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And all your friends will be there with smiles on their faces.


Is it a philosophical zombie? · 4:41am May 3rd, 2021

Damned near! Thanks to the surge of interest in GAPJaxie's Friendship is Optimal writing contest, I was at last inspired coerced adjured by bell, book and candle to finish the next chapter of Mismatching Wits. All two and a half of my remaining

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"It's taken me some time to reply, thanks for understanding."
No problem at all; quite understandable.

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Thanks, folks. It's taken me some time to reply, thanks for understanding. She was a wonderful person and did the best with me that she could. We're making it through.

Comment posted by son_of_heaven176 deleted Feb 22nd, 2022

Sorry to hear about your mother. May she rest in peace, and I pray that you find the wherewithal to grieve.

......may she rest in peace.....

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