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I'm just your everyday dragon of shadows here to write stories and help others write theirs as best I can. I mainly enjoy writing about underrepresented species. Message me at Schattendrache#9353

Proofreading queue

Position 1 (Long-term help): The Dragon And The Pony 2 The Adventure of Parenthood by Azure Drache Time to completion: No time soon
Position 2 (Long-term help): Fallout Equestria: Hellbound Express by TimberLine Time to completion: No time soon
Position 3 (Long-term help): Apex Is Coming by LastSaint Time to completion: No time soon
Position 4 (Long-term help): Secret History by sniper567 Time to completion: Unknown

[I'm putting this here because I think I can only handle being the dedicated proofreader for four major stories while simultaneously writing my own. The short-term help positions are for stories that aren't going to be more than about 5 chapters and/or with a combined word count of fewer than 50,000 words. To explain how this works, I will only be handling editing four stories at a time and the 'X term help' is to give people an idea of how long it will be until the position will be freed up. If a position is labeled as short term help I will be willing to start queuing people for the next story to take the position. For long term, I will ask the people I edit for to inform me when they are almost done so I can have an idea of when I can inform people that a position is about to open]

Awesome Dudes Who Do Awesome Stuff

Little Tigress was awesome enough to do some free art for one of my stories. When I get the money together, she's going to be getting some more work from me so I don't end up being a total leech.

Progress on Stories

A New Life: Editor/proofreader(s); Me (yay, this way I can get these out to you in a more timely manner and get the story done by the end of 2019. Hopefully, I'll be good enough that the chapters won't be too rough to read)
Chapter 9; {published}

Moonlight In the Woods: Editor/proofreader(s); Typoglyphic and Azure Drache

A Timberwolf For Forrester: Editor/proofreader(s); 0_0
Chapter 6; to be started

The Dragon And The Pony Side Stories: Parents Of Fluff.

The First Shadow Dragon
Chapter 1; Word count [305] status {writing}

The Dark Origins of the Windigo: Coauthor; Azure Drache
Day Four Response; {published}
Day 5 - 6; Word count [102] status {writing}

Dark Secrets: The Temple of Time
Chapter 1; to be started

An Apple's Honesty
One-shot: to be started

The Kelpie of Loch Sgian
One-shot: to be started

My Pet Pony
Chapter 1; Word count [981] status {writing}

Recent as of: 21:51, GMT -8, October 23rd, 2019

to be started= have an outline but haven't put fingers to keyboard to make an actual chapter
{writing}= fingers have met keyboard but the chapter is not finished to the amount of information I feel it should have
{in editing}= fingers have more or less finished meeting keyboard and someone else is helping to iron out the problems and make it look readable.
{Finished}= The work is done and will be posted on the posted date.
{published}= the chapter is to the quality I want it to be at and it can now be seen on the site.
{Compleate.}= It's done. Yes, Schatten, it's over. The story is finished and the only further work that will be done will be revisions to fix errors I missed.

Writing Inspiration:
If you write, and only you like it, then it is a hobby. If you write, and only one other person likes it, then you have an audience. If you write, and over one hundred people like it, then you have a fan base. If you write, and over one thousand people like it, then you are an author. If you write, but you do not like it, then you are a slave. Write what makes you happy, it's what I've learned helps me sleep at night. -Drache Schatten

A fan base is a fickle thing. It may explode at the start and then slowly die off. It may take an eternity to finally be known outside of the dark corners that birthed it, or not at all. Or a fan base may come to grow over time and may never truly die off. I see so many look at this fan base and say, "It is dying, perhaps I should bow out." And many a day I ask myself that same question, is it worth it to stay? But to that, I say this, "not yet." I started writing because I was interested, not for the fame, not for the appreciation, but because I had an idea for a story that I wanted to tell. Perhaps this fan base is not as big or as proud as it once was. Perhaps this fan base will never become the next Star Wars or Doctor Who, but the fan base still exists. And as long as is does, and I still have a story to tell, I will not stop. -Drache Schatten

I Also Review Stories Between Work, Writing, And Slowly Slipping Into Madness

And for those that feel the desire to ask me for advice or just want to talk, I'm almost always available on discord.

Stories I've Helped With

My Schedule

Sunday: Reading for reviews and writing

  • Reading for reviews until after I have lunch.
  • Writing my own stuff after lunch till when I go to sleep
  • Will check my messages around 20:00 GMT -8

Monday: Reading and Editing

  • Finish Up reviews if not done yet and will post them 20:00 GMT -8.
  • Edit for other people.
  • If I don't see any editing work to be done by 13:00 GMT -8 I will write my own stories.

Tuesday: Editing and Writing

  • Will edit other peoples work.
  • If no editing work to be done by 13:00 will work on my own stuff.

Wednesday: Free day

  • Will not be on site

Thursday: Editing and Writing

  • Will edit other peoples work.
  • If no editing work to be done by 13:00 will work on my own stuff.

Friday: Anything

  • No preference. I will just not be available after 16:30 GMT -8 due to other obligations

Saturday: Free day with some reading for reviews (will not be available)

  • Reading stories for reviews from when I wake up to after I have lunch.
  • Not On Site after 13:00 GMT -8

This was made because I realized with the help of Azure Drache that I might be overworking myself. As such, I'm imposing a schedule for myself so I don't go nutty from what I've been taking on as of late. The schedule will go into effect January 3rd after I clear out as much of the work I've given myself as I can.


I Have S*** Followers · 3:52pm Oct 15th, 2019

So, I recently came to have that sweet 69 followers, and I am not above making the joke. Yay, hopefully, my future works will be seen by more people. I want to thank all of you who were foolish enough to click that follow button for the guy that barely writes. Hopefully I dont disappoint you all too badly.

Some quick updates, A New Life will be updated on the 22nd, as will the next chapter of Dark Origins Of The Windigo.

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I'm here to help · 12:51am Nov 24th, 2018

Hey everyone. I'm writing this blog to inform you I'm now a proofreader for The Proofreaders Group, so anyone that would like me to do some reading, I'm (mostly) available. You can check the "Stories I helped With" area on my user page if you want to see the stories I have worked on.

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Update · 3:16am Oct 7th, 2018

yay, the seventh was just sent off for editing. In the meantime, I have started work on three new stories that I came up with while working on this chapter.

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Hey, do you still proofread stories? I sent you a PM last Thursday.

Hello my name is Mike wait and welcome to disney channel haha that was a joke because I like being funny if you couldn't tell j can make jokes do you like my joke? Anyways do you use lightmofe?

Thank you for having added Welcome Home Soldier to your favorites. I'm really grateful for that, hope you continue to enjoy it sugarcube. :ajsmug: :eeyup:

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