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To whom it may concern

My "favourites" list is a comprehensive list of everything I have read on this site. While I have liked almost everything I've read, there are a couple in there which I actively dislike. If you want recommendations, start with those featured frames down there, and then follow up with everything by the authors on my follow list.

Note: Now that the bookshelves feature has been added, I'll eventually get around to sorting things into more intuitively named lists, but for now, I've just updated the above with a link to my favourites list, since it's currently somewhat difficult to find other users's bookshelves.

I try to leave a comment on everything I read now, so if you're wondering what I thought of a story on that list, look for my comment.


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Hey man! Don't worry about it. I was reading Home the other day and boggled a little that I hadn't followed you already. I guess I can chalk it up to a combination of always having thought of you as "the guy who runsran the PFV" rather than "an author", and never having had to follow you for the former since they were site posts.

Anyway, I've read and liked more than one of your stories, and you've done great things for this community, so you deserve my eyeballs as much as anyone.

Site Blogger

I see I've joined an elite group! I will endeavor to make your follow worth your while.

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