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Partially mirrored from The NP FanFiction Archive.

Spike just lost a very close friend. The only problem is: he doesn't know which one. Was it the love of his life, Rarity; or his number one best friend, Twilight? Which world is real, and which is the dream?

Inspired by Awake.

The setting, as well as most of the characters and original concepts, are the property of either 20th Century Fox or Hasbro.

Suicide tag for one scene and one character in a single plot point.

Gore tag for a few short scenes involving blood.

Sex tag for one reference to it.

[CC BY-NC-SA] A Waking Dragon is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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damn this sounds interesting i will definetly read this later.

Interesting concept. In my "to read" list you go.

Um I don't know if I understand this, how does Spike shift between the worlds, and more importantly why did the ring stone change from pink to blue when Spike came to the other world? :applejackconfused:

Hey its on here now to huh. Well faved and in to the Sparity group folder it goes


It's simple, the ring didn't change, he changed the ring. In one world, the stone he put in the ring was pink, in the other, he put a blue stone in. Basically, they're two different rings.

How does Spike shift between worlds? Funnily enough, I was hoping on opening the next chapter with that.

Interesting... I will read this later.

An "Awake" crossover? Alright, I'll go give this a shot.

But seriously, what won't this fandom make a crossover of?

Amazing job dude but who's comet?

ok ill read this later (i hope its rarity)

Nice one, but i don't get the "Twilights funeral" part. :facehoof:

573745 *clears throat* Well, you see, Spike apparantly is caught by some sort of spell or something which makes him switch between two realities whenever he falls asleep. In one reality Rarity died, and in the other Twilight died.

So, of course, the dead pony is going to have a funeral in the reality they died in. Explaining why the calendar changed.


An OC. He's the green one in the image with the Psi on his ass! Who is he? Where did he come from? Why is he here?

River Song: Spoilars!

Wait what is going on sounds like inception.

Good concept, but this doesn't seem to make much sense. Everypony seems WAY too casual, given that either Twilight or Rarity has died recently, especially the week of their funeral. There is zero chance that they could bring it up like Spike keeps doing without sparking some sort of response, either sad, angry, or whatever. Besides them not being there, it's like they haven't died at all. One of them is dead, let's see some grief! You know, this stuff: :fluttercry:!


Well, it has been a week. Plus, the story's just started. Perhaps I haven't gotten the opportunity yet.

Also, you don't think Sweetie Belle's tears were caused by grief?


Wait, what do you mean, "bring it up like Spike keeps doing"? Where exactly is he "bring[ing] it up"? Do you mind citing exact passages?

The characters seem too detached from the fact that somepony close to them died very recently.

It could have used a flashback too besides the "surprise! Rarity/Twilight died." You could have used Spike's thoughts at the beginning to hint at what the accident was and show more feeling, and at the world shift you could have used Spike's thoughts again to address the fact that this was a different world and he had already experienced the shift thing before.

Seriously, I only realized that the reason why Spike wasn't surprised at the world shift was because I happened to read the summery of Awake and the concept of the rubberband along with guessing repeatedly until it made relative sense. You need to work on this a lot, remember that this is literature not a show.
We need details on everything because we can't see anything.


Yeah, they might seem a bit detatched, but different people grieve in different ways. Some try to ignore it, some try to repress it, but you have to remember, this takes place a week after said event. Do you really expect them to be constantly crying a week later? They're trying to move on, they're trying to carry on, obviously they're still hurting.

Now, you might be right in one respect, I could have made their grief clearer.

Well, it's not over. So all those flashbacks might happen later on. For Pete's sake, it's like noone reads that commentary I posted on a different site!

Now, my intention here is to make it a bit confusing. You don't need to know what exactly is happening as of yet. The perspective is intended to be a bit limited.

As long as you could picture all the events in your mind as they were unfolding, that's all good, at least from my perspective.

574102 can't wait till he gets to the therapists

from the sounds of the story the real world is the one with twi alive

582519 well first off spike is treating the one with twi alive as if its real by taking interest away from twi's death to finding out how to help sweetybelle then there's the fact he is more emotionally unstable from rarity's death than twi's and there were some other things such as the stone already being fixed in the second world but in the first he had to fix it and things such as that
(granted its also possible spike is jumping between two very real realitys(i never watched the show) which to be honest would be my preferd story because its happy yet sad not just sad)

on a off note do you plan on saying how they died and is it just it was terrible accident because i hate it when people JUST say that with no story with it (matter a fact people have written whole story's around how a character dies)


Well, that's interesting, but I thought I mentioned that he fixed the ring in the blue reality the night before. Yeah, I did. Now, I didn't realize he was focusing more on the pink reality than the blue reality. I figured he was just trying to ensure his girlfriend's memory wouldn't die, and there wasn't much he could do for dead-Twilight at that moment.

But all that's based on the assumption that he knows which reality is real.

Also, yes I do know exactly how they died, and I am planning on revealing it in great detail. But it won't be in the next chapter. Sorry.

In my "to read" list you go. :twilightsmile:

Hmm world without the girl I loved, or world without my best friend. I would take the world without my best friend for 900.


You're forgetting that Spike and Twilight are practically family. Not by blood obviously, but she's more like his sister than a best friend, since he grew up with her.

Even with that sad, I love my brothers to death, but if it would be easier to be in a world without them and with the girl I love than vica verca.

Oh and I would also note that I said "I" XD


Really? Well, I don't understand that. Okay, I guess I do kinda. But it's a bit Sophie's choice if you ask me.

me and one of my brother when we did live together, just fought a lot and had nothing in common. My other other brother stayed with his mom, we rarely even saw each other. I just recently saw him for the first time in 3-4 years. Nut I guess its do to the nature of our relationships I can say that, and I also find a lot of shows that portray siblings (especially of the male gender) as best friends and always getting along. The brother I was with made it an Olympic event to annoy me, and I always returned the favor.


Okay, then, Twilight is like a sister who isn't a bitch...to Spike.

I had almost given up on this story! Thanks for the new chapter!:pinkiehappy:


Oh ye of little faith. I'm not giving up now, I got at least three more chapters fully planned out, and several more in rough draft. It's just, it's on the backburner until I get a chapter out of one of my other stories.


Great! Hang on, are you from the UK?


Uh... no.

BTW I didn't know you wrote Sibling Rivalry. Good work with that!


Damn it! Then who, from the UK, decided to creep my site today?

Anyway, I want to come up with a funny joke here, but I can't without sounding like a jackass.

maybe the reason for two worlds is because there was a third world were they both died and Spike used dark magic to bring them back with the catch of the two world swapping thing and he somehow forgot and now has to join the two worlds together to save twilight and rarity but causes them to be both dead and then uses dark dragon magic again to go back in time and save them as the dovakiin using the waabajack to turn the dragons into a chicken and the tame wild beast shout to get a new friend or mount.:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

I love this fiction, i wish it was updated more sooner, but life is a bitch.

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