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Rainbow Dash attends her hometown's Millennial Summer Sun Celebration, where she meets a peculiar pink pony. When a strange portal appears during the testing of Twilight Sparkle's latest invention, and pulls their new companion inside, the two friends give chase and embark on the most important adventure in all of history.

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This is beyond brilliant, this is frekin AMAZING^^

Fantastic if i say so my self

Seriously, make more of these :P Every time I go on the google docs for this one, there's always at LEAST 5 people. When i first read it (4 days after it appeared on EQDaily) I still saw 40-so other people reading it (according to the viewer tracker on google docs) at the same time. It was awesome. Seriously, can't wait for the next one :D
Hoping there IS a next one... It'd be a shame for such a brilliant work to go wasted. This is without a shadow of the doubt the most I've enjoyed any fic yet.

Please continue!!! I never saw anyone wrote Rainbow as a katana, knowing that she uses one too makes me feel 20% cooler!!!!!!!

Something tells me Twilight is holding info back. I'm looking forward to seeing Robo!

Oh Pinkie, you would laugh at the annihilation of civilization.:pinkiehappy:

Good story. The writing is fluid, the plot is deep and intriguing (Though I've no idea if you ripped it off Chrono Trigger or not, considering I don't know what it is. xD)
The characters are as in character as they can be in this situation, and the relationships between them are well thought out.
I have one complaint, and there shall be nopony to stop me from complaining it!
There. I said it.
Update soon!

Thanks for all the positive feedback, everypony! :twilightsmile:

128884 I'd definitely encourage everypony to play this game, as it was one of the best JRPGs of the SNES era. It was rereleased for the Nintendo DS a few years ago.

While I'm definitely following the original plot fairly closely, I'm adding a heavy FIM spin via the characterizations, relationships, and a few surprises down the line. Straddling the line between adding FIM elements without angering the many many die-hard CT fans is tricky :twilightsheepish:

Oh and rest assured that AJ will definitely be joining in on the fun. Just... not for several chapters, unfortunately :fluttershysad:

I'm going to swing a wild guess that AJ will be taking Ayla's place. She does kind of fit the whole physically strong but non-magical role. I guess that means Fluttershy's going to be Robo.

Seeing as Chrono Trigger was probably my favorite RPG for tor the SNES and my favorite JRPG ever, I'll be following this. So far I think you've done a good job of fusing the two settings; the ponies have recognizable qualities from the show and the game. Rarity as Frog really caught me off guard, but you made it work. Kind of curious about how you came up with that idea though. Have to admit, Rainbow makes for a fun main character compared to Crono the blank slate Silent Protagonist.

My only real complaint is that one or two of Pinkie's Fourth Wall gags were a touch too heavy-handed, and that's a pretty minor issue. Well, I could also complain about the fact that I want more and there isn't any yet, but that's not really a complaint.

Nicely written race, though the chapter was a bit on the short side. Not an issue as long as we get more chapters soon (and going off what you said on the fic's ED page, that should happen soonish).

Loved Spitfire as The MARE.

Oh man, reading this fic makes me geek out so hard. Great job so far! Can't wait for *spoiler redacted*, and especially *spoiler redacted*!

New chapter! Hooray!

A bit short, but not too short. This chapter fulfilled its objective.

So, so glad to see this updated, was one of my favourite ongoing fics when I found it and I've not even played Chrono Trigger, though I'll definitely have to soon if this is any indication. Wicked race scene, can't wait for the next chapter :D

Update? Update? UPDATE!

:raritystarry: This is the Best. Possible. THING!

Hey, I've always wondered, if they can't travel in groups of four or higher, then why can't they go in multiple groups of three at a time? Then again, I can't remember much from the game... Please, somebody remind me why not.


Because they only have 1 gate key

352767 I remember and understand that, but I also remember that Lucca created the Gate Key. Unless she has insufficient funds (which can be solved by killing tons of monsters), it's hard to believe that she would be unable to create another.


I have 2 reasons.
First, I figure Lucca used parts from the telepod in the creation of the gate key, and may not have had enough spare parts for a second one.

Second, I don't think the party really had the time(tee hee) to spend creating another.

Of course this is just my own interpolation based on information in game. The real reason is that the game was made for a party of 3.

352799 Of course, most anyone who has seen or played the game understands that it was made for only a party of three, no offense. I thought of another reason as well before I read this comment, though it was different. Perhaps there were parts or materials that were simply too rare to find again.

Anyways, logical discussion with a non-hostile party is always welcome within my mind, as it is one of the few activities able to pull my mind out of the gutters, if only for a few minuscule moments. Afterwards, the intelligent and self-aware portion of my mind prefers to shut down and send me into one or two of three modes: Perverted, gaming, and/or ponies.

... I'm not even at that part of the story and i already know that i'm gonna HATE certain 6 robots that are coming up :ajbemused:

352806 Moreover, I don't think there was ever really a plot-based need for the party to split up (with the possible exception of a few of the Fated Hour quests). Besides, the Gate Key wasn't *ahem* the only means of time travel (why no spoiler tags in comments...), yet they never capitalized on that to split the party.

...not that I've been giving this idea any thought, presently nor previously. :liarjack:

Oh thank goodness I found this here. My school computers don't allow Equestria Daily or Google Docs.

The hero isn't always going to be with the party?

What a twist!

