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Yeah, his Super Mario Maker review was rather hilarious, especially when you realized he's right about the Mario franchise essentially 'regressing' in a way.

Perhaps, though I think analyzing the specifics of why elements such as red and black OC's, Alicorn, and the like have problems, rather then their inherent awfulness. I probably phrased that wrong, my apologies.:twilightsheepish:

That said, I do owe Yahtzee for helping me find my policy regarding bad parody OC stories, thanks to his opinions on Bayonetta and Juliet as characters:

"Just because your character is an ironic Mary/Gary Sue/Stue doesn't stop them from being a bad character."

Or something to that effect.

404521 Hm. Rockband, eh? And I noticed his review of Super Mario Maker, but I haven't gotten around to watching it. Looks like I've got some Yahtzee to catch up on. Noice.

I don't really know what kind of 'sensation' can relate to OC's and/or humans, unless we're talking about the "Super-secret Seventh-Element" stuff, or the king of HiE fics, "Diaries of a Madman". Maybe we'd be better off analyzing 'gritty, ultra-realistic Equestria' - that might even have a clear progression to it, as opposed to OC's and humans, which have technically existed within the FiM fan-sphere since the show's inception.

EDIT: And yeah, a retrospective on Sonic '06 would totally be worth watching. I want to say he's already reviewed it, though I'm not one-hundred percent certain.

Perhaps, last week he covered Rockband 4. And I loved his piece on Super Mario Maker, those were both hilarious as always.

I honestly wanna see Yahtzee do a retrospective on Sonic 06, that'd be interesting IMHO, if he didn't already do a review of it.

Well, there are a few topics to pick from right now, OC's, humans, background characterizations, dark stories, all that jazz.

404519 I haven't been keeping up with the channel as much lately. I can always catch up on Yahtzee later, if I need to.

And besides; when you're dealing with history, there are only so many phenomenon to recount before the segment runs dry. The same goes for us. No amount of snark or cynicism can conjure a topic out of thin air, unless we wanted to jump off the S.S. Pony and do an analysis on platform shoes.

Possibly, but I do think some good analysis could be done.:twilightsmile:

Perhaps, though I'm really hoping he does one soon. Though right now I'm trying to figure out what tomorrow's review will be.

404517 Indeed. I'd love to do an in-depth analysis of every phenomenon to strike the fandom, but I'm just so socially detached that such a study would be nigh-impossible.

Maybe that is why Yahtzee never fully fleshed out that segment?

Perhaps, but I feel those topics like trends and clich├ęs could make for some insightful discussion.:twilightsmile:

404515 Maybe it'd only be applicable if the author went out of his way to commission art? Or, if some crazed sycophant loving fan made artwork that would later be used as the cover art.

In either case, that's probably something that could fit inside a review.

Yes, I suppose so for right now. But I mean, we could do examinations of Red and Black Alicorns and see how they got out of hand, and things like that.

Hello and welcome to judging by the cover, where we'll be judging...Picture of Pinkie Pie, by the cover.

So, maybe the latest example would be "Would it matter if I was?".

I wonder if we'll ever start a 'judging by the cover' piece.

Personal opinion, this group needs more members, Tee Hee Hee. Also, suggestion for potential threads: "A look back at the most famous Fanfics in the MLP fandom and seeing the ideals from them that everyone attempted to mimic the success of, completely missing the point of the original story. We could even use the infamous jingle."

"Let's all laugh at an industry that never learns anything tee hee hee.


How did I miss this? It. Is. BEAUTIFUL! :raritystarry:

Wait, what does Yahtzee think about ponies?

Ahhh, fuck it! Who cares? Let's just see some shit get reviewed!

But I got other things to dooooooo. :pinkiesad2:

Think my OC looks silly? Still ten times more original that yours.

I can see no one's fixed that yet. :ajbemused:

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