• Published 10th May 2013
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A week with Trixie - Flutterfan457

Twilight needs to go to Canterlot on her own for a week, but she needs help from an unusual source to watch Spike

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Chapter 3

Trixie woke gently the next morning, still holding Spike under her arm. She thought of heading downstairs to make him breakfast, but she couldn't help but find him so adorable cuddled against her. Trixie softly thought out loud as she stroked his head.

"I wish I could have been blessed with a little dragon."

Almost by instinct, she leaned down and kissed his head so lightly. Trixie blushed lightly, wondering why she was so taken by the little dragon. She decided to simply enjoy his company and layed down, keeping her gaze on him.


Pinkie Pie was happily hoping through Ponyville, asking around for Spike. She had promised to keep an eye on him when she wasn't helping the cakes work on their next MMMM. She felt a little sad having to tell Twilight no, but she promised the Cakes she would do everything she could to make sure their cake won first place. Recalling having to explain what happened to the first cake, Pinkie was thankful Mr. and Mrs. Cake were so understanding. While disappointed, they weren't too upset and were happy their work at least won some recognition. Pinkie put it out of her mind as she reached Bon-bon and Lyra.

"Hi there! Have you seen Spike today?"

Both ponies thought hard on this until Bon-bon answered.

"Last I saw he was with Trixie yesterday, doing deliveries."


"Yes. I didn't speak to them, but it seemed she was taking care of him."

Pinkie looked baffled by this. She knew Twilight had a limited friendship with Trixie, but didn't think Twilight would trust her with Spike. Pinkie thanked them and left, deciding to head for the library. While she did have a small amount of fear of Trixie, remembering being without her snout for an entire day, she figured she would give Trixie a chance and try to befriend her. Pinkie reached the library and knocked on the door with a happy beat. She only heard a few light footsteps, like someone had just gotten out of bed. She knocked again, receiving a response.

"Yes, yes, just a moment."

A moment later, the door opened to reveal Trixie, looking bed worn and her mane and tail messy, like she'd just woken up. She also looked cranky. Pinkie involuntarily stepped back and resisted the urge to cover her mouth. Trixie quickly snapped to her senses.

"Miss....Pinkie Pie was it?"

Pinkie nodded.

"Please forgive me....Trixie hasn't had the chance to see to herself. Young Spike is still asleep-"

"You're watching him?"

"Indeed. Pri-erm, Twilight asked me to do so."

"Oh...well....How is Spike?"

Trixie turned her gaze toward the bedroom and smiled warmly.

"Still sleeping soundly."

Pinkie noticed the blush on her face and felt a happy thought run through her mind. She was only stopped from squealing in delight when she noticed Spike shuffle groggily down the stairs. Pinkie jumped and picked him up in a big hug.

"Ooh Spike, so good to see you! I wish I could have taken you in! You can still come by Sugar cube corner! Oh, oh, I can throw you a party for you and invite everypony!"

Pinkie continued to ramble endlessly, but Spike smiled at her antics, accepting her bubblyness and appreciating her concern. What caught his eye was Trixie with an odd look. She seemed like she was....jealous? Spike wondered about it until Pinkie finally stopped talking.

"Um...I'd like that Pinkie, but I do have a lot of work to take care of."

"What kind?"

Spike pulled a scroll out of a drawer which Pinkie looked over.

"This stuff looks like what goes through the mayor's office. Why would she have you take care of it?"

"We always do this sort of work, ever since she became princess."

Pinkie thought about this for a minute.

"I'll be right back."

Pinkie sprinted off like a shot, leaving Trixie and Spike looking perplexed. Trixie looked to Spike hoping he could explain.

"Where in Equestria is she headed?"

Spike could only shrug, knowing trying to figure out Pinkie was beyond impossible. Trixie simply shrugged and proceeded to prepare breakfast. Spike felt a little guilty seeing the pile of dishes as he set the table.

"I'm sorry I didn't finish the dishes last night."

"Think nothing of it."

Trixie prepared a nice breakfast of eggs, cereal, toast, pancakes the same as the previous morning and juice. Spike was surprised at how much she prepared.

"Wow. Um.....Thank you for all this."

"Trixie enjoys cooking, especially for such pleasant company."

Spike couldn't hide his blush as Trixie smiled warmly at him. He awkwardly ate until Pinkie returned.

