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  • EA Filly's Guide to Not Making Headlines
    PRINCESS SPARKLE IN CAMELU DUSTUP – Reports emerged Sunday that H.S.H. Princess Twilight Sparkle slammed Griffonstan over Camelu water rights. "I mean, they have plenty. It's not a 'threat to their sovereignty' to ask—
    Bradel · 8.2k words  ·  1,488  18 · 18k views
  • EPrincess Luna Likes Coffee
    Princess Luna reflects on what it's like to come back from one thousand years of exile.
    Bradel · 1.3k words  ·  506  6 · 6.3k views
  • TPurple Prose, or A Night at the Clopera
    Twilight Sparkle wakes up to a very unwelcome idea. Now she needs to find a way to clear it out of her mind. Because if she falls asleep before it's gone, the Princess of Dreams will get to see that idea for herself.
    Bradel · 5.7k words  ·  864  19 · 15k views
  • EThree Nights
    Beneath a moonless sky, a foal shivers, hungry and alone. In a snow-covered city, a young mare dreams of the things she left behind. On the coldest night of the year, Princess Cadance finds the family she thought that she had lost.
    Bradel · 19k words  ·  426  7 · 5.3k views