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It's fanfiction all the way down.


When Twilight receives one of the original journals of Starswirl the Bearded from Princess Luna, she can't wait to try the spells inside it, but the book's magic turns out to be a bit more than Twilight can handle, as her reckless experimentation leads to her accidentally bringing her reflection to life. At first, Twilight decides she quite likes the idea of having a copy around the library. But seeing herself from an outside perspective makes Twilight realize there are some parts of her personality she doesn't care for, forcing her to confront her issues.

Written in the same format as the show, save that it is longer and addresses somewhat sadder themes. No objectionable content or OC characters, focuses heavily on the mane cast.

Special thanks goes out to Pascoite and PavFeira, the two editors who somehow managed to withstand my childish scribbling long enough to make them readable. Couldn't have done it without you!

Chapters (14)
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the image its from fox in the shadow?


From Ponibooru! I don't have a source beyond that, sorry. It's really hard to find Twilight-Clone pictures that don't have her and the clone...you know. :twilightblush:

Woo Twi²! I assume you're not going to ship it, but I still love her personality dynamics outside of... well, you know what I mean.
For all your shipping clone needs, (And potential future inspiration if you get stuck, God knows I do)
Also, love your writing style. Excited for more :)

holy shit you mixed up coat with skin!
prepare for the butthurt:trollestia:

either way great story *track*

+1 internets for the Fermat allusion

Totally gonna track this, sadly I'm not able to read it now... Let's see if I remind to read it as soon as I get home :derpyderp2:

Reading books together?

Also, you've got a couple references to hands in here that should probably be hooves instead.

in tubler appears to be three that i know of


I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about! :scootangel:


I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about! :scootangel:


:twilightblush: Hee. Hee. Nope! I uh...I don't see any. Come back in two minutes.

319152 blarg i cant find where it was but you said something like 'blue skin' at the spa, but they are horses so they have coats. i was more or less pointing it out but oh well:twilightsmile:


Well, that can't be right! Because I don't see it now and there's certainly no chance I went back and edited it out later! :scootangel:

322392 Fucking derp.I was reading other stuff really late at night, so i was really tired and thought it was this. Shit sorry about that. :facehoof:

A little spelling mistake. It's 'pegasi' not 'pegasai'. :pinkiehappy: Other than that, great story! I can't wait for more! :yay: Oh! And poor Fluttershy!

"I hurt Twilight! I lashed out in anger! I think I might look good in leather! I am a bad pony!”
I loled. A lot. Same with "make a friend", but with more pun groaning the second I got it :D

This is great. I'm really looking forward to more of it!

This was a brilliant chapter. Two Twilights are really great. I enjoy this story and the style of writing. I look forward to the next tantalizing chapter :heart:

moar plz! :twilightblush:

Kthnxbai! :pinkiehappy:

but seriously, I wanna see Twilight and Sparkle play of the whole 'Good/Evl' dynamic...I think Twilight'd look sexy in leather, and Sparkle'd knock 'em dead in some spandex tights! :trollestia::yay::heart:

♫♥I look forward to reading what happens next in your story♥♪

Wow. Just this first chapter was so enthralling. The bit with Twilight being mistaken as a vampire was really well-conceived and made sense. Although, I do find Twilight's bad decision making with that spell a little jarring; too stupid for someone like Twilight, imo. And I know a lot of other people do this, but replacing "Ah" for "I" in Applejack's dialogue just bugs the crap out of me. I'll try to read the rest when I get the chance.

The idea of two Twilights didn't sound particularly promising at first. But now I think this is going to be a very interesting relationship. You're just doing so well with the writing and characters. But one thing I don't get: why is mirrored Twilight eager for the spell to be undone? Wouldn't she be afraid what will happen? Didn't she admit that she really wasn't from an alternate mirror dimension? Or did she change her mind when the other ponies warmed up to her?

In this case, the mirror isn't so much "eager" as suffering an identity crisis. In that scene, she was thinking of herself just as "A magical copy" instead of a pony, and of course, summoned things go away when the spell runs out. Now that she's been reminded she's not just a knockoff, but her own pony, she'll be better.


Ah, okay, makes sense. Thanks for clearing that up.

This is very interesting. Looking forward to more.

Shouldn't Twilight want to be her own pony in some way, rather than just being Twilight Sparkle 2. Other than that it is a very facinating story and concept.

Just letting everyone know -- I am not dead, and will be continuing my story. Life has just taken an unexpected turn.

Save your sympathy though, this is an awesome turn, it just devours all my free time like Parasprites on apples. :twilightsmile:

"-Of this, I have found a remarkable demonstration which this margin is too narrow to contain."


I see what you did there :twilightsmile:

Hey there everypony! Shorter update this time, getting back into the swing of things. Do enjoy! :moustache:

“Now common. We have organizing to do!
Fix me!

Was this deliberate?
Applejack would have de-scribed it
Also double space here.

Now that I've actually read the whole chapter...
I'm not sure if I like the socially awkward note you ended on. Not that it isnt good, it just looks sorta... painful. Sorta like this: :twilightoops: But not really. *looks at story picture* OH! RIGHT! Thats where this is going.

Anyway, that aside, good story. I like where you are going with this idea, and I like this idea to begin with. I cant wait for moar.


Aaaaaaaaaw. :applecry:

Did anyone else think of the song "Try to see it My Way" while reading this?

Yay, this story may be the randomest thing that ever did random, but I did enjoy the first two chapters.

By the way, in the line "When Twilights only response was to groan and roll over" it should be "Twilight's". It was slightly confusing because in this story there really is a possibility of Twilights as well as Twilight's!

LOL akwardness

2x the adorkableness

2x the long and roundabout reasonings

2x the fun

Luna must be very happy

Glad you finally updated. I was worried this story was dead. And, yeah, this was a good chapter. But lots of technical errors that need to be fixed up.

With Celestia as my witness, one day, I will write a ponyfic where the first comment is not pointing out editing errors! :facehoof:

Working on correcting these ASAP.

One proofreading by someone who isn't dyslexic later...hopefully that should address the grammatical problems. Don't know what I'd do without spellcheck.

Die, probably.

Haha! The awkward has been doubled!


Well, if it makes you feel better, I only point out errors I see in stories I actually like. I wouldn't bother otherwise.

Tempting as it is to think of the EQD proofreaders as the devil, I must remember that it is their job to pick out every single little flaw in your story. They don't enjoy crushing your hopes and dreams. :applejackunsure:

For those of you who have been kind enough to point out my grammatical mistakes, thank you! The story is getting a very through edit as we speak, and future chapters will get a better review by a proper English major.

Huzzah! The grammar has been doubled!

Spelling and grammar looks fine to me! :twilightsmile:

And great story too, liking the lack of shipping so far :raritywink:

How often do you update this story?

Expect the next update in about a week!

This could almost be an actual episode, it is adorable! :twilightsmile::twilight smile:

Can't wait for more!

Ha ha ha @ Ilikepie.

I know! When the week limit came up I was thinking: "Crud, someone is going to notice I'm late, I just know it-". Thanks for commenting though, always nice to know my writing is appreciated!

Yet another round of grammatical revisions (I will Love and Tolerate Equestria Daily's proofreaders!) held me up, but I am making progress. I'm going to take the 4th of July to write, so expect something soon!

Chapter 4 is off to the editors!

And, there! Wow this one was a long time in coming.

Ha! "spiked" her drink. I get it. :rainbowlaugh::moustache:

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