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Mr Anomalous

And so I sit, alone with the dark and the quiet, treading the secret corridors of my mind & soul and always discovering the oddest things. . . .

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Noice story man...
Also here have a bucket...
For all those stupid and annoying comments...

1309733 mind blogging again so we have some news on yah? speaking of which i need to blog myself.

Ah, no, no I detect no rudeness.

I do get on, and I do still write, but I kind of just hop from story to story. Right now I'm mostly focusing on "The Watchful Eye."

Thanks for your interest, however.

1304082 I guess i should have reworded that.
I hadn't seen a blog from you in nearly a year, I thought you had left fim fic by either your own will or your parents grounding you till your 53.

Sorry if that sounded rude or mean. I only ment it sounded as if your parents banned you from the net from your last blog post.

Well I have this thing were I'd really like to be a writer--and I sometimes am!--but a lot of the time my brain disagrees and tells me that I have to play Doom or Minecraft or play my mandolin. I can fight my brain, but even if I win it goes off and withholds inspiration from me when I sit down to do the aforementioned writing. So unfortunately I just have to sit in this endless void and wait for some motivation to come within eyesight, in which case I eagerly pounce upon it and do nasty things to it.

On a serious note, however, I am genuinely sorry. That's just how I work. There will, one day, be an update.

  • Viewing 36 - 40 of 40
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