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Wait, am I now just the one who wrote Mortem? 'Cause I think I'm okay with that.


Reports of magic being used in Canterlot High School has caught the attention of a secret organisation. Not too much attention, as it’s probably nothing to worry about, but enough to require some kind of investigation.

The agent assigned to the area is a junior recruit named Sweetie Drops, codename Bon-Bon, who is about to find this mission to be her most challenging yet. Challenging for a number of reasons.

Proofread by the wonderful docontra and Soren Mercer

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Lyra will have a Bon-Bonniption if she sees Bon-Bon.
She's got a Bon to pick with Bon-Bon
You don't want to be on Lyra's Bon side.
What Bon-Bon did to Lyra must really be heavy on her Bonscience.
Bob-Bon got out of there so fast, she made a sonic Bon.

My name is bon, bon-bon

When this takes place just after the Fall Formal?

Nice first chapter, looking forward to how everypony's favorite secret agent deals with this. :twilightsmile:


Im glad more and more people adapting the same headcanon like mine about Sweetie Drops being an undercover agent for SMILE (Secret Magic Intelligence LEague)

7499397 You have no idea how hard it was for me not to include that joke

7500138 Thank you, I'm really glad you liked it. I'll try not to disappoint with subsequent chapter

Just curious, but does this take place entirely before Rainbow Rocks, or does it take place during RR? Or does it take place semi-before, and end some point after?

You have done it now, you have given me some *dramatic pause* ideas.

Soo. She dose not work for The Center just a normal organization then.

Nice chapter can't wait to see were this goes.

Huh, so Bon Bon is there to investigate that time Sunset became a raging she-demon? It was particularly funny how she mocked some of the sillier parts of Canterlot High (Sunset's mwa-ha-ha prom picture, the CMC being the only kids there, etc.). The name change is going to be awkward, wonder how long she can avoid Lyra. Though untangling Sunset's fall from power will probably take a while (her bosses probably won't accept "rainbow laser beat she-demon").

7501280 Thanks, I'll do my best not to disappoint :pinkiehappy:

7500829 I guess we'll find out :raritywink:


Well, this is looking like fun. I'll definitely be keeping an eye out to see where it goes.

Ouch, that last bit has got to hurt. I'm very, very intrigued though!

Guess Sweetie missed the lecture on subtlety and low profile. Though seeing Lyra again probably distracted her too. If Lyra had hated her, that probably would have been easier to deal with. Wonder how her speed record compares to Rainbow Dash, and her test scores to whoever is the smartest in school (Sunset?).

7511854 7503757 7510738 Thankyou, I'll hopefully not disappoint with later chapters :twilightsmile:


OohThe Sirens!
I presume that their disappearances in later movie installments is because Fast Glider finally get his hands on them during their weakened state.. Very intresting..

Aw, Sweetie's such a sweetie. I hope it doesn't come back to bite her too hard.


Well, that was cute, although I'm really not sure why she thinks the party is a bad idea. It will help her integrate herself into the school better using reconnecting Derpy with the others as an excuse to meet them as well, and it might even give her a chance to talk to Sunset directly to get some real answers.

7571711 There, there. If you write it well enough, I'm sure this story and yours can coexist.

I take it Sunset had something to do with the school becoming place where packs were formed, and Derpy became the outcast as a result?
Uggghhh like Sunset didn't feel bad enough, yeah i know everyone treated her badly during it, but still.

7572085 Look at the big friendship Sunset broke up during her bad girl phase; the Humane 5. Most High Schools are divided by cliques, but that group broke all the barriers. Having them fall apart probably caused the cliques to come back with a vengeance, reinforced by Shimmer; easier to stay top dog when all the other dogs are too busy fighting each other...


that what i'm afraid of, even thou everyone choose to do this and such on thier own free will, Derpy wound up caugt in the crossfire.
jeeze, could see Sunset sobbing cluthcing Derpy blouse apologizing like mad for what happen.

Rarity stopped to think for a second. “I’m not really sure how I would begin. I feel like something more casual will suit you, but it’s a wedding so it needs to be formal. Some kind of work-casual attire maybe? Or maybe something more...”

I 89.567% guarantee that Sweetie Drops will get a tux.

MORE!!!! also need more LyraBon!!! :heart:

Comment posted by Chicago Ted deleted Jul 21st, 2017

What would be a good cover for a spy to use... You know, I think claiming to be an investigative journalist for the National Inquirer might work.

Wait hold on, this lives?

A surprise party for our sweet muffin mare? I'm all in on that one! :yay:

I believe that it's spelt Sparring, with two Rs.

Good chapter, although at this point I'm wondering if there's any skill that Drops neither possesses nor can rapidly gain proficiency in. I mean, I know spies need to be quick learners and have diverse skillsets, but geez...

Fixed it.
Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. The ironic thing is that while Drops is technically talented at a number of things, it hasn't really stopped from messing up this far, and in fact the reason she had messed up. This is really the first time she's used her talents in a non-destructive way.

This chapter was great, I can't wait for more! :twilightsmile:

Sweetie Drops, the best spy ever

“‘What the bloody hell happened to your face?’”

That line got me


Well, these two chapters were cute, and I'm curious to see how things go with Sunset in the next one.

Octavia Melody, a charcoal haired girl who was always dragging around a huge cello with her was one of the latter. Drops had noticed her before, partly from her seemingly being far more refined than most other people at the school, but mainly because of the aforementioned cello.

I'm not sure if anyone knew this, but in the show Octavia's cutie mark is a treble clef. And she she plays in bass clef music. (Violins use treble clefs and cellos and basses use bass clef)

hurray, derpy has her friends back!

Actually the cello is a very versatile instrument with a large range and can have music written for it in all four clefs. Though the bass clef is the most common clef for cello music music written for the cello in the treble clef is often considered to be more advanced and difficult to play because music reasons lol My brother plays cello.


 treble clef is often considered to be more advanced and difficult to play because music reasons lol

bruh, as a cellist I am deeply insulted. The reason why I said that was because treble clef is extremely difficult since you have to constantly switch from 6th to thumb position. And thumb position is a pain; physically and mentally. Not to mention her cutie mark is a treble clef, and most Cello pieces (maybe about 90%?) are all in bass clef. The ones that aren't are a mixture of bass with tenor and some treble clef. When Octavia plays, her hand never reached down to even the 5th position, so I highly doubt that her special talent is playing in treble clef. (Oh yeah, the way she holds her instrument in the show is how you hold a contrabass, not a cello. You can't stand and play with a cello professionally. And the way she holds her bow is neither a bass nor cello bow-hold. I have no idea why most people think that she plays the cello; when almost everything she does is the opposite of what a cellist does.) And you can't say that she specializes in treble clef. Playing in 7th and thumb position takes at least 4 years of just none stop practice almost everyday with a teacher. (It took me 7 years and I still have trouble reading and playing thumb position).

Good sir I am offended by your statement, you should ask your brother to play some music in Treble clef. His hand goes way down the finger board. I don't think it's even possible to play open string A in treble clef on a cello. (Maybe it is, I don't play treble clef it because it's a pain in the ass)
Hey maybe if it was an tenor clef that would be okay. That's playable, it's just really annoying.

Point is: Octavia plays a cello/contrabass but her cutie mark is a treble clef. (which is many octaves higher than the bass clef) And it's strange since no Cellists plays only in Treble Clef.

heyyy, the weekend wasn't useless

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