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Mario continues his adventure to collect the power stars to stop the Koopa King from taking over the Universe. His journey takes him to the world of Equestria where he will find unique challenges and make a few new friends. Mario's arrival in Equestria will spark an adventure his new friends will never forget.

The awesome cover picture is by Primogenitor34 from deviantart.

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Words cannot express this my good sir. :moustache:

Great story! It surprises me, though, that there's only a few comments on such a popular story. Keep up the good work! :pinkiehappy:

Thank you for being patient everyone. I know I just suddenly stopped writing, but I don't intend to leave this story. With the discovery of review sites I practically had to relearn how to write. Future chapters may be radically different, some will only be the same chapter, but have much improved grammar and structure. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Now for a question for all of you, should I still include music links in my chapters?
Nightmare Moon Boss Battle

I started the story over and deleted the old chapters. Believe me there was plenty of comments.

>112 thumbs

In any event, this looks rather interesting.

I think you should. Since they recognize that it's a game... Well the brother's M do. The girls should probably notice the BGMs. You should also announce bosses like they did in Super Mario Galaxy. The format was and remember this is only an example.

Dark Matron of Nightmares

I'd recommend placing boss music in the name.

This entire chapter had me cracking up. I like how you meshed the important parts of the original story so well with the new parts, but still managed to keep it fresh and funny.

Just-a remember my good friend. If-a yous-a wantin'-a Mario to-a speak. When you are-a typin', be-a typin like-a this. or something like that.

Google writing mario's accent or something. that-a can be-a real good!(or I can fail at demonstrating it...)

I'm-a thinkin' that-a meesa might-a like-a this so far. I will-a.....(I give up) ......certainly read the other chappies and find out.

....waaait a minute, weren't there more chapters to this? Or am I mistaking this for another Mario Galaxy fic that I've read and am waiting for it's continuation... :rainbowhuh:

Dem fire forms and powers, especially the power that Rarity has. A storm of fire sniper bullets. Imagine if she only had to focus on one enemy.

Also, what other powerups will they encounter? ...What happens if a unicorn gets a Cloud Whateveritis?

I expect Ice Flower goodness at some point. Ice is my favorite.

I'm-a laughin! And yeah, I was a little bit overbearing and thick in my use of his accent last comment.

However on the other hand, you could-a use it a bit more.

Good job.

So THAT'S why you didn't update for awhile! I hate to say it, but the previous version was treading on thin ice as far as holding my interest goes. I just....don't like the idea of....well...

You ever hear of the "//.Hack" series? It's a game, about playing a game. It's fun, but everytime I play, it doesn't hold my attention because I get distracted by the whole "Game in a game" thing. The previous version of this story was GREAT. There's no doubt about it. But every time you referenced the "Player" putting the disk into the Wii, it nearly killed my interest.

All in all, this chapter alone has DEFINITELY shown just as much, if not MORE promise then it's Predecessor....

Now to read the rest.


“No kidding, meet our CHIEF(should be CHEF, I think.)

If Nightmare Moon was in physical form her eyes would have squinted in disbelief. “Excuse me?”

“What, you think King Bowser just lets us sit around while we wait between invasions? We all have jobs to keep us all busy.”

“I make sssandwichesss.” The dead answered.

‘That is ridiculous...but very practical. I’ll have to ask the Koopa King to raise my old masseuse once I reclaim the thrown.’ (Throne)

...I have the sudden urge to hook up my N64 and play Paper Mario now.....

I hope you don't mind that I only provided some typo fixes rather than input in this chapter. But, I assure you, I was busting a gut for at least 70% of this chapter.

Yes it is the same one. I started it over.
Thanks! I hope I can keep it interesting.
More power-ups will happen.
I didn't want to overdo the whole accent thing, but looking back I do need to add a few here and there.

Much appreciated. Odd how I had so many different editorials and reviewers and some things still falls through the cracks.

