• Published 10th May 2013
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A week with Trixie - Flutterfan457

Twilight needs to go to Canterlot on her own for a week, but she needs help from an unusual source to watch Spike

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Chapter 1

Twilight Sparkle was walking through Ponyville hoping to visit her most recent friend. She had spent most of the morning speaking to her five closest friends, each one unable to help her. Twilight needed to head into Canterlot for a week but was unable to take Spike with her. She was to undergo a rigorous course under Celestia to prepare her in case of an emergency. Twilight spotted the familiar wagon and trotted a bit faster. She knocked on the front door.

"Hello? Anypony home?"

A few seconds later the door opened to show Trixie. She recoiled in surprise seeing Twilight and bowed respectfully.

"Your Majesty! Trixie was not-"

"Trixie, please. Just call me Twilight."

"As you wish....Twilight."

Trixie looked slightly awkward referring to Twilight by her first name while Twilight only shook her head in slight annoyance. Ever since her coronation, everypony was terrified of offending her and acted like she was some kind of tyrant. Twilight understood people would react differently to her now that she was a princess, but she wished they didn't act so afraid of her. She was still the same Twilight, she just had a lot more responsibility now.

"Trixie, I need to ask you a big favor. Are you available for the coming week?"

Trixie levitated a notepad to herself. She flipped through her book, looking for any appointments she had. After 10 seconds, she shut it.

"Trixie has no pressing matters. What do you wish of me?"

"I need you to look after Spike. I'm going to Canterlot and I won't be able to bring him with me."

Trixie looked surprised.

"Would it not be wiser to leave him in the care of one of your closer friends? Certainly he would be more comfortable with them."

"Unfortunately, they all have work to do. If I was to leave him with them, Spike would have to move back and forth after every night, and I'd rather he stayed in one place."

Trixie looked concerned and fidgeted.

"Will the young drake even wish to be in the care of Trixie? He...Trixie has not exactly left a good impression on him."

Trixie looked down in shame recalling her actions with the amulet. Twilight placed a comforting hoof on her shoulder.

"I understand you've made mistakes. But I trust you Trixie. I know you can take care of him."

Trixie smiled warmly at Twilight.

"You are too kind to Trixie."

"I'll make sure to have the girls check in on him from time to time, just in case you need a helping hoof."

Twilight wished her well and headed back to her library.


Spike was busy organizing the books Twilight asked him to, swiftly moving from shelf to shelf humming a tune to himself. He stopped when Twilight returned.

"Hi Twilight!"

"Hello Spike. Are you nearly finished with the books?"

"Almost. Just need to take care of a few more and I can help you start packing."

Twilight smiled at him as he finished and fetched her suitcase, filling it with writing and study supplies.

"Are you sure I can't go as well?"

"I'm sorry Spike. I'll be too busy to look after you in Canterlot and I need someone to watch over the library."

Spike sighed in sadness. Twilight hugged him gently.

"Don't worry. It's only one week. I'll be back before you know it."

Spike smiled as he continued to pack.

"So what do you need me to do while your away?"

"Don't worry Spike. Someone is going to watch you while-"

"Twilight, c'mon! I can take care of myself!"

"Maybe, but I'm not taking a chance with my number one assistant."

Spike huffed and crossed his arms. Twilight pulled him into a hug and nuzzled him.

"Please, Spike. I just want you to be safe while I'm away."

Twilight made a puppy dog look which Spike groaned at. He nodded in defeat and Twilight kissed his forehead.

"Trixie will be here tomorrow morning. She-"

Spike recoiled in surprise.

"TRIXIE?! Really?"

"Yes, Spike, really."

Spike held his head as he thought about this.

"Couldn't one of our friends watch me?"

"They have things to do, and Trixie IS a friend. I understand she's done bad things in the past, but she's much better now."

Spike looked a little worried, remembering the last time he dealt with Trixie. Twilight lifted his gaze to hers.

"Give her a chance Spike. If Discord can be allowed to work for good, you can at least be open to Trixie."

Spike nodded and returned to packing. Twilight allowed him to continue as she went to he desk and used her magic to levitate a quill and parchment to her and wrote down a list of instructions for Trixie. Once she looked over it and was certain it had all she would need, she reached for another parchment. She proceeded to write instructions for Spike of jobs he would do throughout the week. She looked over it and rolled both parchments and set them on a desk. She returned to Spike to see he had finished packing her study supplies. Spike slammed down on the suitcase hard trying to shut it as it nearly burst from the amount in it. He wiped his brow when he finally shut it.

"Is...is that enough, Twilight?"

Twilight couldn't help but giggle at his antics.

"Yes, Spike. That will do."

Spike sighed in relief while Twilight got another suitcase and proceeded to pack it with clothes and other essentials.

"So Spike, I left a couple of notes for you and Trixie. There are some things I need you to take care of in the library while I'm gone. Nothing to big, but I still want them taken care of."

Spike groaned lightly until Twilight made a look at him and he quickly nodded.

"The girls will check in on you from time to time, just in case you or Trixie need any help."

"Are you really sure it has to be her?"

Twilight ceased her packing and looked intently in his eyes.

"Spike, please. Trixie is a friend. She was willing to help-"

"Only because you're a princess."


Spike looked down in embarrassment. Twilight lifted his gaze to her.

"Promise me you'll behave for her. I don't want to come back to her frustrated because of you. Promise me."

Spike nodded, hoping she would cease her scolding. Twilight patted his shoulder and continued packing. Spike wasn't certain if he should look forward to the week of not. He decided not to worry about it, knowing he would see soon enough. For good or ill, he knew this would be a memorable experience.

End of Part 1