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Special Agent Timothy McGee is a federal agent, an author, and apparently some sort of plaything for the cosmos. How else could he wind up accidentally skipping work because he's stuck in a cartoon village full of talking ponies? And how exactly is he going to explain this to his boss?

MLP:FiM meets NCIS. Rated teen for language and spillover from NCIS.

Chapters (3)
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Oh, Please, Please, PLEASE continue this...

"Hey, Mcgeek, you done in there?"


"Hey boss, we might have a problem."

You know what would made this better? If it was Gibbs that was taken or Dionizzo.

Is it bad that I was thinking the exact same thing? Though I am wondering what movie he would compare this to...:trixieshiftright:

Would work. Though for some reason I am imagining a sequel where the rest of the NCIS gang along with McGee are summoned into Equestria to help solve a crime. And while the others besides Gibbs are freaking out a little, McGee is simply chatting with whatever pony is there.

This story has only been approved for two hours- how did all of you find it so fast?


Stop spoiling plot points I haven't thought of yet. :ajbemused:

:derpyderp2: I don't even watch that show but I kinda want to see where that goes :derpyderp1:



And Abby needs to give a Caf-Pow to Pinkie for the nuclear powered Lutz.

Mon dieu. NCIS + Ponies? You have won all of my internets.

Although I can't help but think that it should have been DiNozzo or Gibbs! Their reactions would have been beyond hilarious.

Hah! McGee is rather fitting I do think. He IS the writer after all, imagination is never too far away! :derpytongue2:

Yes please continue, I will LOVE this.:rainbowkiss::twilightsmile::duck::yay::yay::yay:yay:yay:

Would it be too much to ask for DiNozzo to come in next?:fluttershysad:

you. you are my hero. i haven't even read the story yet and i love you.

McGee was always the only agent i could stand

I've been thinking about a story like this, and you made.
You did a good job i'l say. :moustache:

All thats missing is for Gibbs to step in and start Gibbs slapping some ponies!

*turns and slaps friend across back of head* Gibb slapped! F*** yeah!:moustache:

THIS....IS......AWESOME!!!! Time to celebrate with soda and Muffins!
P.S. You somehow managed to get abby right on character.....And now that I've read it.....

She sounds vaguely like Pinkie Pie!

Love the ending! I must say "CONTINUE!"

I'm not entirely certain how McGee is going to explain this to Gibbs when he calls.

“Um, Timothy?” Applejack asked, shifting nervously. “Why were y'all talkin' to yerself?”


In the eloquent words of many a reader out there....

More. More!

I did not see this one coming... Tracking, will read.

Is it me or does Abby sounds like a certain pink party pony? Update soon. Oh when does this take place in the ncis story line?

I see Gibbs v.s. Celestia in the future.
*turns and slaps stranger across back of head* Gibb slapped! Yeah!

Well, you haven't disappointed yet. You get multiple things from me:

One (1) favoriting of this awesome story, one (1) thumbs up to promote...something, and five (5) 'staches.



Well, let's see.:duck: There are two clues I noticed in this story that should help narrow it down.:pinkiesmile: Clue #1: Ziva's here as part of the team, so that must mean that this takes place sometime during Season 4 and onwards.:trixieshiftleft: Clue #2: Ziva mentions how McGee helped his sister out so, which also took place in Season 4.:trixieshiftleft: In conclusion my guess is that it takes place sometime in Season 4, maybe Season 5 due to a lack of information.:raritywink:

891317 891928

The fic takes place in season four, between the episodes Cover Story and In the Dark, but not during Brothers in Arms. Hopefully, I don't screw up and mention events from after Cover Story. :twilightblush:

I think if Gibbs meets the ponies, everyone will be waiting for something horrible to happen, but he'll just say, "They're just talking ponies.", take a sip of coffee and walk away. Now I can't get that image out of my head.

When I was reading Abby's lines. I heard her voice in my head. This strikes me as a good sign.

891317 No, she sounds like Pinkie....Then again, didn't she always?

I was talking about how Abby was in the show. Now that I think about it those two are extamrly alike.

I just came back home from an 8 hour work day during my summer holiday, woke up at 6 AM.
Now i am back home, i turned on my pc, went to Fimfiction, clicked on favorites and found out that this story continued.
I'm happy now.

Very nice. Abby was PERFECT! I especially like the reaction about the cellphone.

Abby and Pinkie Pie would get along swimmingly.

I feel sorry foe mcGee when he has to explain this to Gibbs and so God help him when Tony finds out. Oh and Mcgee keep Abbies cafpals away from pinkie

Hhmmmmmm..... When I think of Pinkie with a caf pow....... CRAP! Everyone hit the dirt! The fabric of our universe could be in serious danger soon!

McGee is going to suffer a level one Gibbs glare when he gets back.

Everything is happening how I would think it would happen, though Gibbs using fuck caught me a little off guard. I know they swear a little bit on the show and obviously can't use 'fuck' but still. I would consider changing it, but that's just me.

It would totally be in character for Gibbs to cross the threshold, without assistance, just to shoot McGee.

EDIT: Or give McGee a patented Gibbs slap.

I understand your concern about that. I dithered for a while over it myself, but I ultimately decided to use it specifically because it's stronger than what Gibbs would normally say. He has an agent who vanished and is apparently perfectly safe somewhere with a strange woman who goes by the very New Age/hippie name of Twilight Sparkle. He's worried, he's pissed, and it was that word or an instance of physical violence that could be heard and clearly identified over the phone.

Again, I understand your concern and even share it to an extent, but I stand by my decision. Thank you very much for reading my story, and caring about it enough to offer that bit of critique, though. Please don't ever hesitate to point out things like that to me. :twilightsmile:

I'm still waiting for somepony to get Gibbs slapped!
*turns and slaps random dude across back of head* GIBBS SLAPPED! YEAH!

Ya took a while writing this one. I liked this chapter.

Funny, I'm not even a fan of NCIS.

Go write some more. *cracks whip*

Hehehe...... McGee is so going to suffer a Gibbs glare level 100. I wonder what would happen is Fluttershy's stare went against the Gibbs stare? I love NCIS! Oh man! DiNozzo is going to taunt McGee so much!

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