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Used to write a lot more on FimFic some time ago, left for a bit, but want to get into the groove again.


This story is a sequel to Our Chaotic Melancholy

Eve, a baby draconequus shunned by equestrian society, continues her ventures in the hopes of finding a path to the life she craves. A life of peace, love, and acceptance.

But the further she goes, the more she begins to question whether her dreams were ever possible. And the further her cherished world becomes, the more she begins to question her destined role as a draconequus, and a monster.

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Can't wait to get reading!

Fave before read! :pinkiehappy:

Oh... It's simple divine!

Glad to see you went through with making a sequel!

I don't like where this is going.
But I'll still read it to see if it'll get any better.

This is certainly more light-hearted than Our Chaotic Melancholy. Not that it's a bad thing, though!

Fluffy pony , changeling ,baby draconian , and trixy :derpytongue2:what could possibly go wrong:scootangel:

Does this follow Fluffybooru's canon fluffies?


Lol glad you're looking forward to it Jokie! :twilightblush:
I'm still waiting for that chapter 2 on D-Space.......:ajbemused::twilightangry2::raritycry:


:rainbowlaugh::rainbowderp:......uh oh...the future might turn out a little bleak lol...


I feel kind of embarrassed since it took A WHOLE 2 DAYS (or even less) for me to make up my mind. But I didn't want to leave you hanging, only hope now that this doesn't disappoint. :twilightoops::heart::pinkiecrazy:




Lol thank you. I'm hoping you like it later down the road. :twilightsheepish:
Hey if I could ask, does the idea of a Fluffy Pony and/or changeling bother you? :unsuresweetie:
Kind of curious if the reason may have to do with that.


You're going to hate me later. :ajsleepy: Actually....all of you are...:raritycry:


Well sort of, sort of not. A lot of the stuff in the Fluffybooru cannon as you can imagine leaves a sort of....."sour" taste in my mouth, but I love the idea of Fluffyponies in general! Although in here I pretty much want them incorporated as a rare breed of pony, basically giant fluffballs but majority of the time they're seen as hindrances due to their lack of intelligence / childish hyperactive nature etc. Because Fluffyponies really don't get enough lovin on fimfic :duck::twilightsheepish::twilightsmile:


I've been working on reviving Magic Dust. Funnily enough, since the setting there is very snowy too, it became great practise for DS:FE. Don't worry, it's coming soon. :raritywink:


They barely get any! :fluttercry: glad you gave em a chance :rainbowkiss:

If you say that we're going to hate you later on for some reason, I kinda already hate you after reading the prequel to this. :ajbemused:

Although I'm always and sometimes regretably willing to give this a chance. Solely for the reason being to satisfy my curiosity as to how this end for Eve.

Also the character choice for this story seems a little unorthodox but I guess it doesn't sound too bad. I mean Trixie seems like a fun character to work with, along with a fluffy pony.

you're pretty damn good hope you continue
ps. is celestia basically hitler? ..... damn nazis

2459645 Well I have found another story with you.:pinkiecrazy:

The idea of fluffy or the changeling doesn't bother me, it's just the idea that eve is seemingly going to be traveling with trixie for the majority of this fic.

And I don't like that idea.

Shoot, I'm reading this becasue fluffy pony is in it. I love her youtube stuff, hopefully this story is just as good (or better :yay:).

Unfortunately, it's really late for me now. I'll have to get to this chapter later tomorrow.
You can expect to get a review from me at that time.:twilightsmile:

Cover art is simply ADORABLE:rainbowkiss: looking forward to reading it :twilightsmile:

Hmmm, mastermind Celestia anyone??

*sigh* plans under plans under plans


*sigh* plans under plans under plans

Lol I know how you must feel. :facehoof: Do forgive me for such a huge cluster chapter; something I find frustrating is balancing out all the characters. Although I do plan to give the spotlight to the stars; I feel I must do these buildups or else you guys will just be like "....uuuuugh...what?" :rainbowhuh:

Even though you're probably doing that right now. This bridge must be crossed! :raritycry:


Lol I'm so sorry. :facehoof: If you're planning to stick through this I'll just say this, I don't want it to be a huge sob sob sob bad bad bad story, I want their actions to have meaning and not for some of the characters to just appear as despicable badguys; basically for everything to have a reason, so I think some things certainly will be found distasteful by most of you. Although I'm setting things on a bigger scale compared to Melancholy with bigger characters playing a role now, I will say this though, something I want to aim for is an ending that's pretty much closure, but as well as not predictable lol.


ps. is celestia basically hitler? ..... damn nazis

LOL. Well; I certainly don't want her seen as "Hitler". :trollestia: But I will say this, Princess Celestia is still that pony who cherishes her subjects. I just want her also to be one who loves "Oppurtunity".


