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I get too many ideas. Mostly Femslash. Lots and lots of femslash.


Two ponies brought together by reading and the feelings that can develop between such opposites.

More characters will be added as the story progress along with a few useful OC characters. The picture includes the Equuleus constellation.

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You have my attention. And a track.:pinkiehappy:

hmmm, a twi/rainbow shipping... i like it. if you ever need an OC contact me.

Well thanks guys. I am working on chapter two and my long term plans are for a handful more OCs and appearances by all my favourite poines :rainbowdetermined2:

On a somewhat related note: Last fanfic I wrote was Doctor Who and that was approved by a lifelong (And very partcular) fan so I think Doctor Whooves adventure is in order next!

Discworld reference on first line. You have earned my track.


And a muffin for you my good brony. I did wonder how long until someone got it :pinkiehappy:

Wait...what? How come this has only six comments so far?! It's awesome!
More please!!! :D

awww spike (almost) called twi mom :heart:

If you like that zombie-kitty, you are going to love my mother's day special :twilightsmile:

Kagitaar, you guessed! Have a muffin.

GAH! :pinkiegasp:
how did you know i wanted popcorn!

:rainbowdetermined2: I was eating it when I was writing. Also alleteration is one of my pet favourite writing embellishments :pinkiehappy:

I managed to say the whole thing in one breath, the whole tastes thing! Ha ha pinkie you've got a rival

This one seemed a little rough, like you were rushing; might want to clean it up a bit.

I assure you all the snakes are fine and have a new appreciation of solid ground and the power of purple ponies :twilightsheepish:

This one, Kagitaar, was one of the chapters that had to happen but with little direction. I will probably edit the last few chapters I have written, they are not the best compared to my earlier ones.

i can tell this is gonna be long until they admit their feelings

I am going through it in a manner that those sort of personalities would do it. :twilightsheepish:

Nooo Rainbow! Get down there this instant and kiss heeeer! <3

:twilightsmile: Woot, over 1000 views in total. Thanks guys, you are awesome :rainbowdetermined2:

Nice and fun story. the ending seemed a bit abrupt there, but sweet nonetheless,

Is it me or does this seem a little rushed? Especially the admission

awwwww finished already going to cry now :fluttercry:

but no.. good chapter can not wait to see if you do any sequels :twilightsmile:

Hay, I am writing a Sequel. They got a kick in the rear to get on with it, I didn't feel like dragging them through a Ross and Rachel style farce (or Elliot and JD depending on you sitcom memories.) Plus Rainbow is a pony of action! :rainbowdetermined2:

:twilightsheepish: So, more stuff will happen in my next large fic, until them some shorter stories and a little collection following Andromeda.

bad ending
nice story but bad ending

How do you suggest I change it? I got to a point where I thought things would get out of hand so I wound it up to a confrontation and whacked an ending out. While I had an idea on how to start it and new the direction I wanted it to take, I wasn't 100% on a sensible ending... :twilightsheepish:

well okay this is rushed. But okay you wanted to move on to the sequel, i can accept that. But why did you have to put my favorite part of this kind of story in two sentences:pinkiesad2:?
'The new couple had announced their relationship to their friends. Their cries of ‘Finally!’ had let them know that they had indeed been that overt.'
Oh well i cant wait for the sequel.:pinkiehappy:


Alrighty, that gets a re-write then. I will ignore my word cap as it is hindering more than helping. :pinkiehappy:

I loved the story but the end was very rushed yes :<

Yay, I am first to say dawwwwwwww! "Night Mhmmy" counts. Spike called her Mom!

:facehoof: Haha! I was wondering when I'd be proven right.

I hate to parrot, but I do feel the ending was rushed. I'm not really sure what could have been done to fix it, I just can't place what it needs...maybe a little more after the confrontation.

I am working on a few changes. Not wishing to rush, I will put them in once I am happy with them. :coolphoto:

Oh my, amazing so far! You captured pinkievperfectly! :pinkiehappy: Though, to be critical, it feels as if the second half of this chapter was filler... But, hey... How can you get to have a good.... No, GREAT story like this one without a little bit of it?

Love this story so far! :rainbowkiss::twilightsmile:

A interesting beginning. Very natural sounding, very true to the roots. Let's see where this goes.

"Bye mo--Twilight."
Yeah, I remember when I first watched the Winter Wrap-up episode.
"Huh? Mommy?"
"Winter Wrap-up!"
(rolls over) "You're not Mommy."
I paused the video and said to myself, "Actually...she kind of is.":twilightsheepish:

An old friend of Twilight's? This should be interesting...

I didn't know Twi was a PhD. But what are the other abbreviations?

Pinkie's list made me go cross-eyed. But enough about that. Can I just say that I am really enjoying this?

As I am in a public place, I had to bite my hat to keep from squeeing at that little 'mishap' and its aftermath (which would have been more awkward as I am a guy)
I love unrequited love. Especially when it turns out to be mutual. It makes for SUCH good stories, and it's so beautiful when it comes out.

The yes dance. Adorkable. HA!

And a dejected Rainbow...WAIT, WHAT?


D.Thau, is from Discworld. All the Wizards have it in their titles. EH, Element of Harmony. EM, Element of Magic. M1, Mage Level 1 (something I made up, 1 being highest on the magical talent/level.)

Okay, I'm going to be frank here. The majority of the story was good. I liked it. But the ending KILLED IT.
I had some laughs, but for me, this story has passed on. It has ceased to be. It's a stiff, bereft of life, off the twig, kicked the bucket, bought the farm, shuffled off the mortal coil, run down the curtain, and joined the choir invisible!

"Well, we'd better replace it then."
Yes, Monty. We should.

Okay, no offense, but that doesn't really make much sense.

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