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After Celestia advises her to spend more time engaging with other ponies in her role as a princess, Twilight Sparkle decides to make educational videos for young colts and fillies. Unfortunately, her intentions and her emotions may be working at cross purposes. Questionable editorial judgment ensues.

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ah, a delicious slice of life with some great "show, don't tell".

I suspect this is going to wind up with rather a lot of "show, don't tell", since I'm trying to write outside perspective and essentially narrate what the camera sees. I tried this once before a number of years ago (and was quite pleased with the results), but it's definitely a little bit of a struggle trying to avoid character perspective.

Anyway, glad you enjoyed this first bit. Hopefully it'll continue to please in the weeks ahead!

Well, this is an intriguing premise. Definitely looking forward to seeing where you go with this, both in the topics covered and what leaks through.

I remember this and it's still fucking hilarious!

... when's the next drunk writing session? :scootangel:

It'll be interesting seeing where this goes tonally. You've got a Woody Allen sort of tragicomic vibe going on here so far.

Well, this looks promising.

Oooh, loving it so far. :heart:

Off to a promising start with the think-less-write-more thing. Booze is sorely overused as a plot device but you've managed to avoid the major pitfalls so far. Keep it up!

I started reading and was hit by an immediate sense of deja-vous. Have I read this before? What's going on? I don't recall prereading it anything. I'm pretty sure I'd have remembered.

Then we hit the beer and realization dawned.

Hee. Well, it made me giggle. I do think "tragicomic" is about right.

Silly Twilight. Didn't she learn her Friendship Lesson? You drink with friends, not with a video camera. There's less evidence of any crimes committed during the drinking that way.

Huh, that took a turn I wasn't expecting. I had forgotten that I didn't end up having enough time to stick around for the entire drunk writing session.

Well, I'll say that next week's episode will be about "Wings" and involve a certain rainbow-maned guest star!

My current plan is to do some drunk writing from BABSCon, probably Friday night. If I keep on schedule and follow my outline, that should correspond with a very appropriate chapter for additional drunkenness.

Figuring out how to market this was a bit tough. It's certainly not comic here, and I don't expect it to be very comic overall (though it's bound to be somewhat comic, just because of the format and lack of character perspective). But it's hard to write up a story summary that doesn't give it at least a bit of a comic feel. Ghost pointed out some issues with selling it this way, but bookplayer suggested that it really did work the way it was being presented.

...okay, it got pre-read a little. But just for impressions, not for actual editing.

I hope you enjoy it!

Hopefully this will continue to be a thing!

I suppose it probably is. I haven't actually read too many stories that use it—one or two? But I can see it being a thing. I'm expecting I'll probably incorporate it one more time, assuming I do my planned BABSCon drunk writing session, but I don't think there's much call for it in this story beyond that.

Beer as an aid for memory retention! This is a new thing!

That seems to be the consensus. Guess I know what mood I'm shooting for, moving forward!

Do you want drunk writing company? That sounds worthy of setting aside an evening. As an added bonus, I'm a total lightweight! :twilightblush:

Poor Twilight...

Applejack, Y U do dis. :ajsleepy:

4043863 I think said it best.

Twilight doesn't have a lot of friends tonight... :twilightoops: Or at least it feels that way. Maybe next week will be better?

Well, in the original writing I got too drunk to continue just a little bit past the thirty-minute break. The resolution is pretty much all new material (as short as it is), and was written after I put my episode arc together.

I find this idea most agreeable! I'm gonna have a pretty good room, too, I think—solo queen bed—so if you want to share the space, we can have a party. Maybe invite Ben over, too, if he wants.

Well, AJ's an honest sort of pony. If she likes somepony, she's liable to say so, instead of waiting around for Twilight to work up the nerve to act. That doesn't help Twilight much, though.

Wow. I just experienced a lot of good potential for this story. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy: Keep writing, I want to know what happens next.:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Twilight Sparkle starts a YouTube channel. I'm Spike in this story. As in, I have literally played this role with a friend. I like the anonymity of the back of the camera.

