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Bradel's Second Annual Summer from Hell · 2:07am Aug 5th, 2017

So PresentPerfect is doing this "Tell Me About Your Job" thing, and it's gotten a lot of responses from people and is just generally interesting. I filled it out earlier today, but I completely missed the opportunity to discuss my worst-ever job experience. And when I finally realized that this thing counted as a job experience, I also

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Report Bradel · 295 views · #dogs #roommates #drama #summer fun

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One of the things I love about Fimfiction is that it's not just a place for publishing stories. It's also a place for talking with friends, sharing ideas, and helping each other out as writers.

When I blog, I often title thematically similar posts under three headings, to allow for easier classification and to let you all know what to expect when you click to read. Here's a summary of how this all works, and what I've published on various topics:

Bradel Bookwork
Writing is a hard job, and for anyone who wants to be any good at it, there's a lot to think about and a lot to learn. The Bookwork tag is for posts about the craft of writing.

Bradel Bookwork – Creative Writing with Brandon Sanderson (Introduction / Giving Feedback)
Bradel Bookwork – Creative Writing with Brandon Sanderson (Building Plot)
Bradel Bookwork – Creative Writing with Brandon Sanderson (Viewpoint)
Bradel Bookwork – Creative Writing with Brandon Sanderson (Description)
Bradel Bookwork – Creative Writing with Brandon Sanderson (Characters)

Bradel Bookwork – On Dialogue and Character
Bradel Bookwork – Scene Selection
Bradel Bookwork – On Pre-Reading (non-EQD)
Bradel Bookwork – Storybuilding and I.C.E.S.
Bradel Bookwork – Fight Scenes
Bradel Bookwork – So You Want to Write a Crossover
Bradel Bookwork – Opening Lines

Bradel Brainstorming
The Brainstorming tag is for fandom-related ideas: my musings on how certain show elements function in Equestrian society; story concepts I find interesting enough to share, even if I don't plan to write them; and critical thoughts relative to other pony fiction I read. There's some overlap between what belongs here and what belongs under a Bookwork tag, but what can I say? Not everything is black and white.

Bradel Brainstorming – Dream Sequences
Bradel Brainstorming – On Cutie Marks
Bradel Brainstorming – The Death of the Author
Bradel Brainstorming – Character, Motivation and Conflict (1 of 3)
Bradel Brainstorming – Character, Motivation and Conflict (2 of 3)
Bradel Brainstorming – Character, Motivation and Conflict (3 of 3)
Bradel Brainstorming – Promoting Fanfiction in the Wider Community
Bradel Brainstorming – I Can't Do This Anymore (aka An Ode to Skywriter)
Bradel Brainstorming – What's in a Name (Pony Edition)

Honorable Mention:
Bookplayer's 50 Headcanon Questions (11 April 2014)

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Hey you. Been a while. I stopped with the competitive writing and stuck to my hearts desires. I think you should too. Maybe you are writing other things and such but yeah. Things have been on my mind lately and I'm not gonna let it bother me no more. Our little quarrel did plant a weed of such in my head but it was for the better.

I like how you're active though. Just wanted to say hi.

perhaps more than anything, I want the perpetuation and advancement of the human project. I want a world with more freedom than we have today — freedom from and freedom to. I want our species to dwell among the stars. I want the betterment of all mankind.

Bradel, would you be interested in joining the Orange County Socialist Party?

Congrats on making the RCL! :yay:

It was nice to meet you and Bronycon! You did a great job on Advanced Writing and it was nice to talk to you at the shipping panel. Thanks for your advice and kind words,

(Free Pizza!) The Ponytones Get Spoopy

Sunday, October 25, 2015
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Soarin Dreams Plaza
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Nightmare night and all that jazz.

Let's sing together!

The SoCal Ponytones are an inclusive Brony Choir dedicated to spreading peace love and joy through My Little Pony music.

Remember, if you want to go to this event, but need a ride, call Bryan Chandler at <a>(714) 496-3119

Official Site: Ponytones.com

Meetup page: http://www.meetup.com/SoCalBronies/events/224867977/

Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1056558944374955/

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