1559838 No prob. I actually didn't even notice the typo for the boo until he said he makes sandwiches. then I reread it a couple times, figuring out what happened.....Quick question....Tommorrow, Should I play Paper Mario? Or Final Fantasy XII? Sundays are my designated game day, so I pik one or two games and kind of vegitate.

I approve of the sandwich making boo. :pinkiehappy:

I think he is rewriting parts of it cause someone elses story I been reading he started to rewrite the whole thing to have it up to data as he said by making it better story wise.

Now the ultimate reason for why this system was made this way...merchandise!

Is that a Spaceballs reference I see?

Do [ youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NX20OmKHJYQ ]
And tell readers to just leave it running as background music.

I think the musics for boss fights are cool for the story add them!:pinkiehappy:


Paper Mario. No question about it, PM is the best.

Final Fantasy IX, if you have it. But out of those 2, I'd say Paper Mario.

You did? If you don't mind me asking, but why?

Oh my goodness! This is hilarious! :rainbowlaugh:

If it's the story I think it was, why would i not?
Don't misunderstand, I'll read this too, I'm just surprised you left everything you'd written in the dust and started over.
You ARE the author that had Luigi, Vinyl, Doctor Whooves, and a few others do the rock contest against the Draqo-no(oh screw it) the thing that was the same species as Discord and they played the rock version of Devil Went Down To Georgia, against an evil shadow-version of themselves, right?

Ya, that will still happen. I'm just fixing old chapters and adding new plot points. Old chapter 1 was only four thousand words long. Now...well I've expanded upon it greatly.

Good story so far! However, I kind of feel that Bowser is acting a little out of character. Maybe he sounds a little too smart and dry, or doesn't say GWA HA HA enough.

Keep it up!

EDIT: I loved the part with the boos. However I am finding it really weird that Mario seems to be so much lighter than Pinkie. And do you think we might see Wario in this story?

1558709>>1558752>>1558789>>1558827>>1558858>>1559305>>1559397>>1559443>>1559470>>1559397>>1559673>>1560085>>1560962>>1561284>>1561362>>1564033>>1566529 Do any of you have a 3DS? If so, I'd really like you to be my friend. My friend code is 004428182570.

I've noticed Bowser's intelligence dips up and down between games. The RPGs have him as a lovable idiot while in galaxy he is a competent and dangerous badguy. I'm going to try and combine the two as the story progresses. You're right though, he needs more evil laughing.
I didn't have plans to use Wario in this story. Sorry.
Sorry I don't have a 3DS.

1566740 Sorry. I only have a DS and it's screen looks like it's starting to fall off. :raritycry:

BTW, will we get to see Kammy Koopa, or will the Magikoopas remain anonymous?

Oh, jeezus. I'm likin' this story already. :pinkiehappy: Keep up the good work!

Aw, I thought this was an update, oh well, I might read through this new one though.

Hey warpd.....quick question. Do you have some variation of an update schedule for this? Because if so, I'd like to know. Mainly because I can plan around it if I'm aware of any possible schedule. As much as I love WoW, it's a pain in the plot to play because it takes up the whole screen.

Sorry dude, when I use to do this it was a weekly thing, but now that I'm using a review system and my personal editor has a crazy schedule I can't really promise anything.

1576075 Hmmm.....You don't even have any idea how much progress would/could be made in say...a month? No idea at all?

I can hope for at least three chapters a month at the most. Depends on RL stuff.

1586592 Okey-Dokey-Lokey. That helps a bit for keeping me sane. Now I have a rough estimate, so I can sleep easy tonight.

it's a me mario BEST LINE EVER mario needs to speak more

Chef Boo...YES. I require much more of this story:rainbowkiss:

When they were laughing at the Boos I could imagin one of them saying: "The joy it BURNS!!!"

Ah, yes. Um...I'm kind of writing a chapter for someone's story right now. Really trying hard to do it right.
Also the next chapter has some serious problems I'm working with. Sorry for the disappointment.

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