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My name's PJ. I'm from New York. I write pony fics. I go to parties with bronies. I'm not good at self-introduction.

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600 Followers and I'm still alive! · 3:43pm Apr 4th, 2016

Every time I reach a new milestone in followers I like to make a blog post acknowledging how much you all mean to me. Thank you for pushing the button and looking at some of my pony words.

But, as you've seen, I haven't written nearly as much. There are reasons for this. Some good. Some bad.

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Technically that's me on Reddit getting stolen for YouTube. But there's a story behind this.

So I was at a party, and there were two very old men there. I think one of them had a child who was the guest of honor at the party so they weren't just hangers-on. The party had a full karaoke setup, and the old men were pushed into singing. Neither of them were music-lovers, but they had apparently been lifelong friends so they asked for a song about friendship. Someone suggested "Stand By Me," which is fine, except neither of them had ever heard this song in their lives. So they got up and had a microphone.

Now, when you don't know the music to a song, what you do is read the lyrics in the same cadence* you would if you were just speaking. In the song, the title lyrics are syncopated: a very quick "stand," a long-held "byyyyyyy," and then a quick "me." But in normal speech you'd say each word on the beat. (Try it; say, "Come over here and stand by me," and you'll probably say the last three words on the beat). Those lyrics are also used about twenty times in the song. So we all had to stand there and listen to these creaky old voices singing the same note for each word, without the rhythm, over and over again.

It was pretty painful.

*it feels weird to type that word with two e's instead of two a's.

Was just watching a recent reddit video and wait a minute, what's this?


Yer on Youtube, 'Arry!

How's BronyCon?

According to the bible, the number of the beast is actually 616.

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