This is indeed pretty much what you wrote that night, plus a little end-y bit. I dunno what's low(er) quality about this! You can apparently write compelling prose in your sleep. (Or drunken stupor)

Anyway, when you posted the blog announcing this, I was gonna comment with an analogy comparing this to doing a lot of quick sketches to improve drawing, but it was an analogy that didn't really need to get made, as the topics are similar enough anyway.

So... What did I come here to say? Well, this was good, and if it means more frequent posting from you then :yay:, and I read all of Twi's dialogue in the voice of a tachikoma.

probably Friday night

Dammit, am I missing awesomeness? Which Friday are we talking about here?

Nonsense! Beer makes the pony civilization to go 'round! (Also cider, applejack, whiskey, wine, various brandies, and the imported Zebrican rum Twilight uses for her fiddly unicorn drinks with fancy straws, piles of fruit, little paper umbrellas and maybe a magical sparkler or two in them. Dry ice fog is optional.)

hope there's a few Phoenix Wright or AAI references in the next chapter or two. I was kind of disappointed after initially seeing that wonderful cover art which rather implies it (not to mention the title). I dunno if the story format would work with it, but eh..

Well, all I'm at liberty to say right now is that I know two of the next three episodes will involve co-stars (and new character tags). Oh, and there will definitely be some Pinkie—but not quite yet.

Friday refers to BABSCon Friday, which might be the part you're missing. I'm expecting to do a bit more drinking on 18 April, from my room at stately Wayne manor the Hyatt Regency SFO. Apparently with 4045100 in tow; so there's likely to be a signal boost for his story "Social Lubricant" around the same time. Which I should go read myself before I actually say I'll boost it, but Horizon's a pretty good writer.

Why does it seem like everything I write lately devolves into a catalog of alcoholic drinks?

No, seriously. They're here, they're in my blog posts, they're in my bloody course reviews, they're everywhere!

Umm... wow. That was unintentional. Even now, I don't particularly get the reference. I've got the first Phoenix Wright game (finally), and I have to admit it's pretty awesome. The first few all came out while I was living in Japan, I think, but I was more focused on the Ouendan! craze. But I'm a late comer to AAI, and I don't actually know how the cover image references them. It's just a screengrab from S04E03, "Castle Mane-ia", about seven seconds in. Though I can see how the title might prompt that idea in some people's minds.

Unfortunately, I don't think it's terribly likely I'll have/find any AAI-type references in this story. It could happen—I tend to suck up input and let it infect my creative process—but there's certainly not a natural fit for it in the 20 episodes I've got sketched out. Sorry to disappoint!

Interesting start. So from work a read here, is this going to be a video recording about the ups and downs about the life of Princess Twilight while trying to teach young minds or her trying to teach young minds while going though the up and downs of her life?

I hope it's the later. Because this chapter was both educational and touching. Good to know that Spike always got Twilight's back and while he goes along with her not so good idea's, he still knows when to put them to a stop. :moustache::twilightsheepish:

Good Job. Keep up the good work!:twilightsmile:

Really? A character behind a desk/bar viewed at a 25-degree angle, emoting exaggeratedly? I dunno why I'd think that was a PW reference :rainbowlaugh: (though now that I look up screenshots, I realize that the vertical angle is somewhat lower than I thought)

FWIW fuandon has a great series of Let's Plays of the entire PW series and AAI too.

The AAI thing was more because of the combination of the cover art and 'investigates'. Saying there is specifically a reference would be going too far.

very nice, quite funny too :trollestia:
i noticed the romance tag, does that indicate future Splight :moustache::heart::twilightsmile: or is it wishful thinking on my part? :unsuresweetie:

Please have her drunk post that. And I can't believe that AJ stole Dashie from Twilight. Twilight needs to get her mare back!


