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And so I sit, alone with the dark and the quiet, treading the secret corridors of my mind & soul and always discovering the oddest things. . . .


(A crossovermainly with TF2, Killing Floor 2, The DC Universe, and Romantically Apocalyptic. However, if you have a suggestion: make it! You just might see a cameo of your favorite gas-masker. See below for future crossovers.)

A breach has been made in the walls of reality, creating a door to all of space and eternity. This, of course, could be problematic. The Princesses are doing the best they can to hold the hole shut, but the bigger, hungrier things are pushing back. And the smallest entities are managing to crawl through anyway, like bugs between atoms. Several of these things pop through intentionally, and with the—alleged—intention to help; masked aliens. And they all just might be stark raving mad.

Part crossover, part self-insert, part trollfic and part Lovecraft, this just may be the best—or worst—MLP fanfic ever written. Why not be a part of it?

Note(s): The name has nothing to do with the punk band. Though they're not bad, go check them out.

Future Crossovers Include:
Warhammer 40,000
Doctor Who

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You have sparked my interest sir.

DC Universe? As in Superman and all those guys? Or something else I'm not aware of?

6256474 Top left of the cover image, sir: Wesely Dodds, the Sandman.

ZE CAPTAIN?! I will read this later...

We have not a clue what's going on, but this is very intriguing. :twilightsheepish:

There probably someone with a gas mask. I mean, there are just so many...

We need Hunk from resident evil.
Other then that,
The story is magnificent.

NO ARTYOM FROM METRO?! HERECY! DISLIKE! (just kidding, I love it. But still. Artyom would be a great addition.)

6258154 Still, if there is any fighting, he will be a big help. Man of the metro can take down the biggest of mutants.


you should use the Miner from my bloody Valentine.
He's very strong like jason and others combined.

6258439 One problem: said miner is evil.

Hm. Perhaps there could be an opposition.

A group of gas mask wearing STALKERs from well... S.T.A.L.K.E.R.


See, you can find away around the problem as you are technically the "God" of the world you have created through your writings...Or maybe you can redirect him, making him think that he is killing random people but Is actually kill the bad guys...After all much like Jason they will kill whoever is in their way...There are many opposition...

'Tis meant to be cheesy and a bit lame.

6260733 Good, but somewhat hard to follow.


6261339 How the Hades did I forget this?? I must suffer a thousand years of torment on the front lines to atone for my Heresey! Blessed by the Emporer!

6262231 I'm serious, please add the Gas-mask zombies.

Comment posted by Szalhi deleted Aug 23rd, 2015

Ulysses from new Vegas? Tad of a stretch

dude you still working on this?

Krieg the psycho from Borderlands 2.:pinkiecrazy:

"It is a 'category three' sort of portal, a mist-like degradation of the space between the entrance and ze exit. Whatever this ees, it took it's time with its forming. I, however, question how such an anomaly could occur in the grand domain of Zee Captein!"

You made me happy with this! I love that comic! :rainbowlaugh:

Ohh Captain, you silly.

Nice job! Hahaha

Hahaha! Awesomeness, hehehe, this is looking great!
but where's Snippy D: And Pilot! And Engie! ;n;

Nice job, faved! Can't wait for more.

Does roadhog count I want him in

Artyom, metro last light. He may work.

Isnt the empty child like a virus (havnt watched dr who in a while :twilightsheepish:)

In a way?
Spoilers if you haven't seen the episode.
The empty child was the result of medical nanomachines crashing onto Earth during the London air bombings of WWII. A kid with a gas mask was killed, but the nanomachines essentially brought him back. Since they had never encountered humans before and had no programmed medical templates for what a functional human was like, the nanomachines essentially ad-libbed what human health was supposed to be like and took the revived kid as a template for human health. So they would try to "heal" any human they came in contact with, making them sprout a mask and spreading the condition to anyone they came in contact with. And the kid, and thus anyone affected by the nanobots, had a hyperfixation on locating his mom.

Of course, his actual mom came along and because they shared DNA, the nanobots essentially scanned her DNA, recognized her as the parent of the kid, and altered their health template accordingly, saving everyone.


Oh wait... He's dead...

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