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Online college sucks!


Two Down, One to Go! · 4:54am Nov 19th, 2020

There's just one section left in Arc 5 before we start getting into Mahorafest!

This last part is largely combat, and he's usually good at writing that quickly. Hopefully *cough* not likely *cough* he'll have it done before the end of the year.

Love you too, Show. *rolls eyes* But yes, I hope to have Arc 5 finished up in the next month and a half.

Until then, I'm Show Stopper and I'm Show Stopper.

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Of course! Nice to see an HP crossover that doesn't just shoehorn everyone into Hogwarts for once. I'm looking forward to updates!

Thanks for the favourite on A Star Among Wizards!

ah oki also im gonna give the sunset one a read

Student 32: Sunset Shimmer is my main story. I mostly write The Undying Angel between story arcs, when I need a break, or when i get a particular flash of inspiration. I'm really trying to knuckle down on Student 32 since it's been so long since I updated, and I still need to work the outline for the Equestria Arc, so it'll probably be some time before I have the next chapter of TUA published.

whens angle gonna come back its quite good and messes with ya head in a good way

Working on the next arc. Just got back from vacation, though, so it might take a while.

Are you going to update your 'Student 32: Sunset Shimmer' fic soon?

Thanks for favouriting Flurry in Time!:twilightsmile: glad you're enjoying it


Around here, bleach is way more popular than TP. That's because people around here are smart enough to realise that you can live without toilet paper, bidets are quite common, but without sanitising you are way more likely to catch the virus.

So while TP is not abundant, people do two hour waits to get bleach.

Wal-Mart. Produce department, specifically.

And yeah, businesses are about the same here. Lots of places advertising their suddenly free delivery services. TP goes off the shelves like crazy, and we sell out of meat and bread every day, but everything else seems to be calming down.

.So you must either sell food, drugs or work as a nurse or doctor.

Or your company is pulling a Gamestop "We are essential business"" and actually not getting caught yet like Gamestop was.

Around here, only Food and legal drug selling places are open. Hotels are closed down, restaurants are not open to the public but they can do delivers, and only taxis are working like normal, if without touching people and washing their hands a lot.

Hand sanitiser, face masks and medical use alcohol ran out two weeks ago for anyone that didn't stockpile it at their homes.

I have basically no IRL social life and my workis considered essential; my Sundays are literally all that are effected in that we're doing family-centered church from home instead of gathering as a congregation.


How is quarantine for you? I am going crazy and I still have another two weeks to go.

γ γ„γ˜γ‚‡γ†γ·γ γ€‚I'm fine. Just hit a small snag in Student 32 and a... slightly larger one in Undying Angel. But I've got a whole week off starting today, so I should be able to get a lot written.

Are you okay?

(I'm a fox.)

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