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One of the best friends you’ll ever have is a good book.

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Forget Finals. I've Got Fiction! · 2:21am Dec 7th, 2015

I should be working on my finals right now, but procrastination's more fun. Here's a completely random blog post thrown out into the void for anyone who happens to pass by.

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:rainbowhuh: HEY!
:trixieshiftleft: Where's my story update?
:raritywink: You did post this before the end of the year, remember?
:applecry: You promised an update!

:twilightsheepish: Now keep in mind that he has schooling to do and that's important! Though knowing that I read Daring Do and have to wait for the next book every few months and yet you still have yet to update a chapter... Im starting to ramble again aren't I?
Anyway, I can forgive you for the lack of updates as long as I know you are busy learning! You are learning right? Learning new things is a great way to get ideas for a story! History has battles and problems that can influence the creative mind! Science is a gate way to exploring new ways of explaining things, like how you believe magic works or mechanical mechanisms of interesting technology! Art is... well its art, it helps the creative portions of the brain more than any other, except for maybe writing!
... and i'm already rambling again.
:ajsmug: Either way I hope you at least do another blog or something so we know you are still alive!
:pinkiehappy: Until next time! make sure to have lots and lots of fun maybe even eat some cake and or maybe even go to the movies!

ok i'm stopping Pinkie there, I cant write anything for her... yet its easier with Twi? idk...
as you can tell i'm bored and I have not heard anything from you in a bit so I thought that id stop by and pester you a bit... also you can tell why I don't make my own stories right... my grammar is atrocious... and I have to keep looking up words to remember how to spell them...

either way, learn something or do something! everything else is plain boring...

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