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After having nasty fallings-out with Rarity and Diamond Tiara, respectively, Spike and Silver Spoon each wander the town to clear their heads, and end up running into each other. Deciding to hang out together, the two develop a friendship that could become something more.

I originally wrote this story a handful of months ago. Now, going over it again as I repost it... I'm kind of ashamed, to be honest. I tried way too hard to emotionally touch the viewers, and it came out as sappy, contrived, rushed, and a bunch of other bad stuff. I apologize for unleashing this thing on you guys.

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Waaaaaay too fast methinks.

This an interesting pairing that I would not mind seeing more of. And while Spike's outburst was a bit over the top, I liked it.:pinkiehappy: Does that make me a bad person for liking Spike biting off Rarity's head?

Nice concept and interesting choice of ship(I don't think Spike/Silver Spoon has ever been done) but too fast paced.

SliverSpike shipping.

Holy crud that was awesome I can't wait to see what happens next!

2316727 how? even in the show she uses him for stuff like gems and a pin cushion all in hope of getting with her she knows he likes her but cant even say it wont happen? if anything he underacted :D

This is so adorable!
I cant stop smiling!:pinkiehappy:

Aww..Silver Spoon and Spike, that sounds like a cute shipping. I feel bad for all parties invovled though. I feel real bad for Spike because with his anger towards Rarity, and him going off on her, I really do hope that he didn't lose that friendship with the others. It would break my heart if the just abandoned him at this moment with now a warm heart, but still broken. Also, I hope he can find it himself to forgive Rarity, and still be friends with her. Also, Silver Spoon standing up to Diamond Tiara, simple awesome! I am liking this fimfic, but I hope when Twilight talks to Spike, I hope she won't be too hard on him and take his feelings into consideration and not just Rarity's. :fluttercry:

I think this is fully uploaded on fanfiction, I liked it there so I'll like it here.

I'll agree with what others have touched on: That the way Spike blew up at Rarity was pretty over the top.

Now I'm not saying that it's bad or should be changed! But it should definitely put a dent in his relationship with the others. He looked (and felt) about ready to kill her- even though he could have simply decided not to be at her beck and call anymore, without his self-righteous outburst. Maybe, at some point, he'll look back at this moment and realise that the way he reacted wasn't appropriate- or, for that matter, healthy. Right now he's too self-absorbed, too wrapped up in his new relationship and his wounded pride to see it. Maybe then Twilight can quote his own words back at him and get him off his high horse (no pun intended).

About Silver Spoon, I can't say much. I've always found the "she's secretly always been against their bullying"-theory difficult to swallow, seeing as how the only instance we have would be her clapping after Granny Smith's story, but any number of her being just as mean as Diamond, even after that. Be that as it may: I do believe her dialogue with Diamond felt a bit off. Would a schoolgirl who normally uses valspeak really turn to phrases like "your light [...] has long since been swallowed up by darkness"?

Well, we'll have to see how this turns out.

2317077 I'm with you their. He should play a bigger role in the show.

2317458 say for example if you found out the girl you love just only used you for money and etc would you not blow up at her? while i admit the whole kill her thing was a bit meh :D

I am so happy for Spike for finding happiness with Silver Spoon, but also deep down I feel that his heart is broken in the way how he yelled at Rarity. I know he sad that stuff to her, but deep down,. I believe he believes he didn't mean them, and I know he is hiding it, but it is hurting him deeply of how he yelled at her. Maybe Silver Spoon can talk with him to go talk to Rarity, but I hope Rarity will be able to forgive him, and also he might need to apologize to everypony, because I believe that he didn't mean to go off like that. I have a feeling if he looks back on how he acted, he would be afraid that he is turning into that monstrous vicious dragon that he never wants to be. :fluttercry:


I think the outburst was perfectly reasonable, some people forget spike it's still a dragon, a really temperamental creature, and of course they are also impulsive. This is a really cute shipping, looking forward to it.

What is the name of that story? Also awesome story.

only problem I find is that the 'love' is far too rushed

Nice, man. Please, to the chapter 3 now.:moustache::moustache::moustache:

Shit! Twilight is like Trollestia. Take the photo well in front of the horse face. Poor Rarity.

Why is this fic not more popular!:flutterrage:

Rarity: That Silver Spoon stole my Spikey!
DT: That dragon stole my Silver!
Rarity: We should get back at them by dating each other! ... No, wait, that sounded better in my head.

It's nice but... the whole fight with the shadow slashers felt forced and out of place. An attack by timberwolves or even the diamond dogs would of made more sense.

The little battle scene kind of annoyed me but whatevs its your story still pretty good. Glad I got to read a Silver SpoonXSpike fic. Now I just need to read a Diamond Tiara X Spike fic. :moustache:

I remember reading this over at Fanfiction.net and you left me in tears, of both sadness yet happiness as well. I am so happy that Spike was able to win Rarity back as a friend, and I am glad not everything was broken. Also, Diamond Tiara deserved her redemption to be successful. Loved this fimfic. :pinkiehappy:

I'd be hurt, disappointed and sad. I'd like to believe of myself that I wouldn't blow up like Spike did, though- especially if I could've just stopped getting exploited as easily as Spike here could.

