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A Displaced Story.

For 3,000 years, I terrorized ponykind. From before Hearth's Warming Eve, to the present day of the show itself, to a thousand years into Equestria's future. After my third and final defeat, I found myself back on Earth, none the worse for wear.

But why did I do it all? I... I honestly don't know what to say. Yes I caused so much death and suffering, but they were only cartoons, right? They weren't real, so it didn't matter, right? I shouldn't have to justify my actions! It was all fake! I shouldn't feel guilty! I am guilty of nothing!

God please forgive my soul.

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Comments ( 25 )

interesting concept, will look at later.

...I like the idea.

I am intriuged... Continue

We find this intriguing, do continue as we even hope those ponies come for him in the human realm even after, for crimes against ponykind.

Looks good so far.

Soaron has landed

So this guy LIVED in that world... saw and felt everything around him... and thought it was fake... for all that time...

That's an unforgivable level of stupid. This guy deserves the worst Deadpool can think of...

*Deadpool gets a tingle of eager anticipation* Ooooooo... do I detect an asshat in need of a spanking? I THINK I DOOOOOOOOO!!

course I had to deal with a few problems like tax dodging, overdue bills and other stupid government shit, but you would be amazed how bribing an underpaid employee or two with a few million dollars can help speed the process along.

Oh my god... this is Hillary Clinton's biography! SO THAT'S HOW SHE GOT SO RICH!! :pinkiegasp:


and to show just how utterly screwed the ponies would be if they faced a villain who played by real world rules

I hope you're not assuming the ponies would go through all of that for so long and never learn anything. Experience changes people with actual thinking minds. Living things adapt to survive. When playing by real world rules, one must realize that ALSO then applies to the ponies themselves.

Unless the ponies ARE just fictional... in which case that's the only way this history-locking nonsense makes any sense... but in that case, what's the point of this super-dick extradimensional entity messing with a FAKE world just to tick off bronies? Why are bronies so important to this cosmic D-bag? THE ENDTIRE DISPLACED CONCEPT MAKES NO GOD-DAMNED SENSE!!!

Don't bother with tragedy... rip this stupid crap to bloody shreds and shove it up the Displaced fandom's rectums.

Let me tell you about it. The fans of My Little Pony, the bronies, are a very insecure lot. They know that their favorite characters, the ponies, would be easily defeated by almost every other fictional character, and that they would be extinct within a year if they ever came to the real world. So you wanna know how they cope with this unfortunate but real fact? They write fan fiction. They depict the ponies, especially the alicorns, as insanely powerful and super badass. Like, strong enough that they can put up a fight against characters like the Daleks or Megatron. I once even read a story where the ponies defeated fucking Nyarlathotep of all villains

Well shit, if I could do that, then why not them?

Wait... who said that?

Hi there. Allow me to introduce myself... I'm Alondro.

Oh... oh god... oh shit! Please... no! NO!! Not you! I'm sorry! Oh my god, I'm so sorry! I won't ever send bastards to hurt the ponies again! Please don't send Kanye West to sodomize me like you did to that other douchebag! I... oh, there go my pants... my pants are moist...

No one can defeat the Deus Ex Insert!


And I suppose that would make them real? They are fictional. They are constructs created and manipulated for the sake of telling a story. They don't actually think and feel. They do not exist. Their lives are literally worth less than zero

So then what's the point of sending me to a totally fictional world to mess with totally fictional creatures? Why can't you just write the story yourself, Mr. Not-So-Smart jackass who thinks I'm not clever enough to see straight through your pathetic attempt at deception?

(Is what the guy would be saying if he wasn't a suicidal moron in the first place.) :trollestia:

6951505 Your butthurt brings me much joy.


6951538 I blame you for this...

Well, and every other person who scribbles out those terrible fics... (I refuse to call them 'writers' which implies talent and skill are involved)... and bing-watching Yugioh Abridged... after that much madness my brain dripped out my ears and was replaced with a Chia Pet!


*Emperor Palpatine* The Troll is strong with this one...

6951970 Has it occurred to you yet that maybe, just maybe, Herald is just a manipulative sack of shit? And that he was totally lying?

Or maybe I wrote his character so convincingly that even real people let their guard down around him.

6952050 Yes it has... hence what you read in my blog.

I'd just have liked to find ONE Displaced fic human to have enough wits to realize that the obvious liar with nebulous motivations and absurd reasons for giving him powers is in fact an obvious lair with nebulous motivations. I mean, it's so blindingly obvious in every one of the Displaced fics I've ever encountered, it gets rather painful to be hit by so many ricocheting Idiot Balls. :trollestia:

good so far, hope more chapters come soon

I can honestly not quite decide if this story is really stupid or really conceptually interesting. It's just almost too meta to be fun anymore, honestly. Dunno. Guess I'll decide if and when another chapter ever comes out. For the moment, I'm tentatively writing this down as "has a lot of potential, but isn't realized very well."

Ok, you've got me, now GIVE ME MY FIX!!!!!

Very interesting idea. I look forward to seeing what heroes and fellow villains will think of him.

7439334 common man, just a little bit more I swear I will go off it after. I can quit any time I want, I just don't want to right now.

Huh... you know, I'm actually trying to write a similar story (I like the concept of fimfiction being something the human is aware of without going full-on displaced), but you really did a way better job.

Yes, all of the yes...

Cancelled really?

I really would like another chapter of this story I love the concept

Read the first chapter l, right after I faced,liked, all that good stuff. Scrolled down to see it had been cancelled. Feels bad man, feels bad.

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