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After Season Four · 2:05am May 12th, 2014

Well... that was some finale...

I figured that since I finally recovered from my final episode mania... mostly... I'd give y'all an update on my projects. Want Me, Need Me, Love Me is, sadly, not much closer to completion. I did add about a thousand words to the first chapter, but I deleted them shortly after because I simply wasn't happy with my writing. Sorry guys, gotta be happy with what I write. I'm just happy that the finale didn't wreck any of the canon I built for this story (and, in fact, may help it). I understand that could be a major problem in some of these works. (Eyes dart uncomfortably towards The Sordid Truth)

Speaking of which: other projects. The rest remain on hiatus for now, especially including The Sordid Truth. However I DID just get an interesting idea for a one-shot that I may toss up here if/when I actually write it. Interestingly, this is the first new idea I've had for a pony fic in over a year now. Man, this finale was REALLY inspirational.

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I want you to continue your story. I need you to update. I love you if you actually do.

> Offline for 72 weeks


40+ weeks. Damn...

I want your story. I need your story.

I LOVE your story. :pinkiecrazy:

Sorry for bugging you its just I really like After the Sun and The Sordid Truth and was woundering if you are going to up date any of these two?

>offline for 8w, 1d

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