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Cannot physically write word that make logic... But ohmaigod do I try. Currently has no Computer! Hooray for a ten year old laptop!

A bit of information about myself.

So here are the basics someone might want to know about me...
1. I live in England, so expect timezone conflicts if you don't live in England
2. I am currently on a 5/7 days a week collage course where I get home at 17:30ish
3. I check the site in the morning from 7:30 to 7:55, any replies that I get after that will not be answered until I get home.
4. My writing style is erratic at best. I have intense periods or months where I can work on a story each day... To months where I cannot even bring myself to write a single word... Sorry for the craziness but it is how things work in my mind.
5. I proof-read all of my own work. I don't have editors or pre-readers unless I make a specific blog for it. And even then it is mainly for getting feedback on the idea.
6. I don't mind comments, even when they're just hate. As bad as things can be, I can always pull some sort of feedback from it... Unless its something like *This story sucks. L2writeproperly*

Something that needs to be said.

Hey Volts here. I'm not a dead author, or at least I hope not. I'm just going through a crazy patch in my life. Collage is in full swing and I am moving out of my home soon. Until I have settled down I doubt I will be very active.

I hope you can all understand why I am inactive however I will be back.

--Volts, 29/11/2015 If a year has passed since writing this and I haven't been active. I lied and am greatly sorry for doing so.

Something that needs to be said...

As I do all my own stunts proof-reading!

A list of honest to goodness OCs that I have seemed to conjure up.

OCs, something I seem to make a lot of. I don't seem to get too attached to them... However here is a list of the OCs I have...

Dead Quiet, essentially a necromancer who lives in the Everfree forest.
Vanessa Venom, a spider enthusiast who is a social shut in.
Madly 'Maddie' Rich, a sister of Filthy Rich who appears in the same story as Vanessa.
Shanomi Summons, a unicorn who specializes in summoning creatures from the infernal realm.
Mia Emberheart, a demon summoned by Shanomi... 'Accidentally...'
Fern, a Floran that is stranded on Equestria
Ivy Shield, a growing up unicorn who lives in the town of Duskshire
Gilded Moonbeam, a unicorn vampony who lives in the forest around Duskshire

These are all the OCs that I have that make appearances in my stories. I prefer to write OC stories then cannon stories... However that doesn't mean I wont.

Look! stories!!

Bucket list of things to do

Write a story [x]
Write a good story [-]
Write a bad story [X] (defined by my terms)
Get some followers [x]
Follow some people [x]

Get a featured story [-]
Get a major liked story [-]
Get over 100 followers [-]

Stop copying people with bucket lists [-]
Write a well planned story [-]
Completely wing a story [-]
Write a Sequel [-]
Write a sequel to a sequel [-]

Do a mane 6 ship [-]
Do a barrel roll [-]
Finish Dead in Civilization [-]
learn how to draw and make some decent bios for the OCs I might make. [-]
More to come


Life things and story things. · 5:10pm Oct 11th, 2015

So I have been on holiday for a week, I started up north and ended up at ponycon 2015! I had a great time, so a shoutout to all the people who went. I managed to burn a sizeable hole in my wallet though.

I also had a lot of time to brainstorm ideas for my various stories and I am in the process of writing some, so there is the possibility of an update or two happening.

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-Attempts to hide nerdgasum-

Figured I might as well join it. Seeing all of my storied (Except the one I just published) Have OCs in them

Thank you for joining OC Port.


Very well Laser Beak, continue Operation: Fly on the Wall.

I love SoundWave; best Decepticon ever.

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