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It has been more than one hundred years since Celestia banished Nightmare Moon. While Equestria has enjoyed a century of relative peace and prosperity, there are still lingering tensions between the three pony tribes.

Shadow Kicker, a proud warrior of Pegasopolis, must navigate the treacherous noble court of Canterlot and address the concerns and wounded pride of her own tribe in a desperate effort to prevent matters from coming to open warfare.

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So it begins. I've been looking forward to this project since it was first hinted at in the opening of The Life and Times of a Winning Pony. The opening chapter is a solid work, and I'm sure looking forward to more.

Also, a challenge to other readers: try not to read Midnight's lines in the voice of Raven from the Teen Titans. Just saying.


And now you've got me reading everything Midnight says in Raven's voice you jerk.

I've been looking forward to this story since it was hinted at months ago, and the start of it has not been a disappointment. Lots of great lines. I enjoy Shadow wit, and the interaction between Midnight and Gale was hilarious.

Oh yes, this will be glorious. :pinkiehappy:

Edit: Hmm, that mix of archaic and non-archaic language is a little odd, but I'm assuming it's styled on Luna's patterns?
Must be horribly painstaking to write, though?
I love how despite difficulties, the protagonists actually came out on top of this, and it was really only Lt. Lackwit holding the idiot ball.
(I've been reading A Song of Ice and Fire, so this is refreshingly positive...)

Loving it so far, looking forward to more.

I am reading this so hard in about three hours.

Sweet Celestia that picture.

I am so happy this is here, it looks like it's gonna be amazing.

Can't wait to see this make the featured box with Of Rumbling Dinks.
Two of my favorite authors featured at the same time..
That will be cool.

Awesome. I can't wait to give this a read. Always wanted to see what Shadow Kicker was like. :pinkiehappy:

Finally! Been looking forward to this, and it did not disappoint! I do love my History. The Editor's notes were a nice touch too, making it seem more like an actual historical document!

Hm...time to make this a source to use in an essay about the History of Equestria! :pinkiecrazy:

Just because its Chengar Insta thumbs up an fav :pinkiehappy:

Commence read.

This will be interesting in its progression.


Gee, I wonder who gave you that idea Comma? :trollestia:

This is going to be so epic!!

(Looking at the word count) Uhhh, I can't read this and another before running off to gaming. There are only so many hours in a day.:facehoof:
I'll catch this later tonight, but once again I will say InuHoshi is Best Artist. :yay:
And oh, yeah Comma-Kazie, if you didn't want us to read in Raven's voice, you'd have kept shut. Just pointing that inconvenient truth out for all to see ... and ridicule.:rainbowlaugh:

Curse you Comma! Curse youuuuu! *flails*

Judge by content, not by presentation...

I dost find thy use of archaic to be most entertaining.

Shadow Kicker

Well I guess it makes sense because judging from the cover art it's an exact duplicate of your Cloud Kicker rendition, and is probably an ancestor of her (also lunar/ shadow stuff).

But still...

Well this should be interesting, i look forward to seeing more

In just a single scene, Midnight is already threatening to steal the title of Best Filly from Sweetie Belle. I feel conflicted. :unsuresweetie:

Great chapter, though. Loving SK's contrast to CK, and excited to see where this goes. CK and the current-day clan do hold SK in such high regard, after all...

I have been looking forward to this!

“But mother, I have never seen a pony die. I want to know if the light really does leave one’s eyes at the moment of death.”


Can't help but think it was a mistake on Shadow's part to snub the Archmagus. They almost assuredly just made an enemy of Line & his father, I'm not sure pulling in the sociopathic Sparkles as well is the best of plans.

Oh my gosh, you finally published it!
*reads like a mad man*

OC ponies in the featured box!? Do my eyes deceive me!?


I'm in love!

I am really looking forward to this. This was well done and the Winningverse in general is one of my favorites. Awesome story!

I can't decide if Shadow or this story kicks more ass, I guess I'll decide when it's over :).

Excellent world building, I'm having fun trying to spot everypony's ancestors.

Thanks Chengar!

Oh my wishes, this is well written.