No SpiLight! That'd be like momXson incest. Not the cool kinda wincest like Pony Siblings [Twily, or RariBelle, or even ScootaDash], and what have you. That and Twi just admited she liked mares.


momXson incest

canon says otherwise :pinkiecrazy:

but whatever, as long as Spike gets some love i'm a happy camper :moustache:


Hey he's not biologically his mother, but she did raise him (and that's just the type of arguement a little kid would have). Or at least had a hoof in his upbrining + did hatch him.

But yeah he needs to be with Rares, Sweetie Belle, or Apple Bloom [my favorite ships for him, since their baby draconies are 10,000% adorable. SpiLight has always sat uneasily in my gut. Don't know why, it's probably the same reason that the ending of Sliders even 13 years later urks me to no end. That and they aren't as cute a couple as Rares, Sweets or AB.]

I want more of this. All I need to say.

the closest thing in a family sense she could have been to him would be a sister like figure, as Twi was a child at the time and i don't know about you but i'm pretty sure you don't give a new born baby to a child to raise, personally i prefer Fausts original take on things, i.e Celestia raised Spike, and once he was old enough assigned him to be Twilights assistant

as for who Spike should be with in this fic and out of the ponies to chooses from, my vote would be Sweetie Belle, the cuteness factor is off the charts :yay:


Meh! Differnece of head canon. After all Ponies according to Faust mature faster than humans mentally, and we see fillies and colts holding down work (well part time, when they aren't in school). But yeah I agree that Sweetie Belle and him would be off the charts adorable.

i'd still prefer Splight at the end of the day :moustache::heart::twilightsmile:
and since only Twilight and Spike are listed characters to this fic there may be hope for my fix yet :yay:


Well AJ and Dashie weren't listed, but still pop up. And no, no SpiLight. Spike has higher standards. And I can't point this out enough Twilight is into mares. Especially in this fic. So that'd kill that right there. I doubt we'll see Spike get any action as the main part of the fic, and if we do it'll be with an unnamed character. Like with Twilight [after all if you want to have a romance be secret / a suprise] then it'd be best to not list the character.

I'm hoping for Derpy, Cloud Kicker, Trixie, Pinkie Pie, or one of the other Princesses [for Twilight] and Rarity or Sweetie Belle with Spike when / if we see him [in an interlude / what have you] talking about Twilight's poor reaction to getting vagblocked by AJ.

Right now I have it plotted out as more the former than the latter. Six of the nineteen episodes I've planned out have very standard Twilight-being-educational topics, but the other thirteen tie into her experiences more closely. My intention is to frame everything educationally, even so—that is the point of the series to Twilight—but it seems like I'm getting a good amount of feedback like yours, so I may try to re-balance that moving forward.

It seems like sort of similar situation to my first story here, "The Amazingly Awesome Adventures of Tank the Tortoise (by R. Dash)". In that story, my goal was to run parallel threads of Rainbow Dash learning to write and the story she was trying to tell, where I was intentionally making mistakes (like poor characterization, weak story set-up) and trying to ease off of them over time. In the end, though, many readers seemed to like Rainbow Dash's story better than the story about Rainbow Dash (and that's perhaps understandable, because I tried to write the RD stuff with manic pacing, since it seemed fitting for her). Getting a chance to re-balance early, if it seems like it will fit with the story I want to tell, is good.

Glad that you're enjoying it! Like I said a little further down in the comments, there should be more on Thursday—this time with Twilight talking about wings with a certain rainbow-maned pegasus.

4051704 , 4051336
(I always like when people have conversations in the comments on my stories!)
Current absence of character tags doesn't mean those characters won't have a rather large role to play. I'm expecting to add at least three, about one every couple weeks right now as Twilight brings other ponies in to do videos with her.

Also, there will be shipping, but I'm a little hesitant to tag it or discuss it early, because either (1) I tag it with relationships that may not survive the series and bring on board a bunch of people who will get mad at me when those ships sink, or (2) I give away the ending of the arc I've got planned out, without letting people discover it for themselves. That's probably all I've got to say on the matter, at least for now.


