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Blossomforth is fresh out of college and ready to take on the world. Sure, moving to Ponyville to get a job on the weather team is going to be a bit of an adjustment, but it's nothing she can't handle. Besides, Rainbow Dash seems like a fine boss. Everything is looking good for our favorite watermelon-maned pegasus.

Then she meets a pony named Cloud Kicker.

Part of the Winningverse

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And with that, we see the origins of the Blossomforth and Cloud Kicker relationship. But not only that, as we get hints of how Cloud Kicker's other friends are growing and maturing themselves, while poor Cloud is left behind, somewhat. It's a good thing Blossomforth is adaptable enough to cope with Cloud teasing her.

Anyways, this was a nice, sweet one-shot that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Also, Rainbow Dash is best boss.

Dayum, dayum, dayum

*happy Twi dance* :twilightsmile:

I've been waiting for this for what seems like forever and it didn't disappoint. 'Twas absolutely hilarious!

Finally some insight on Blossom life.

I wonder how many more of these prequels there will be? It seems like we've covered every major period of Cloud's life by now, but I'll be damned if this is the last one of these we'll see.

Really liked this; it was nice to get inside Blossomforth's head.

Aye, this is proably the most hilarious story in the Winningverse yet! I love the interaction between these two, and completely lost it laughing at the whole five bits scene!

>A second later I cursed my good hearing when I caught Cloud Kicker mumbling


There does seem to be something missing there :(

Woohoo! You have no idea how much I was looking forward to this.

Only issue I noticed was

Very much appreciated, too.You backed off to spare my feelings?”

Misplaced quotation mark.

Love the interaction between Blossomforth and Cloud Kicker. And now we see where it all began.

If you say Bon Bon's Bon Bon's fast enough it makes the sound of a train going over the tracks...

Bon-bons, bon-bons... Bon-bons, bon-bons...

I can't stop doing that now.

Though I'm Australian, it might not work if you have a different accent, but for me this is bizarrely amusing.

*snerk* watermelon :derpytongue2:

Not that me adapting quickly came as any surprise—it is my special talent, after all.

Her special talent is adapting? eenteresting... :trixieshiftright:

College graduate killed by hayfries and lewd humor.

:rainbowlaugh: some college grad. She clearly has no idea what she's doing.

I'm american, and it's still amusing, so good job :rainbowlaugh:

Another cool piece. It was really fun seeing how they first interacted and definitely interesting seeing how Dash has loosened up a bit more in the later events. I really enjoyed CK as well as she felt very close to how she had turned out.

At the same time though, I find myself liking Blossomforth even less. She's very quick to judge and then reluctant to change her mind. She also comes across as being inexperienced but unwilling to admit how much it holds her back. I find myself feeling like she hasn't changed all that much from then and Life and times whereas the other characters do feel like they've grown and changed. blossom sort of comes across as identical to how she was, still quick to judge and slow to change her mind, very ignorant of her skills and unwilling to cop to them. Maybe I just need to reread Life and times though and that'll change my mind ^^

As well I found glossing over Blossom's first few months settling in really made it feel jarring when she was suddenly so much closer to CK. Since the interactions aggressively changed from her being paranoid to suddenly being semi decent friends to being good friends. I don't think it need a play by play but one or two scenes showing her relaxing and getting comfortable with CK would have helped a lot I think.

Comment posted by Kiltsandrevenge deleted May 31st, 2013


Curious, I found myself thinking the exact opposite. Did you know that the overworked fresh out of med-school interns are actually far better at their jobs than the wizened old veterans? Like, far better. Blossomforth is showing that she not only know what she's doing, but she's confident in that knowledge by standing up to herself against the obviously more experienced new co-worker.

To be blunt; Blossomforth consistently showed that whilst she was quick to judge she was simply being hum- er, equine- rather than any fault on her part. Seriously, if you're uncomfortable with sex and social situations in general... I mean, she handles Cloudkicker better than Rainbow Dash does, even after all those two have been through, she gives Cloud Kicker far more of a chance than she would have before moving to Ponyville, by the end of it she's willing to open herself up to a little teasing (Even if she's not entirely aware of the crush she's inadvertently developed (Stupid sexy Kicker...) and she even voluntarily goes to the party she had initially tried to not let happen (She was hoping Pinkie would simply forget, remember?)

So in three weeks she goes from avoiding all contact to going to a party where she's the center of attention? That's some huge fucking growth right there.

Stupid sexy Cloud Kicker. Oh... that's my quote for the weekend, right there. That's pure awesome. :pinkiehappy:

A second later I cursed my good hearing when I caught Cloud Kicker mumbling

It looks as though you're missing something here and it's not just the period. Were we meant to find out what Cloud Kicker was mumbling?

Love the story from Blossom's perspective, and I love all these looks back on the history of our favorite ponies. Had all the right amounts of awesome and adorable. Well done!

2657314 Can you show me what study shows that fact? I feel like saying the new kids are always better than the old guard is too broad for me, I won't argue there's likely a lot that the new kids catch but I think the old guard could potentially be better in some spots. Maybe more in handling the individual quirks and patient types a specific hospital gets but still.

I actually wasn't even remotely referring to her spat with Raindrops though I do feel she should've known how to handle that better, namely getting someone else to mediate. That said in the heat of the moment you don't always think straight so that's not something I'd hold against her.