Of course, Rainbow is just going to sleep through the part where she's supposed to open the door...

Hurray update! :pinkiehappy:
Nice three chapters. And, hey, my guess was right as to who was going to be Robo!
Looking forward to your next update, keep up the good work. :twilightsmile:

>Of course, Rainbow is just going to sleep through the part where she's supposed to open the door...
>He's only finished Chapter 13

Silly Rainbow Dash, everyone knows that Pinkie's the one who equopomorphizes inanimate objects!

YES!? SO MUCH WIN.:pinkiehappy:
Except you let Crono talk...(Universe explodes)

WOOHOO! FIRST! xD Really enjoyed pre-reading this chapter! Several WTF and ROFLMAO moments in this chapter for sure!

Kinda didn't expect Trixie as spekkio there... Are you gonna incorporate Trixie'io's multiple forms at all?

Thank you SO MUCH for destroying the "three ponies at a time" rule. You had me confused and worried.

YES!!! i didn't like the "only 3 at a time" rule at all THANK YOU for letting them ALL stay together :pinkiehappy:

kinda wanted to see a dual tech there :|

also if that arbitrary limit for ponies-per-gate thing is lifted... this party... wait Mane Six, it has to be large anyways. creative liberties. Applejack (Ayla... who would Kino be I wonder, since they.. er.. yeah...) and Rarity (Frog/Kaeru), GET. and Magus:... NMM?

Another awesome chapter. Really liked Doctor Whooves as Balthazar and the Great and Powerful Trixie as Spekkio. Bonus points for demolishing the arbitrary headcount limit.

Rainbow, Pinkie, and Twilight wanting to swap elements was a nice scene. Assuming we have Nightmare Moon/Luna as Magus (the idea of Magus using the TRADITIONAL ROYAL CANTERLOT VOICE has much promise), does that mean Celestia will be Schala? That raises the question of what's to be done about the Queen Zeal. Actually, I'm pretty curious to see what's done with the other secondary antagonists like Dalton, Ozzie/Slash/Flea, and Azala.

429596 azala could be spike, ozzie slash and flea, cmon, we know another trio don't we? Cutie Mark Crusaders Minions to Nightmare Moon! Yay! As for Dalton, I believe Gilda could fit that role.

Wait, if Trixie is Spekkio, then who is Magus?

Aw whatever. You haven't made the wrong casting choice yet. I have faith.

Very enjoyable chapter. Liked the casting choices; very fitting.
I'm glad to see the headcount limit abolished. Though, now I want someone to make a mod of CT where you can use all 7 party members at the same time. :pinkiecrazy:

Hmm... Let's see just visited the end of time so... next we've got a brief jaunt around 1000AD with possibly some of Twi's backstory, and then on to 600AD, the Masamune arc and Magus. Fun times ahead indeed!
I can't wait.

>Conservation of Time Theorem? Never heard of it!
But of course I'd cut that! After all, leaving half of your group to rot in the End of Time is hardly conducive to the magic of friendship, eh? :twilightsmile:

>Upcoming casting decisions
Welp. I can't blame anypony, since some of these earlier chapters were posted... 5 months ago :facehoof: But in order to better facilitate your tinfoil-hatting experience, I'll remind everypony that a few of the characters that you're speculating on were already revealed in earlier chapters.
- Nightmare Moon was revealed to be Magus, most notably in a scene in Chapter 5.
- The role of Cyrus will be played by Spike. Some of his former soldiers were discussing him in Chapter 4.
- Twist is the Entity. This has not been hinted at, will never become relevant, and will probably be avidly denied at some point in the future. But I thought it was important to share this.
Naturally, when these characters become relevant to the story again, I'll plant nice friendly "don't you remember? they were the such-and-such" warnings in the text. Or maybe I'll just learn how to write faster. (Spoiler: I won't. :raritydespair:)

>"That raises the question of what's to be done about the Queen Zeal."
It does, doesn't it? :pinkiesmile:

Thanks for the feedback, everypony!

429220 You forget that Fav could just say 'Screw the canon' again, and alter the relationship btw. Ayla and Kino, and make it Applejack and Bloom or Mac. Or he could do like Caramel or somepony else. Just some food for thought. (And yes, it's already been stated in chapter 5 that NMM is Magus)

Twist as The Entity?... 'But I don't even remember any scenes involving The Entity actually being shown or anything' /herpderp. what a twist.....:twistnerd:


Dalton HAS to be Blueblood. Seriously, the way Blueblood is portrayed in half the fics out there corresponds perfectly with Dalton. This WILL happen.

yes, this pleases me. do go on.


Ahem. Sorry, I'm just having a nerdgasm about Zecora being Melchior.

Anyway, I hope to see the Heckran Cave next chapter!

:rainbowdetermined2: - "Pinkie! How much gold is in your pouch?"

:pinkiegasp: - "There's OVER NINE THOUSAND!"


Sorry. Couldn't resist.

I'll... I'll go and sit in the corner over here.

I don't remember anything about this game anymore...


Make sure it's not the corner with the bucket.
I wouldn't want anything... "unfortunate" to happen.

Pinkie's time travel theory is spot on! If one was going to travel into the past to change the events of the world they would have already done so if they had the chance...at that point perspective time gets reallly fucked UP. Anyway I lOVE YOUR STORY! I already started a new chrono trigger story using the names to follow your story...

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