W007! I can't wait to see what you do, both what sinks and what stay's afloat [shipwise], and it's smart keeping tags a secret till they pop up. It'll make it more juicy that way.



Well AJ and Dashie weren't listed, but still pop up

only in passing

And no, no SpiLight

you are not the author so
ic.pics.livejournal.com/thehefner/1156523/29029/29029_original.jpg :pinkiehappy:
if the author wants Splight then we get Splight :derpytongue2:

Twilight is into mares

there is such a thing as bisexuality you know?

but regardless lets us agree to disagree and let the good author decide on how things should roll, i'd rather not spam their review section with an argument :twilightsmile:


One last thing:

you are not the author so
ic.pics.livejournal.com/thehefner/1156523/29029/29029_original.jpg :pinkiehappy:

if the author wants Splight then we get Splight :derpytongue2:


And: There's a thing such as homosexuality, and hetrosexuality to.

That out of the way. I agree let's agree to disagree, and see how the story unfolds.

We-he-hell, I'll be paying attention to this!:twilightoops:

This was great. This is probably the best and most in character I've read of "pony gets drunk". Funny, cute and in character.

Shocking swerve at the end though, I did not expect such a serious bit, I thought the hints at the start was more of "damn, I got drunk and kissed someone" and less "I'm actually broken-hearted." Still, this is so good that I'll definitely keep an eye on it.

Have a like and happy writing :twilightsmile:

I'm a little up in the air over next week's topic (no pun intended), so if you folks would like to see Twilight cover anything in particular, let me know. I know where I want to take the framing story, but I might decide to revise the video topic. Only [Teen]-rated topics, though, please!

Magic helicopter beanies.

Something foals might learn about... maybe the dangers of the Everfree Forest?

Oh Twilight, what are you doing... :ajsleepy:
Now, if we really wanted something inflammatory in this story...

....farming. :ajsmug:

Something you could do in the air? Or just any topic?

Any topic; I just realized as I was writing the comment that there was an implicit pun.

That's, um, Episode 4. :twilightblush:

Ah, foiled! :trollestia:
How about proper library management? :D

Twilight Sparkle Investigates Elections? Twilight Sparkle Investigates Baking (And Since Pinkie Is Doing The Baking She Is Cheered During This Procedure Whether She Wants To Or Not)?

The meta story is strong here. I don't have an essay's worth of things to say about this segment, but I do have a few fairly unconnected thoughts.

None of these videos will ever be posted.

Rainbow Dash will now teach Twilight about Banking.

I'm disappointed that Twilight didn't teach us about the Bernoulli effect, or whoever it would be named after in Equestria.

Twilight Sparkle Investigates Fractional Reserve Banking and predicts the downfall of the Equestrian economy.

"Your Highness it is... refreshing to see you take a personal interest in the economic policy of the Civil Service bu—"

"You mean the government?"

"The same thing, Your Highness. The same thing."

"The government and the civil service? Or their policies?"

"Yes, Your Highness. Anyway, your interest is much, much appreciated, but if all the banks kept all the bits they accept as deposit on hoof at all times instead of keeping a fraction as reserve and lending out the rest, we wouldn't have an economy as such as there would be very little to lend. And very little saving, too, considering there would be nothing to pay interest rates out of."


"In fact ,what you describe isn't a bank so much as it is a box. Or possibly a mattress."

"But what if they can't pay!"

"Deposit insurance. Underwritten, ultimately, by the state. Also, by law, commercial banks are limited to a standard of prudence in their lending. The only way they suffer a massive loss is if the whole economy nosedives. If this happens we've more serious problems."

"But what if they aren't prudent?"

"Sky Scribe, that's the head of Forensic Accountancy, Your Highness, catches them in the act and we arrest a sampling of upper management and anyone standing next to them, install an interim manager in the afflicted bank, unwind the investments, and build a pyramid of skulls in downtown Manehatten pour encourager les autres."


"Merely a metaphor. So far."

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