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What if you could travel to parallel worlds? The same year, the same world, only different dimensions. A world where magic airships battle through sky... or you were one of the two immortal Princesses of Equestria... or where the life you knew is just a TV show? Sunset and I found the gateway. Now the problem is... finding a way back home.

Twenty-five authors. Fifteen hundred words each. Seventy-two hours an author. Three and a half months. Two mares. One interdimensional talisman. One crazy ride through the multiverse.

The original SunLight Sliders was the result of the Sunset Shimmer community's epic three-month collaboration project. Each author had 3 days to write a 500-1500 chapter in the ongoing saga of Sunset and Twilight Voyaging through the multiverse. Plus, each author picked up where the last one left off, without any pre-determined outline or overall plot!

Now, a different Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle about to embark a whole new journey into the depths of the multiverse, and it'll be up to you to tell their story!

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Novel Idea


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Novel-Idea, Adgerelli

Special Thanks
lilfunkman for his help with the logo!
To the entire Sunset Shimmer Group and all the commenters who embraced the madness of the original crazy journey!
The AppleDash Group for "At the Drop of a Hat" the original inspiration for this project!

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