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Warning: You probably need to read the books first. Buy them online at Amazon, Audible, and/or Barnes And Noble. Just saying.

If you leave a dislike, leave a comment telling me why.

Kylar is really confused.

He just survived an assassination attempt but died to his friend missing a magic shot and hitting him instead. He discovers that he can't revive in the same world, but he can go to another instead.

Naturally, he goes to small-talking-horse-world.

Wait, what? How is that "natural"? Why does all of this happen to him? It's almost like there's some sort of benevolent, universe-spanning creature intent on helping Kylar have a decent life, with peace and stuff!

Co-authored and inspired by a comment by Diokno44. Thanks!

Tags and characters to be updated as needed. Cover art is the cover art for the third book, I think.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 36 )

Glad I could get this kick started NewKid, this is gonna be awesome

The premise alone I like (and laughed at), non the less that this is actually decently written and enjoyable.

Take me like and fav,

Just noticed your naughty spelling of Fluttershy in there...
You glorious blighter, you made me spill my coffee...through my nose.

4443187 Not to sound ungrateful, but can you elaborate? What makes you say that its well-written?

Thanks for the fav, though! I should have a second chapter up in two weeks or less.

4443185 And you helped a lot with the prologue! Feel free to pop into any other chapters.

4443187 That was my addition, a simple misunderstanding can have....odd, consequences.


I blame Diokno. It was all his fault.

And I laughed as hard as you did, but I wasn't drinking anything. Instead my dad walked over and asked, "Why are you laughing?"

That was awkward. :twilightoops:


It's decently paced, there was nothing (to me atleast) that broke the pacing.
The dialog is interesting and rather humorous, aswell as the characters generally have their own deal that I find interesting (and I haven't read the books).

Too tired to look for typos and grammatical errors, but I noticed nothing that offed me, so good job to both you and your editor.

Keep it up!

4443295 I am my own editor, besides Diokno. I mean, the way it's working out tends to be me writing, then I look it over. In this case, it's me and sometimes Dio writing, then I look it over for mistakes.

I mean, I'm editing like seven stories or something. Check my userpage.

You good sir, have just gained my full respect! Writing and editing ones own stories (multiple!?!?)!

Crimany, take my love and have my futa-...uhm, flutterlove.


4443365 Heh.

Incidentally, check out some of the stories I'm editing. Except for Dangan; I haven't finished that up yet, so it's still a mess.

4443377 will do mate! Though it's kinda late and I need to catch up on my anime before zzzzing out, I'll definitely give your other stories a read on the marrow!

Good night n' good job!

4443664 Just gonna say that, by the time you wrote that, I was asleep. :derpytongue2:

And, just saying, editing multiple isn't that hard. You know how slowly most authors update? I only look through the chapters maybe twice, and it doesn't take long.

A great series and a nice intro, keep up the good work!

Comment posted by QPaysTaxes deleted May 26th, 2014

Durzo really knew what he was doing when he picked Kylar Stern's new name. That is truly an awesome name.

4476332 "He who kills"/"He who is killed" and "Strict/serious".

I agree completely.

4476399 Actually, Durzo was using the word "cleave" as an analogy, to show that one word can have two different meanings. IIRC he said that cleave can both mean to cut apart (e.g. cleaver), but then he also said that couples, as they marry, are told by the priest to "cleave", or come together as a single entity. I don't think Kylar means "cleave".

I'm not entirely certain, though. I can double-check later, if you want.

4476415 I think you may be right, been awhile since I read the books

He groped for a tree trunk next to him,

I couldn't help but chuckle a little


Okay now I just fell off my chair laughing my ass off

4517901 I'm glad you enjoyed it, and you can blame Diokno for writing that in.

Side note: I, too, ungently introduced my butt to the ground when I read that. Shortly thereafter, my head made its acquaintance as well. :derpytongue2:

4561536 ...I'm slightly confused as to how you found it, but thanks!

And it might not get updated for another month or so, depending on if my plans fail miserably. I'll be out of the country.

Of course, if all goes well, I should be able to update it every few days.

I'm surprised to see this actually. I enjoyed the series but didn't think I'd ever find a good fanfic of it, glad to see I was wrong.

for the sale of the world. - for the sake of the world.

The story so far is well written, but I can't help but think it odd that Kylar went from lying about where he's from to Fluttershy to spilling his story to Rainbow. Unless you've changed his personality a lot over the time-skip I don't think he'd be all that ... open?... with someone he just met. Still looking forward to the rest of the story.

4772022 I'm actually rewriting this story. I need to add a note to the description to that effect.

As of now, I am acting author until further notice.

Okay, just found this, and gotta say.....A crossover-ish with the Night Angel Trilogy? Aw hell yeah! Comment time-stamps say it's not updated often, but hey, I'm a very patient individual. Off to reading land! Next stop, this fic's first chapter thing!

Just replying to the A/N. Looks good to me, though it's been quite a while since I've read the books. They kinda.......fell apart from how often I was re-reading them.

Also, Ezra's wording slightly made it sound like he made the Black Ka'kari. He just studied it, and made 5 others. Said others were more or less just knock-offs. Enough bickering from me. Tis great, and was a minor nit-pick that My brain got over after re-reading the sentence a few times.

Still great. Another nitpick, though. Kylar's invisibility, while is fueled by his talent, is caused by the Ka'kari devouring any light that touches it. same with the claws he can form. They're literally claws formed from the Ka'kari itself.

At any rate, whoo! I'm still psyched that I found this. Twas an awesome trilogy.

EDIT: Re-reading, and I just realized that that nitpick was misplaced. You did have Kylar falsely explain that little part. Whoops!

6023245 Thanks Blade Wolf, I'll get around to continuing it at some point. Also, yeah, tis been awhile since I too have read this awesome trilogy

...i cant believe i havent found this earlier.

7019966 Thanks dude, sorry I haven´t updated in a long time

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