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Who is Shiningluck?

Two millennia ago, alicorns roamed the ancient world in the tens-of-thousands. They stood a proud race, most following their glorious leaders, Arcana and his beloved wife, Cosmic Beauty. Little did they know that the balance of Equestria would someday depend on their two young daughters, Celestia and Salena.

The Ancients (Alicorns) were a strong and noble race. One thing seemed certain, their species could never fall, or... so they thought.
Shining Asteris Luck is an Alicorn commoner who lived in the Ancient Arcane era of Equestria before the near extinction of her kind. She is the Daughter of Glade Viridis Kismet; Master Botanist, and Starlight Asteriskos Luck; 3rd heir of the Cosmic Skies settlement.
ShiningLuck struggled to control her alicorn magic which never came easy for her, flying on the other hand was another story. She enjoyed soaring though open fields, meeting strange new creatures, and bring home shamrocks to keep her family crest lush and green!
Having little magical talent of her own, she relies on a powerful aura of luck which never leaves her side. Some say She still lives, Her luck having protected her from the fall of here kind, Others report occasional sightings of her roaming Equestria's many Clover fields and forests, but most believe her to be myth.

My Fan Art: ShiningLuck-OC

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