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Twilight Sparkle just can't find enough time in the day. She has to study friendship for the Princess, hang out with her five friends, and juggle her own hobbies and interests besides. But when a novel solution presents itself in the form of an experimental new spell, will it solve her time crunch, or will she be distracted even further?

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Now this is intriguing . . . I think I'll watch.

Neat concept. I'm looking forward to seeing how this pans out.

Oh my, now this is a very intriguing concept. Shall track this one.

Now your thinking with ponies.

Colour me intrigued. Tracked.


Simple spike. You're not supposed to clean up them. Equestria isn't made for two of any of the mane cast. Now I suggest you get your life affairs in order before equestria explodes from Twilight Sparklyness


Does... does she fall in love... with *herself* in this story? :rainbowhuh: This is labelled as a romance comedy, and the picture for this fic is Twilight smiling and blushing at herself and... you know what, I'll just track this and wait. :twilightblush:

tracked and stuff awesome story

How could I not follow this story? :rainbowlaugh:

Doppelgänger time.... Olé! :trollestia: I wonder whether Spike will approve...

I'm liking this idea...very...very...very...much.:moustache:

Oh god, this can't be good :twilightsmile: + :twilightsheepish: = :facehoof: for :ajbemused::fluttershysad::pinkiehappy::rainbowhuh::raritywink:

Wow, this is a new one. Got to see how this turns out

Umm... okay, this will be... interesting. Tracking.

color me interested and call me applebloom
keep em coming
and i will keep reading
that is all

Yeah, I'm gonna haft to see where this is going to go...

One Twilight is enough to render all of Ponyville into a state of utter lunacy. Two of them :SHUDDER:

I feel for Spike. It might be time to take that one-hundred year nap. Perhaps by then, Equestria will have survived.

Keep it up!

227443 I've seen enough naruto to know where this is going.

Now the first thing the Twilights need to do is decide which one gets to watch the astronomical event and which one has to attend the party. That... might be difficult to sort out if neither is clearly the primary version...

Wouldn't the mirrors have to be facing inward for her to see her reflection from inside the circle?


OMC this IS going to be good. Twitwi.

Tracked for the possible narcissism that may ensue.

This is going to be delicious...:pinkiehappy:

That didn't take long. :trollestia:

I love that comic. While it wasn't what set me off writing this, it definitely played some part in the story's conception.

The mirrors were in the exact center facing outward, she was inside the circle with them, facing toward them. My wording there might need a little more revision.

You have my attention.


What now Leeroy?

I wonder, has she worked out how to merge together again? And does the spell have any side effects?

But these questions are irrelavent before the double fun that appears to be comming. :twilightsmile:

this is going to get funny:trixieshiftright::trixieshiftleft:

the doorbell joke made me laugh, i like where this story is going stressed out Twilight is always good

This is greatness. Tracking.

See title, read description

"Hmm...curious. I'll give it a read."


"Two Twilight Sparkles...TRACKED"

227666 226137

It is not like she cloned :pinkiehappy: or any thing.

In this case, our hero has in fact thought her cunning plan all the way through. :twilightsmile: At least as far as the spell goes. No guarantees on the social aspects...


I think I see where this be going......Tracking and liked :twilightsmile:


Though if she plans to submit her research to begin working towards earning her own shelf in the Royal Library she will need to answer those questions, but that can wait till later.

*puts on shades* This is gonna be good.

...but man, I can't read this with the shades on. *takes them off*

You have my interest, good sir! Tracking.

I'd never thought about shipping Twilight Sparkle with Twilight Sparkle... NOW I HAVE! :twilightsmile:

I'm gonna go find a a doll house cause I have felling there are going to be a lot of
(puts on sunglasses)
Sparkles floating around.

Alternet version:
Somepony call Buffy
(puts on sunglasses)
cause I just got a double dose of Twilight

Twilight:facehoof: what a terrible series.

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