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  • TCelestia Plays Civilization
    From the stone age to the modern world, Celestia guides her little ponies into the future. And she needs to keep playing. Just one more turn. Always one more turn.
    GaPJaxie · 2.4k words  ·  865  15 · 8.7k views
  • EDressing Room
    Star Power isn't Twilight Sparkle -- but she does play her on TV.
    GaPJaxie · 3.4k words  ·  1,736  40 · 18k views
  • TFan Service
    Once upon a time, there was a pony named Fan Service. She had an amazing life -- money, fame, good looks, but she realized it was missing something: character depth. And so she set out to seek the one thing that would make her life complete.
    GaPJaxie · 4.5k words  ·  459  7 · 4.4k views
  • TPonies Playing Video Games
    When The House of Enchanted Comics starts selling board games too, Spike picks up a bundle of them for Twilight and the girls to play. All the board games have really funny names: Stellaris, Command & Conquer, Dishonored, EvE...
    GaPJaxie · 2.9k words  ·  595  11 · 9k views