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Or as you might know them, Countess Coloratura and Rarity, Ponyville Fashionista.

Two true artists who know the power of flair and style, and just how much work can go into perfect personal presentation.

Could there be a spark between them?

Are their coinciding roles as glamorous singer and fashion designer going to lead them on an adventure across Equestria together?

Or will they just share tips on the proper application of false eyelashes and eyeshadow?

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Actually, I blame Twilight for this group.


This is the kind of high-quality content I expect from you, titanium dragon.

I only wonder what Rarity's reaction will be when she suddenly realizes she is "dating her little sister."

Woot, 1st person to join!

Interested to see what kinds of stories can come of this pairing/friends, though I'm sure a lot of them are going to use the group's title as the basis for their entire plot.:trixieshiftleft:

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