My issue was more her lack of sexual experience and to some extent social interaction. She seems to yoyo between being really friendly and affectionate with CK and being extremely grossed out and uncomfortable. This does make sense but it's still a bit jarring because I feel like she goes to extremes. One minute she's chatting happily in the bar and the next she's thinking about how to edge away without being obvious. It's like her memory keeps forgetting she's uncomfortable. It made her feel like a goldfish to me.

The quick to judge and slow to change thing to me is highlighted with things like how CK says if she makes Blossom uncomfortable then to speak up, but then Blossom sits there hoping CK won't grope her at work. Does she not believe her? what has CK done to suggest she would do that to blossom if she told her off? Blossom can recognize they're clearly old friends and still assume CK will treat a new friends the exact same way. It's also how she keeps going on about how her special talent is being adaptable. I suppose that means I expect more of her abilities than most. The same way you'd expect an earth pony with a flower cutie mark to be better at growing roses than say Rainbow Dash

In Life and Times, she's still the same way. Since the start of Life and Times at least was all about pony sex lives Blossom to me really stands out and not having changed much from then to now. Dash loosens up, CK changes her rules for Derpy and Blossom....well until the most recent chapter Blossom didn't really change much. I get that some of it could perhaps be interpreted as Blossom subconsciously hoping but to me at least it really just came across as her having a huge problem with CK and being passive aggressive.

I am curious to hear more about your opinions since They're really interesting , being so different from mine.:pinkiehappy: I always like talking to folks with differing views. Hopefully I've clarified a few of my views better so we can make sure we're still on the same page.

I enjoyed getting into Blossom's head. It was nice :3

So, Blossom is the sole reason CK started teasing her, good job Blossom! :rainbowlaugh:

Beautiful work as usual. Shame this is a one shot, I'd look forward to reading more Blossomforth POV... Adapting is her special talent? Curious to see how she exploits that. The other thing is whether Raindrops and Blossomforth end up with more drama on weather pattern calibration.


Rainbow is Best Everything.

Another great story Chen! More fun with BF and CK. And I really like the stuff about CK feeling bad that her old friends were developing their own lives and stuff. It does a lot to establish RD's relation with her new circle of PFFs (the Mane crew) and her old friends.

2657438, 2657006, 2656992
Dang, Google Docs transition ate a line that we missed on the pre-publishing check. Fixed it now.

Confetti? Dare I ask? XD


You know, Qordath, while I like the WV stories as much as the next guy, maybe you've put too much into one story? You invest all of your time in this universe, why not write about something new? That has nothing to do with cloud kicker, WV, derpy, or any of it? I'd like to see what you'd come up with.

You checked out The Lunar Rebellion?

No. No, you daren't. :rainbowhuh:


TLR is still WV, lol.. just in a different time period. I mean absolutely nothing to do with WV.

Cloud Kicker’s ear drooped down a bit, and she mumbled something that I probably wasn’t intended to hear. “Even if she barely remembers I exist anymore.”

There's only one solution...convince Hasbro to give Cloud Kicker an episode.

Hay, now that I’ve gotten to know you some I don’t even completely hate the idea of you flirting with me a little.

Welp, ya dun goofed there Blossom, and you have none to blame but yourself. Seeing her integrate into Ponyville in general and her friendship with CK in particular was equally amusing and a little bittersweet, especially when she starting taking RD's place as her PFF.

Still, it's a great look at her life, and fleshes her out beautifully.

Blossomforths special talent is adapting? That doesn't seem to fit with what we see of her if anything personality wise she seems more static, she had a crush on CK for years and didn't do anything about it, didn't let it go or do anything about it just let it fester.

I suppose he talent could be adapting objects for a new purpose, which fits her engineering bent and she just likes to think that extends to her personality when it doesn't.

2657470 Oh, Celestia, here comes the flank-waving. :facehoof: Get a feathering room!

2657810 Blasphemy! :flutterrage: Bang-zoom, back to the moon!!

2658636 ...Did you mean to reply to someone else? Or can you perhaps explain what you mean by this?

I see you did follow up on the thought of exploring CK and Blossom's meeting that was suggested in the last story...

Excellent job, as usual!

It doesn't work with a Southern accent. I can do it in my head, though, and it's rather amusing.

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If anything I could see her adapting to a threesome with CK and Derpy... *Whistle*

I love it.

Just... Yeah.

2657810 My Little Denarians is pretty good, if you're into The Dresden Files.


I don't think any of you are getting the point...

2659404 Then speak your concern more clearly. You've asked if Chengar will write anything else, and we've pointed to examples where it has been done. Granted, The Lunar Rebellion appears to serve as a prelude to the Winningverse, but it looks far enough from the source to count as it's own thing. You seem to be looking for a different kind of story than has been presented here, but if that's the case why not check out other authors?

list of bangable ponies

And this is where I lost it completely. :rainbowlaugh:


Cloud's parents banging, calling it now.

I find it amusing that Blossom asking for it was the main aspect of the constant teasing, over Cloud being mildly sadistic.

Ah, good ol' Cloud Kicker/Blossomforth interaction. Just like the old days in the beginnings of the Winningverse...


I impulsive wrapped my forelegs around her. “Thank you!”

I do believe that's supposed to be "impulsively".

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