This was pretty decent to read all in all.:twilightsmile:
SilverSpike seems like a legit ship.:heart:
Also were you hinting at a possible Rarishy?:rainbowhuh:

rarity: you shall not pass!!! Sand burial!!!!!!!

ha refrences

I love the idea, but you're right. It is just not that good. The characters are fine, I don't think anything they do is quite out of character, but the writing was heavy handed. I would live to see a rewrite that tries to show us more of this stuff, rather than tell us. Keep it up!

Great finalle.:raritywink::moustache::fluttershysad::twilightsmile::ajsmug::rainbowdetermined2:

The idea is fine. I just think the speeches Silver and Spike gave are a bit long winded, a bit purple prose like. Not bad, but a bit unrealistic.

God, SOMEONE'S a horrible badass

But I say, that was:

1: Lord of the Rings;Gandalf


Agreed, references

I knew spike have that kind of power even when he's a baby dragon

One can I say about this except

Also; may we have a sequel?

You take humble way too far.


2316674 They're kids and they're both rebounding pretty heavily. Otherwise I'd definitely agree.

Honestly the first two chapters were great. They felt really solid and since they're kids it makes sense for them to be so fast with such feelings. Young children do feel things more intensely and faster than adults so it felt very spot on. I found it a bit difficult to track down the rest of chapter two so a link would be really nice.

Did the original author ask you not to use her? If so you could easily rewrite the scene to have her mother simply be traveling a lot and then be home briefly.

As for Rarity well she's a drama queen, what do you expect? It felt really fitting that she would overreact so harshly.

Fair Warning: I'm going to critique the third chapter here. Anything I say is purely my opinion and you are encouraged to have your own thoughts and feelings on the matter. As well I am giving suggestions on how to improve things. It's known as constructive criticism for a reason. It means you're not trying to just tear someone down like Diamond, you're trying to help them build even higher. Hokay, onto the harder stuff!

The third chapter however is where it all fell apart for me. Creatures we have never heard of that nobody can identify appear in that large a number and not one single being notices? That's hard to swallow.

As well the field is so far from Ponyville that no-one would notice a signal flare? If it's so far away then why did they allow two young kids to go by themselves?

My suggestion for it would be have them be going to visit Zecora or maybe by Ghastly Gorge, somewhere we know has dangerous creatures or even explain that Flutter Field is near the Everfree but that monsters usually don't leave it.. Rarity can be there in hiding ostensibly to keep an eye on the kids or even have her simply be in the area for a different reason and be the first to respond to cries for help.

The shadow being felt too much like heartless from Kingdom Hearts and since that's the only nod to a crossover it felt kinda janky. The Everfree has a wealth of ideas that we haven't seen in the show but could certainly make themselves right at home. Look up any sort of mythical bestiary and there are loads of strange weird and wonderful mixed up monsters to choose from. I'd say go for a pack animal because a single beast isn't necessarily too intimidating. Timberwolves could fit because we know they hunt in packs and that they can regenerate.

Have Rarity still come to defend them but have her send a signal flare or even send the kids to get help. Having them just sitting there felt really foolish. Spike could send a large spout of flame or perhaps distract them and get Silver to run for help.

Have Rarity hold off the monsters and perhaps even have Spike help her (Wood burns, he has fire etc etc) and then have others come to help, the local guard or the mane 6 and have Rarity overwork herself but having her almost die felt too extreme.

I'm putting this in my top 10. I've always imagined the thing between Rarity and Spike never working out, no matter how much he tried (which is unfortunate, really). The only thing I noticed that kind of touched me in a good & bad way was several, "everybody, anybody," words in the story; which is fine because it prevents confusion in some cases, but everypony including Spike, uses, "everypony" and what not. I don't necessarily know for sure of I find that to be good or bad, but hey, whatever your cup of soup is. I give you 4.7/5 licks.

Also, nice Dream Eater avatar you got there. Ah, nostalgia... :twilightsmile:

What's with the fucking Star Wars reference?

Pretty good, but something really bugs me. Why didn't Spike talk to Rarity when he first began to feel differently about her? Things wouldn't have gotten out of hand, and led to him shouting at her. Sure, he probably would have been a little upset, but they could have worked past it, and developed a better relationship.

This actually got tears from me.... Wow.

while I am overjoyed for Silver Spoon and Spike..:pinkiehappy:

I cant help but feel great sorrow for Diamond Tiara:pinkiesad2:

It always warms my heart to see Diamond and Silver get back together. For better or for worse, whether you like them or not, they just work together. They compliment each other. Two sides of the same coin.:pinkiehappy:

and yay Diamond not only gets her Spoony back but three.. no FOUR new friends to her credit. Lets not forget in addition to the four fillies she also has:moustache:

that all being said I was so put off by the Slasher fight. I don't even care that it was a creature we never heard of. But the numbers of the horde HUNDREDS maybe even 1000 and the POWER Rarity displayed to vanquish them was absolutely (wait for it)

You basically made Rarity.. a low level unicorn seamstress who only knew levitations and illusion spells into an arch mage more powerful then Twilight Sparkle in the course of a few days studying scrolls!:facehoof:

This story was adorable.

I'm not ashamed to say that I just shed some tears... I kinda feel like a filly now. :twilightblush:

Love this story more and more every time i reread i start to wish for more silver spoon and spike ships.


Was not expecting a climatic battle scene but it wasn't half bad :twilightsmile:

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