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Okay... Well this is once again a clop RP group :pinkiecrazy:

I'm not entirely sure whether or not we are allowed to RP... But if you do, don't let it get hellaciously long... At 2k comments start a 'second chapter' if nothing else

Now, for some new changes:
A) yea, your clopfics can stay, and you may continue to post them if you so wish... But if I se a single story not rated mature and with the sex tag... :pinkiecrazy:

B) everything else is the same, enjoy my house~


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Anyone still check here?


Same. It's quite nostalgic honestly.

no it ain't

Miss you Lillith~!

Fuck it, I'm not sifting through 33 pages of forum. Is there still a Skype group?

Main raisen I joined. .

Comment posted by Darksider9018 deleted Aug 6th, 2014

im bored. anypony want to do a roleplay?

352113 I did a Google Picture Search, searching for similar images.

352107 Aww, you went back to your old profile pick :P I found where your previous one was from.

345713 You're a member here too? O_o

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