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Pav Feira

- No Bio provided. Dia II is better, anyway. -

A review group for sludging through the depths of FimFiction and finding the hidden gems that you definitely missed.

Current Project Status

As of 12MAY2016

Secret Project #14
Status: Hiatus (60%)

My Little Chrono Triggers
Chapter: 28
Status: Hiatus (10%)

Chapter: 3
Status: Hiatus (0%)

Mind's Shy
Chapter: 3
Status: Hiatus


Shameless plug: Four Job Fiesta charity stream · 11:57pm Jun 14th, 2016

Remember how I claim I'm good at self-imposed challenges? Remember how I've done charitable stuff in the past? Remember how I'm a useless piece of shit?

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They say that during the full moon, on cold, cloudless nights, sometimes Pav finishes a new chapter.

Other Links of Interest

Stories of mine which I haven't bothered to clean up/repost
Hearth's Warming Cards
Better Batter Bitter

Guest Appearances
+ The Brony Bookclub Episode 23 [5MAY2013] Co-host! Interview with Ten Speed, author of Fancy Mathematics, discussing Twilight Sparkle.
+ The Brony Bookclub Episode 20 [31MAR2013] Group episode with Kavonde and Corey Williams. General discussion of what fanfiction means to us, plus a lot of discussion of other fandoms that make us tick.
+ Weekly Writer's Workshop Episode 3 [15DEC2012] Discussion of my writing and reviewing style.
+ The Brony Bookclub Episode 3 [15JUL2012] Discussion of MLCT, as well as "fusion" crossover fics as a subgenre.

Other Projects
+ [https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCovaX5uIbGYIcrrioHqVgw]Seattle's Angels Biweekly Livestreams
+ Hearth's Warming Care Package
+ Let's Play Chrono Trigger w/ alexmagnet

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Comment posted by UnderTheBed deleted Oct 10th, 2021
Author Interviewer

Haven't heard from you in a while, how you been?

Tea or coffee?

I met this author at BronyCon. 0/10; I blame this author for everything. Would catch dinner with again (And given how persnickety I am about table manners, that's sayin' something)

In all seriousness, this guy's a class-act, even when confronted with stupidity. Thanks for making BronyCon better for everyone, Pav.

  • Viewing 83 - 87 of 87
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