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I'm a critic

I am a reviewer for Zero Punctuation Reviews (2nd actually). You can submit your story to the group and if the planets are aligned I might review your story.

Review #1: 'A Historical Pun' by River Road
Review #2: 'Through A Glass Darkly' by SpaceCommie
Review #3: 'To feel the music' by Fillyfooler
Review #4: Twilight Sparkle Tunes in to a Game of CoD by Drweegee1337
Review #5: The Pinkie Pie Massacre by kalash93
Review #6 Harvest Moon by Abramus5250
Review #7 Most Faithful Mirror by Just a fabulous cat


Dream are for people who are scared of reality, goal are dreams that will be made a reality.

[ ] 'I'm a writer' (Finish a story)
[ ] 'BIG 50' (50 followers)
[ ] 'Letter from the queen' (100 followers)
[ ] 'I have my own country with blackjacks and hookers' (Take over Australia. First try wasn't successful)

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Sorry to hear that and thanks for sharing here have a follow:moustache:

731784 No, it isn't that... moving on, moving on. Never mind me, I'm just delirious.


731773 What? Are you talking about how I said I would give you credit for editing chapter 1-5 because I have put that in the description.:rainbowhuh:

731765 I see you still haven't updated that story description...

731761 Whats happening? Um?

Ruby season finished, was the premiers.:yay:

But other than that nothing very special. School, softball season starting, gaming.

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