"Spike guess what? You don't have to do all that work!"

"Um...how do you know?"

"Well, I talked to Mayor Mare-"

Trixie looked amazed.

"You gained an audience with the mayor herself? At such an early hour?"



"Well, I know everypony in Ponyville! I went to a bunch of the mayor's staff and they got me into her office to talk to her."

Trixie's eyes widened and looked impressed by how well connected the energetic pony was.

"Well, what did the good mayor say?"

"Well, she told me Twilight takes care of a bunch of stuff around town for her. She said since she was away, there was no need to worry about it."

Spike looked concerned, knowing Twilight still wanted it taken care of.

"Well....Twilight did make that list for me. Shouldn't I still-"

Trixie placed a hoof on his hand to comfort him.

"Do not worry. If need be, Trixie will take the burden from Twilight when she returns."

The two ponies smiled at him, Pinkie looking gleeful, Trixie looking strangely affectionate. Spike thought for a moment, thinking about what Twilight would think, but also having some time off for once. He finally shrugged.

"Well, be nice to have some time to relax."

Pinkie cheered and bounced happily.

"There's so much to do! We need cake, presents, streamers, balloons-"

"Trixie would suggest you get started right away then."

Pinkie did just that and hopped away humming a happy tune. Trixie sighed in relief.

"Trixie holds no ill will toward her, but she can only handle so much."

Spike laughed, understanding her completely as he returned to breakfast.


Trixie and Spike spent most of the day making certain the library was in order and taking care of any errands. Later, they decided to visit the others to say hi. They visited Applejack first, thinking they might not see her in town with the apple harvest in full swing. When they arrived at Sweet Apple Acres, the entire Apple family sans Granny Smith was indeed very hard at work bucking trees and gathering apples as quickly as possible. Even though Applejack, Big Mac and Applebloom were all working together, they still had a tremendous amount of work ahead of them. Trixie approached Applejack who was too busy to notice her as she continued to buck trees. Spike greeted her.

"Hey, Applejack!"

"Howdy Spike! Can't really chat right now. Got a lot of apples to harvest."

"Can we lend a hand?"

"I'd appre-WHAT IN TARNATION?!?!"

Applejack recoiled in shock when she finally saw Trixie, only to have apples fall onto her head. Spike couldn't hold back a laugh as Applejack rubbed her head. However, Applejack eyed Trixie suspiciously.

"What exactly are you doin' here, Trixie? And why you have Spike with ya?!"

"Twilight asked me to watch after Young Spike."

Applejack remembered that Twilight had asked her the same, but turned her down because of the harvest.

"Well....how are you Spike? She treatin ya kindly?"

"Yes, AJ. You don't have to worry."

"Fraid you'll have to forgive me if I'm not convinced."

Trixie looked hurt by her words and drooped in sadness.

"Trixie....she only wishes to make amends."

"Yeah.....I suppose."

Spike stepped off Trixie and pulled Applejack down to his level.

"Applejack, c'mon, she's okay."

"I don't know, Spike. Y'know I could make room for you if need-"

"Hey, if Discord can be allowed free, can't you at least give Trixie the benefit of the doubt?"

Applejack thought about it for a second, but had to admit Spike had a point. Applejack sighed and spoke to Trixie.


Trixie nodded solemnly.

"If you wish, Trixie could lend a hand in your harvest."

"No offense, but you don't look like you do much farm work."

Trixie smiled smugly and her horn ignited. Soon, apple trees were shaken one by one and apples dropped from each one. Once a good number had been harvested, Trixie used her magic to set the apples into baskets and placed them into wagons for the Apples. Applejack looked impressed.

"Well butter my flank and call me a biscuit. Many thanks there Trixie."

Trixie nodded with confidence as she continued to lend a hand. She continued to use her magic to aid the harvest while Spike saw to any apples dropped and returned them to the baskets. They continued throughout the day, until the sun set. By then, more than half the orchard had been harvested.

"Well Trixie, I must say you'd make a pretty good farmer. Though you might have a bit of trouble adjustin' to the lifestyle."

Trixie thought about it for a moment, imagining herself in farming attire and getting dirty like Applejack. Her eyes widened in alarm and nearly screamed in terror. Applejack laughed heartily at her look.

"Yeah, I figured as much."

Trixie shook her head, trying to forget and looked to Spike who looked ready to fall asleep. Trixie lifted him onto her back, to which he curled up and snuggled into her fur.