Ah, completely understandable. Trixie in general is a risky character imo because overall her character popularity is quite split amongst the fanbase. And I don't blame the fans who find her pretty much intolerable seeing as she was a jerk in pretty much both episodes with perhaps a 2 second redemption scene. But Trixie in general is somepony I felt was one who fit the roll of irony for plans I have in future chapters, and her connections will be pretty useful; lacking friendship as well as how she knows the mane six etc. Especially Twilight Sparkle lol. I don't want to be too revealing though. :duck:

I really am loving this story so far!
keep up the good work

Seems like you are writing an interaction between the villians but as babies, leading to their paths to evil. Except that, while Luna and Sombra can easily be the same age of a thousand years (give or take a couple dozen), Chrysalis is unknown entirely and Discord is treated to be ancient, being older than both the Princesses and even Equestria itself.
(Initial thoughts on reading the summary of this only.)

Plans within plans, hamsters within hamsters.
As one of my friends say.

Oh, so Eve and Twilight are gonna meet again?
I love this story.

And hopefully this smooth process would continue for the rest of the festival

Like that will ever happen :rainbowlaugh:

as the great Olivander once said; "curious, just... curious", now who could that mare possibly be i wonder? and why do i get the feeling that she wants to keep a close eye on our little Eve? :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

Gotta say, pretty cute draconequus for someone such as Discord.

Okay, I'm seeing a lot of improvements from the prequel.:pinkiehappy:

The pacing of the story is executed very well, the new characters have the potential to memorable, and Trixie's character seems to be spot on... except for a few minor things. I have to wonder why you would make Trixie slowly revert back to what she was like before the "Magic Duel" episode. Is she jealous of Twilight's ascension? Does this hidden jealous blossom in a huge burst later on when the two finally meet once more? I hope you can answer some of the questions later on.

Speaking of hidden, I wonder what secrets the changeling, Kel, is stowing away in his mind. Secretive creatures like changelings obviously have a few unspoken tales under their oil-black, sleek chitin. I'm also wondering if he'll recount the tale of how he and Trixie truly met. We know enough to figure that Kel had revealed his true form on the first meeting, but did it happen by accident? Or did the changeling show Trixie his true form on purpose?

The fluffy pony is (and correct me if I'm wrong) most likely going to be developed into the comic relief character, or the fuel for many D'Aws in the future. Although, I'm quite curious how Lema would fit in the entire story. Is she going to be the character who's main job is to comfort everypony (like Fluttershy or Pinkie Pie)? Will she live up to her expectations as a main character, or will she end up as the really strong supporting character? I'm interested in her future development.

Well, that's all I have to say about the story. I'll talk about this more if something else in the later chapters catches my attention. Either way, I really like what you're doing with the sequel, and I hope you can polish this shiny gem even more.:rainbowwild:

Why do I get the creeping feeling Pinkie pie will realize who Eve is and then erupt in sudden gasps to confuse everypony around her before a Eve hunt is going to happen with a still overly, pardon my language ironwill, Bull-headed attempt to kill her... again. :ajbemused: At least this time Eve has friends in the making for what it is worth. :yay:

How big exatly is eve right now?
Can you provide us with a scale of some sorts ?


Of course! Well the way I've always pictured it in my head is Eve is relatively
the same height as a little filly ranging to pretty much three feet but only a
little shorter. But she's also grown a little since Melancholy; only couple of
inches. But yea; she's still a considered a baby for draconequus, she's just
starting to mature a little due to the "circumstances" of her life lol.

((Btw; this is the scale I use.)) :twilightblush::pinkiehappy:


Am I required to read this story's predecessor before fully understanding it?

Liking where this is going, but I must ask, Cheerilee? Is she going go be apart of this?

Not bad writing at all, I certainly wasn't bored and the way chapter 2 played out was kind of unique for this site. MOAR! :flutterrage:


Liking where this is going, but I must ask, Cheerilee? Is she going go be apart of this?

Yes. :pinkiesmile:


Am I required to read this story's predecessor before fully understanding it?

At this point yea; I think it'd really really help lol. I can't imagine how confusing this must feel right now for someone who never read Melancholy. :ajsleepy:

MORE CHAPTERS!:flutterrage: umm, that is, i- if you dont mind. eeppp :fluttershysad:

Awww.... WTF. It's like all you do is treat Eve like a punching bag. That's not right.


Awww.... WTF. It's like all you do is treat Eve like a punching bag. That's not right.

I'm sorry about Eve. :ajsleepy: My mind works in a really weird way; it's kind of like I'm watching all of this take place in my head almost absently, so in a way, not even I really control the way the details play out, although I do know what'll happen by the time this is all over. I don't want you guys thinking these things happen cause I want to make you all suffer; definitely not. It's just these things are actions that all buildup to a key event at some point. Things connect, and sadly Eve tends to get the short end of the stick. :fluttershysad:


MORE CHAPTERS! umm, that is, i- if you dont mind. eeppp

Of course little Fluttershy! :pinkiehappy: They shall be coming; I wish I could get them out faster, but rl has been a little bleh lately, not letting me sit down and just type lol. :twilightangry2:

-continues to stalk Favourites tab for any sign of new chapters-

i just read the first part of this story, (i forget the title) of where Eve meets Chearley and i cried the whole story :fluttercry::raritycry::applecry:
then reading this i cried again. keep up the feels in the story!:pinkiesad2:

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