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Spike ends up finding himself the object of affection for the cutie mark crusaders after saving them from danger after getting dragged along on one of their adventures. How will Spike handle this new turn of events will he be able return the girls feeling? Will the CMC stay friends? And most importantly who will be left heart broken in the end?

-This is set after season 3 so yes there will be a alicorn Twilight and Discord will be around.

Chapters (4)
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Funny stuff. Pinkie Pie took down Discord and a mighty pissed alicorn.

Ahh what the hay pinkie broke twi again doc we need another bed here for the princess:twilightoops::facehoof:

Comment posted by juanpablobro2point0 deleted Mar 31st, 2013

Pinkie is taking 4th wall breaking to new levels.

Yep burning twi...always a classic:twilightsmile:

Another good chapter, but you called Twilght a unicorn instead of a alicorn at the begin, that and there was so other small error though the story.
Still a good story all-around.:moustache:

2347513 Thanks for catching that for me for this you get a :coolphoto:

And to think these are probably Spike's last moments of peace before he is trown to the mercy CMC.


hahhhahahah very nice XD

:rainbowderp::rainbowlaugh:Pretty funny chapter. Sweet job.

you sir are awesome,:moustache:can't wait for next chapter.

i cant stop laghing good work!

Thank you for defending my honor good sir :moustache:


Mr. Chinlamp your words are invalid as my story is not baldy written and grammar and spelling has been fixed therefore I would like it if you would to take another look and see what you think are not it's your life :moustache::eeyup:


Pinkiecord? You have my full attention though I'm really, really not a fan of Twidash and I DESPISE when people make Spike mother and son *shivers* but shit, I'm already in the story so as long as there is more Pinkiecord, very less of Twidash and none of mother and son, I'll keep reading, can't you just make them brother and sister?

This needs to be re-edited, I noticed a lot of mistakes. And shit, it's so tragic when mortals fall in love with Gods, like seeing Twilight as the Goddess of Magic though, next chapter:ajsmug:

Oh the laughter...Hahaha,they won't stop!:rainbowlaugh:...okay my sides hurt now. Seriously though,this stuff is a good laugh in a box :pinkiesmile:

TwiDash, OH HELL YEAH. OTP FOR LIFE, not to sure about PinkieCord though. Then again it's a ship I don't really ever think of.

2520270 Were you going to say Red hair shanks because if you were you are now my best friend for this hour:eeyup:

If they love Spike then there's only one thing to do.

“Spike is sleeps stop yelling already.”

I think you meant
"Spike is sleeping, stop yelling already."


Erm... Battle to the death?


and what would that be?

this is what spike is dreaming about right know. :moustache:
rarity rejects me, so I'll bang her sister :unsuresweetie: :raritydespair:
applejack wont visit me in the hospital so I'll bang her sister :applecry: :ajsleepy:
rainbow dash knocks me out and is banging my mom/sister/boss/best friend/, so i'll bang her protégé :scootangel: :rainbowderp:
twilight wont let me see my "dad" so I'll bang her master :trollestia: :twilightoops:

2549545 Have a giant bull appear out of nowhere and fall in love with Spike?


Epic. so, so, so, epic


niceee !!!!!! :DDD

Applebloom sat up and looked over at the nearby cock hanging on the wall

Dat error :rainbowlaugh:

2554851 This will be a reminder to me to check my work! :facehoof:

2550194 Win. So much pure epic win.

Another awesome chapter! :pinkiehappy: So sad what Twilight and Spike are doing to each other. :pinkiesad2: It makes me really want to see the next chapter! :pinkiecrazy:

2554851 The Apple family has a strange sense in decor, don't they? :trollestia:

Hmm,boyfriend,coltfriend....meh Spike's a non-pony so I'll let it slide.:ajsmug: So is Scootaloo gonna pull a Helga G. Pataki ?

In Friendly visit, here's my conclusion on their teen years and crush on Spike
Applebloom = Rebelling against a pony who can kick her ass in both aspects 10 times over but doen't care because she's in love!
Sweetie Belle = The good girl who's allowed herself to follow her heart and was given the freedom to do so.
Scootaloo = Dan since she wanted vengence on Spike & in every episode of "Dan Vs." Dan always wants vengence. In this situation she really wants to get vengence on Spike because of her crush on him!:moustache::applecry::scootangel::unsuresweetie:

Like most other CMC stories, no Babs. :ajsleepy:

Good story!

This is awesome.
So it begins.

My anus is ready. No homo.

3249405 We can make it homo...JUST KIDDING :pinkiecrazy:maybe

So far so good!:twilightsmile:

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