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Rainbow Dash has a secret. A secret she has kept since she was a little filly. If it gets out, it could be the end of her reputation, the end of her carrier, and even the end of her friendships.

And what's worse, is that a resent shortage threatens to expose her.

(Inspired by Don Ko and the image to my left.)

(It should also be noted that this story is non-canon both in relation to the actual show and in relation to my personal Head-canon, which is what I usually like to write about.)

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Comments ( 58 )

And this looks to be very interesting. Must read immediately! :pinkiehappy:

Read this already on Google Docs, great story though. :pinkiehappy:

I remember reading this somewhere a long time ago, its still just as good as it was back then too!

I remember this. Faved for easy access.

yes! this is finally on here. must re-read

twilight is right however, color is defined by the one spectrum of light color that is refleted off an object. if RD's hair was white, that means that everycolor except white was absorbed into her hair.Fuck yeah. BTW its episode worty, but nobody would dare sasden everyone with a white haired RD however you sir, deserve one of these: :moustache:

also i like that derpy is still a cross eyed klutz, but not acompletely mentally decapitated moron kudos to you metal

Ah yes I remember this one, great story.

Oh yeah.....I remember reading this before....it was pretty good.:moustache:


Post reading: well-written, yet another take on the same concept, easily the best version of the Rainbow Dash-actually-has-a-white-mane-concept I've seen.

"mentally decapitated"
So her head hasn't fallen off? :twilightsheepish:

This is very good. I'd even consider 'very' an understatement, if prompted. :pinkiehappy:
This'll be going in my picks for the week.

Also, I was thinking of doing a Fable 3 crossover, and casting Fluttershy as Jasper. This story is
all I needed. :yay:


Lol Derpy and her shenanigans messing up Rainbow's life. She's becoming that catalyst for the group so when they find problems they grow closer after overcoming them.
Anyway, really awesome story. No errors that I can recall and pretty believable. To be honest when Twilight confessed what she did I got a little mad at her. :twilightoops::pinkiegasp::twilightblush:

478470 Just be glad Derpy didn't lose her head.

Just for pun.

if you add all the rainbow colour in one pice you will get white. nice story.

I remember the same ending
Good story I read this on google docs.
The ending=Derp

Well-played. Very well-played.

I read this on FFnet way back before Season 2 even started.

So, 478383 , I was actually earlier than first!

No, every color is reflected which causes it to look white, white itself is not a color but a mix of colors. If all colors would be absorbed it would be black.

Woops... My bad :derpytongue2:

478470 well i'm a bit of a derp :derpytongue2:

478798 oh well i didnt know that, im kind of going on my 4th grade education for thjose facts and it's pretty hard to remember crap like that when you havent used it for 4 years thanks for the clarification though have a moustache :moustache:

I remember this! One of my favs, has that almost like an episode feel. Insta-fav'd!

Shit, I haven't read this in ages. Must read it again!

I got a good kick out of reading it. Poor Derpy, delaying Rainbow's package with her rump :derpytongue2:

Wow, nostalgia trip. This was the very first fan-fic I read. I was reluctant at first, but got through it. I felt silly afterwards; reading a fan written story about such a ridiculous subject as pretty, colorful, little ponies. But it was good. So good that I kept thinking of it when I didn't have anything else to do. So I finally gave in and decided to read another.

And that's how I got my cutie-mark. I should tell you about how I got hooked on fan fictions sometime.:pinkiehappy:

I have to ask. Was this inspired by the fanfic party of none? Pinkie ties Rainbow Dash up after she goes to take Pinkie to sweet apple acres for her suprise party...and when she wakes up Dash discovers that her mane and tail are bone white. She even says that Ratity told her that Rainbow Dashes rainbow color was just dye.:rainbowderp:

No sir, this was not inspired by that fic. I don't think I've ever read that fic.
This was inspired by the image that it contains. The idea stuck in my head so I...got it out of my head.:twilightblush:

628760 you should read it. Its dark but nopony dies so its not like...cupcakes (shudders.) Its called party of none. Also if you're still reading wings for a pony I'm sorry I havent updated sooner. My proofreader has the flu so I'm not sure how much he is able to do right now.

No, she means that, if you combine all colors of the visible section of the electromagnetic spectrum into one ray of light, it would come out as white. Same way shining white light through a glass prism splits it into the different colors, and a rainbow is caused by sunlight shining through raindrops, splitting it into an arc, like the hemispheric shape of the bottom of a raindrop.
Yaay, equestrian physics!~

"Whoops" indeed ^^; overall an excellent story :rainbowlaugh:

Soo the girls saw she had white hair, Dash immediately freaked and flew off without explaining. Next scene the rest of the girls are at her house KNOWING that it was her natural hair color when its also stated she has been cooped up inside all day, which means she didn't actually explain anything at all to them.:twilightoops: if rainbow didn't explain it, why would they automatically assume that was the case with such confidence? It seems as though there a is large chunk of your story missing. The big confession perhaps? It was all build up to that one point, rainbow explaining why her hair was white to them... and it never happened...:rainbowhuh:

for an over all great story (which im about to fav and like) but that giant hole wont stop staring at me...


*shoves plot hole under rug*

Sometimes we make mistakes when we do things we love. It's no big deal, right? I mean, especially if that person was just sort of starting out and stuff.

Right? :twilightoops:

1491958 Bah, no worries! loved the story as it was, that is literally my only issue with it! still faved! Just thought it was something that needed pointing out.


It's been a long time since I'd seen this one, back before FiMFiction was even around. This was actually the first MLP fic I'd ever read, and it still makes me grin as much today as it did when I first read it. ^_^

If I could live forever I'd slow clap at how well-written this story is til eternity ended and I turn to dust. That was obviously an exaggeration since just saying 'this story is really awesome!' didn't quite feel like it hit the mark.

Is it just me, or was there an Ace Ventura reference in there?

1491958 I demand you fix this! I tripped on that plot hole and broke both my legs since I couldn't see it under the rug!

But even then id trip on it again on purpose if it meant I got to read this agan.

is this also inspired by mmmmystery on the friendship express when pinkie accuses rainbow of dying her mane?

Comment posted by Metal Fight Maru deleted Jul 2nd, 2013


Well, presumably once Rarity saw Rainbow's white mane, she realised she was lying about dying it - as she no doubt began to suspect when Rainbow didn't get any colouring of the colour she said she was dying it. Once that was eliminated - hair that's a different colour from usual (which, being Rarity, she could probably tell wasn't dyed) + regular purchase of hair-dying products = a fairly obvious conclusion. She figured it out and told the others. Fairly simple.

Either that or Pinkie sense. To be honest, I'm not sure why more writers don't use that to explain plot holes.


Why, yes, I did just reply to a comment that's over a year old to give my opinion on a minor plot point. Thanks for asking!:pinkiehappy:

3408913 haha thanks for replying!

This is the third story I've read where Rainbow was born with a white mane and tail, but its the only one where she simply dyes them instead of them getting their current colors from the Sonic Rainboom.
And, it works perfectly fine.

You wouldn't mind passing those links along to me, would you?

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