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After Season Four · 2:05am May 12th, 2014

Well... that was some finale...

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And With Strange Aeons... · 4:49pm Apr 29th, 2014

Filles and gentlecolts, nearly two months after my emotional and spontaneous blog post, I can finally say that progress is being made on the next set of chapters for Want Me, Need Me, Love Me.

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Mess · 11:53pm Mar 7th, 2014

I am a Mess

I get distracted easily. I get locked into cycles of procastination and self-loathing that can destroy academic and creative works. I lose faith in myself and my ability to accomplish my goals. I collapse. I fall apart. I am a mess.

But I never, EVER, forget.

I cannot make promises. I cannot set deadlines. I cannot guarantee anything.

But I want... I NEED my first great story too much to let it die. Besides, I've already got the next four acts planned out.

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Critical Mess II: Electric Boogaloo · 2:48am Dec 17th, 2012

Finals: Done

Personal Crisis: Dealt With

Drive to Write: Restored

Plushie: ...none, unfortunately. Need to get on that.

Three out of four ain't bad. Let's get back to work.

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A Plain, Boring, Update · 3:02am Oct 16th, 2012

Unfortunately, I have lost my creative energy. Duffman18 has promised to return it, but I have my suspicions. Still, it would be wrong for me to not update you on what my writing plans are even though I haven't per say written anything.

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It's About Time · 1:07am Oct 10th, 2012

(Sorry, no catchy pun here)

Scene: A College dorm room. CRITICALMESS is at the laptop while ROOMMATE is lying on a bed. Suddenly a flash of light appears. ROOMATE is flung off of his bed while CRITICAL covers his eyes. When the light clears, FUTURE CRITICAL is standing stage left, adorned in a body suit and looking worse for wear.

FUTURE CRITICAL: Crit! I've come back from the future with a warning!

CRITICAL: Oh god, it's one of these things.

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Secret to My Duress · 6:23pm Oct 3rd, 2012

Scene: A College Dorm Room, CRITICAL sits at his laptop, head lying against the keyboard. DUFFMAN, he Pre-Reader, enters SL

DUFFMAN: Crit? You okay?

CRITICAL: No... I'm depressed.

DUFFMAN: What is it? Schoolwork? Family?


DUFFMAN: Your story? Do people not like it?

CRITICAL: No, they love it! (Raises Head) It's even gotten featured!

DUFFMAN: (Beat) I fail to see the problem.

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That Which Should Not Have Been Discovered · 3:04am Oct 1st, 2012

(Head lying on keyboard) Ugh... this next chapter is eating me up and chewing me out... I'm already late.... Well, maybe I should look through my files for inspiration. I mean, I threw up Millenium when I ran into a writers block with After the Sun...

... Secret of the Alicorns? What's that...?

... (Reads)...



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Always the Fourth Chapter... · 8:09pm Sep 27th, 2012

Well, it's finally happened, I ran into a creative roadblock. If you've read my stories, which you have if you're reading this so what am I saying, then you know I'm far better at plot twists, general plot, and dramatic revelations than the actual writing part, especially dialogue. The upcoming Chapter Three for Want Me, Need Me, Love Me is DEFINITELY one of those parts. As a result, it's been difficult to actually write it out. It's already near 3,000 words but it's nowhere near done

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Lesson -1 · 11:33pm Sep 19th, 2012

Scene: A college dorm room, ROOMATE is on the computer. CRITICAL enters stage left, panicked

CRITICAL: I haven't uploaded a chapter this week!

ROOMATE: (Confused) What?

CRITICAL: My story! I haven't uploaded a chapter this week!

ROOMATE: (Pause) This is a brony thing, isn't it?

CRITICAL: I promised I'd upload a new chapter every single week, not every other week, not every ten days. Every. Single. Week!

ROOMATE: I'm going to say that's a 'yes.'

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