"Ah, little fellaws' awful fond of ya."

Trixie smiled warmly at Spike, looking at him lovingly. She realized Applejack was watching and stopped herself, blushing slightly.

"Would ya'll care to join us for dinner? You're more than welcome after all the work ya did today."

"Thank you, but I really must return young Spike home. It was pleasure to see you. Farewell."

Trixie trotted off as Applejack waved goodbye to her. As she walked back to the house, Applejack couldn't help but wonder one thing.

"Is there somethin' goin' on between those two?"


Trixie returned home a little late, Spike still sound asleep on her back. She felt her own weariness come over her as she proceeded upstairs. She gently set Spike onto the bed and lay beside him. As she drifted into sleep, her magic seemed to activate on it's own.


Trixie found herself walking through what looked like a medieval castle dungeon. She felt odd, like she wasn't actually there, but watching like a lost spirit. Trixie looked around until she heard a loud bang. She saw at the door was Spike, but not as she knew him. He was at least seven feet tall with a build like a romance novel model. His face was very handsome with sharp eyes and a chiseled jaw. He wore only iron leg plates, a flowing red cape and wrist guards, showing off his powerful ab and pectoral muscles. He carried a massive lance, which he held like it was a simple long sword. Trixie felt her heart pump and her face flush. She thought he was adorable before, but now she thought he was like a fairy tale hero made flesh. Trixie stayed quiet as Spike walked through the dungeon, his large toned muscles flexing with each step. Spike stopped when he heard what sounded like the scurrying of dog's feet and insect legs. He simply smirked and readied his weapon.

"Come out and face me, vermin!"

From the walls, ground and doors stepped what looked like hundreds of Diamond Dogs and Changlings, hissing and growling at Spike. He looked around smugly as he set his lance into the ground like a cane.

"Caught me at a bit of a disadvantage. Didn't bring a flyswatter or a whistle."

The beasts charged at him, ready to kill. Spike simply lifted his tail and swatted them aside like they were nothing. Trixie was in awe. She realized it was just a dream, but she still watched with excitement as Spike's fantasy played out. Spike continued to fend off his foes with little to no effort. Finally, he cornered one of the dogs and questioned him, his lance at the dogs' chest.

"Where is the fair lady Rarity?"

Trixie wondered who Rarity was, thinking she was a friend of Spikes'. The dog pointed toward a door on the far side of the room. Spike left the dog and charged through the door, bashing it in a single strike. Trixie followed him, only to find Spike on bent knee before a pony she recognized. She was the white furred purple maned pony she had humiliated the first time she was in Ponyville. But now, Spike was fawning over her, she dressed in a fairy tale maiden's garments looking smitten with Spike.

"My brave handsome Spike! You saved me."

"I would march to the ends of the earth for you, my lady."

Rarity fluttered her eyes and coyly turned her head.

"Oh, how could I ever repay you?"

Rarity puckered up her leaps and leaned forward, intent to kiss Spike. He did the same and their lips met in a passionate embrace. When they finished, Spike lifted Rarity into his arms and carried her away, Rarity gazing at him with eyes full of love.

Trixie shook her head as the dream ended, feeling sadness filling her and her eyes becoming moist. Spike had experienced a romantic fantasy about this pony. He obviously cared deeply for whomever this Rarity was. As this sunk in, she asked herself aloud.

"Why am I so upset about this?"

She continued to wonder until a thought hit her like a club. Could she have feelings for him? Trixie shook her head. No, that was absurd. He was a baby dragon. A little boy. She couldn't have feelings for him. She was a grown mare. She had been with a number of stallions during her travels. She knew she had little need for a significant other.

But again, Trixie asked aloud the same question.

She thought harder on this and realized she was indeed falling in love with him. Trixie tried to push the thought away, but she couldn't. Her mind kept returning to his sweet disposition and his adorable charms. She felt so confused by this. Was this right? Could she really have a relationship with someone so young? She decided she would decide another time. First she needed to speak to this Rarity. Trixie certainly wouldn't speak about Spike's dream. She would never share something so personal. She didn't even now why her magic suddenly sparked to life. But, she did care for Spike, and she could help him reach the mare he cared for so. Trixie used her magic to pull herself out of Spike's thoughts and returned to her own, feeling herself fall back into sleep.

End of Part 3