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Hoping to find a cure to a rare disease that has been tormenting her since she was a filly, Octavia Melody travels to the ancient city of Yharnaram, said to hold a magical remedy powerful enough to heal any illness. Instead, she discovers a metropolis spun into a web of eldritch terrors eager to devour anypony who enters its gates, and, perhaps now that they have found the one they are looking for, the world itself.

This story was born out of my frustration at being incapable of writing a anything worth reading, and is going to be mostly unedited and unplanned. If that doesn't scare you off, then prepare for a tale "told by an idiot, full of sound and fury".

(Knowledge of the game Bloodborne is not required to enjoy this fic.)

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I'm liking what I'm seeing so far.

I look forward to seeing what happens next~

well I liked it so far and it seems tonight Octavia joins the hunt.....hopefully

This is the best thing ever I have been waiting for a bloodborne fic for suck a long time

Ah...you've found yourselves a pony...
Also, nice touch with Luna sensing her presence in the Dreamscape. Something tells me the Princess of Dreams would know something of the Hunter's Dream.

Great chapter but did you choose not to put the message about paleblood or did you forget about it

I intentionally left it out. The location in chapter 3 is not Iosefka's Clinic. Ironically, it was because I loved the general look of it so much that I left it out, choosing instead to expand it into an entire hospital building to start the story off. It felt better than have Octavia just run through just 3 small rooms and out into Yharnaram. I also felt that a in the era Bloodborne is set in (it seems to be the mid to late 18th century to me) there would be a hospital in a city of its size, and not just a clinic. Furthermore, Octavia is not a paleblood. I created a different disorder for her back in chapter 2 (Cornucopia Cerebrum), which is going to lead to some... interesting developments later in the story. Thanks for asking though, and I'm going to put up a blog post in a day or two to explain my personal philosophy on fan fiction crossovers, future plans for Oligemia, and some general information about some upcoming projects I have in mind and my current work schedule. Cheers! :pinkiehappy:

Thanks, I look forword to see how this story turns out

Tonight, Octavia joins the hunt..go and kill some beasts. It's for your own good. You know, it's just what hunters do, you'll get used to it.

Whoah, bad trip.
Nice Atmosphere, though.

Later, I will investigate.

I'll have to read the third one later, but for now, allow me to say to you: Perfect.

At its heart, Bloodborne is a story of both gothic and cosmic horror, which means that atmosphere is the single most critical component of the narrative, and you've nailed it beautifully.

Fusion fics are challenging, and crossovers like Bloodborne are even more complicated because there is no story to do a direct rebelling of. You have to almost create a whole story with Bloodborne serving as just a backdrop, a canvas on which you will paint Octavia's journey; and you must do so in a way that holds the interest of those that already know the story.

You've done it; with just two chapters, you've already proven that no one reading this knows what will happen, and that we only know what could happen. What might happen.

The key to fear in gothic horror is the alien; that which is familiar but strange. Scapel is familiar enough; a bat pony. We've all seen them, even talked to them. But something about him — the way he speaks, the way he behaves — is somehow not right. He is alien.

The key to fear in cosmic horror is the esoteric; that which is unknown and unknowable. The things Octavia sees when she is falling down (falling up?), what are they? Is she truly in the sky? That mare; was she Princess Luna? Some other cosmic force? Did the transfusion really send her tumbling through the void? How could it? How could itnot? All this is esoteric.

I didn't mean to come here to Yharnaram, you see. But now I'm here, I'm not quite certain I can get back to where I was before. I suppose that my only option is to keep reading, and hope for a happy ending....

Thank you so much for your feedback and encouragement! I'm glad to see that the mood and atmosphere I was attempting to convey in this story has actually been transmitted, and I hope Octavia does find a happy ending (...maybe)—I just need to finish this semester of school first. Also, thank you for helping to put a genre to a name with the term cosmic horror. I'd never heard of it before you mentioned it, but it fits quite well.

Very interesting approach to the Iosefka's clinic fight.
Now Octavia just has to make it through the streets of Yharnaram without being carved up like a hearthswarming Turkey.
Have to wonder how you're going to implement The Dream though.

Man i loved Blooborne! Its one of the best exclusives on the master Console, PS4! This a good story and I like it! But I also threw my custom DS4 ALOT! at the Begining!

Man this story is awesome! My first Bloodborne fimfict in fact.

Keep up the good work! Can't wait for the next chapter:pinkiehappy:

Really enjoying the story so far - there aren't many Bloodborne/MLP fics to read, but this is the best I've read. I like how you cast Octavia as the main character and not the Mane 6; a bit of change is always welcome.

A minor nitpick, but the lack of space between the paragraphs is a little distracting. Other than that, not much else that I can see grinds my gears.

I hope this will continue, I'll start reading this now as well!

Rest assured, it will. I was hoping to be working on it again by now, but the classes I'm taking now at university have turned out to be a lot more time consuming than classes in past semesters. In a sense, this delay is a good thing though, because it's given me more time to think up ideas for how I want the story to progress from here on out. I can't promise exactly when, but there will be a chapter 4, and an outline of the complete story ready before the end of winter break this year. Count on it!

6421076 alright at least I know. I just finished what you have so far and it's good, I really hope that I get to read the rest of it!
I'll be waiting. But like I said, at least I know that it may be a bit for an update!

Story so far absolutely amazing I can't wait to read more. :pinkiehappy:

I this going to continue? I like how this is going with Octavia.

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