - we shall see!

Being liking the series thus far, but slight nitpick for this and the next story (I see it in the long description): It's "Wrap-up".

Sorry, you're quite right - not sure how that slipped through!

"Already I can't remember the names of all my schoolfriends, and they were ponies I thought I'd always know. . ."

"Granted, I didn't have strong connections with them like I did with Sunburst, and when he disappeared from my life back then, I didn't have much to do with them; I was dealing with a corrupted worldview and a fear of forming strong connections with anypony, after all. But still. . ."

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