MORE, I say! :pinkiehappy:

YES! Constantly I have been "WHAT LUNAR REBELLION!?!" :flutterrage: :facehoof: and then my favorite universe actually provides a back-story! I shall demand MOAR! Uhm, I mean, please release more of your wonderful Winningverse Fanfiction? :fluttershysad:

a spin-flip ensured that I was at the proper orientation when I landed

I was picturing the RD flying drop kick from Fighting is Magic when I read this.

I enjoyed this very much and can not wait for more.

all the world. Especially not if

Tripple space.

When in Roan

I've typically seen this as "Roam", but it's cool as is.

with thee, Chancellor

Extra space.

As a self confessed back story addict, this pleases me. I like how the Ye Olde Speak is there, but not overpowering. I'm faving this so hard. I can barely wait for more.

I know it's a bit cliche at this point but...
This story


Holy Middle English, batmare, the author used 'thou' correctly! This is madness! Wonderful madness! :raritystarry:

Why? Why must you write so well?

It would appear I have another story to like and follow. Not that I'm complaining, mind you.

It has begun. And we shall all enjoy it :twilightsmile:

Hokay. Hokay. Reading. Long, long socratic dialogue on economics. I get the feeling you're very heavily inspired by the Spartan system of government. I like that.

I'm going to have to come back to this when I've had a few more coffees. So far

Prepare yourselves for some shadow kicker perspective.

1983820 Blast and thrice flay thee, varlet. Thine attempts to wrest control of mine inner voice are pathetic, and have, as shalt they always, end in failure. :trollestia:

1985166 Content is admirable and adequate. We must continue, mustn't we? :trollestia:

A very solid beginning, and I can see and accept the Unicorn attitude that "Magic makes right". I can also accept that it's going to be the main problem, considering how it plays in other fics. I can see where the Rebellion's going to come from: The new aristocracy and their hangers on, as well as the Mage (if applicable) community. Bleeding nepotism. Oh, yeah, we just saw that, didn't we? :rainbowlaugh:
A few quibbles:
My/mine, thy/thine - when the following words start with consonants, thy is appropriate; when the following words start with a vowel, thine is appropriate. Yay, grammar. :derpytongue2:
Midnight's morbid behavior seemed a little over-done, and her ignorance doesn't seem right. Can't say how, but I got a slight sour note; I'm sure it'll settle down.
Gale's acceptance of luxury seemed a little too easy. From what you've done with Cloud and her family, it seems OOC for a military family. Maybe I'm missing something, but thought I had to bring that up.
Aside from all that, DAMN YOU, CHENGAR!! YOU'VE GOT ME HOOKED!! Here's my sad, despairing face: :pinkiehappy:

Oh man, Twilight's ancestors were dicks :facehoof:

Oh man, I love your stories, and I'm sure this is fantastic, but both [dark] AND [tragedy]? That's asking a lot for ponies.

1994363 Well I have never known conflict to ever be bright and cheery. In war everyone loses.

I kept expecting Midnight to cut loose with the line 'A black wind howls, one of you will die soon'.

Great so far. Also, I love how it feels like a silly one-shot transformed into all this.

Yes, we finally get to hear what this is all about! :pinkiehappy:

Juris ungula... sounds like a Codex Alera reference to me.

1983820 Actually, I picture Midnight more as Airi from The World God Only Knows. Probably because I never got into Teen Titans, though.

Finally got around to reading this.

Consider me intrigued, and I look forward to the next chapter.

Good job with the archaic English, though some lines made me scratch my head (in that I wondered if that was the right way to say that).

Also, leaning on the fourth wall, much? (referring to the "Editor's notes")

Challenge accepted and succeeded, but mostly because I don't know how Raven sounds like.

Finally get to see what happens in the Lunar Rebellion and Shadow Kicker. :yay: I love the use of language and titles. Only problem I saw in this was that there was no transition of the Kickers and Sparkles leaving the wait room and entering the halls (though I guess it could be that such a transition was lost in the last thousand years of editing).:rainbowlaugh: Other than that, a great chapter.

Step 1: Schemes. Schemes everywhere.

Step 2: Totally business. Totally.

Step 3: Ouch?

Step 4: Winningverse release, and profit.

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