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When a scheduled snowstorm goes awry, Rarity and Sweetie Belle are left snowed-in at the Carousel Boutique. They try their best to have a fun, worthwhile day nonetheless. A sweet, fluffy, lighthearted oneshot.

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FFFF- The D'awww is too much! Abort! Abort!

Wonderful story! You got the characterization perfectly, but Sweetie Belle probably would have been more enthusiastic about spending time with Rarity because it's such a...well, a rarity!

Ba dum tsh!
I'm sorry.

So this was pretty much the cutest thing I've read in a while. Seems strange reading about a blizzard minutes after watching a hummingbird fluttering about outside, BUT WHATEVER. That hardly matters.

Lovely characterization you've got going. It was nice seeing Rarity and Sweetie Belle interacting realistically (without fighting).

D'AAWWWW :unsuresweetie:

So bucking cute <3

HHHNNNNGG - Fetch my heart pills! Seriously, though, this is a wonderful piece. Keep up the good work!:twilightsmile:

1137126 Glad you liked it! As for your critique: the way I saw it, Sweetie was just really disappointed about not getting to play outside. But thanks for the suggestion!
1137441 Thanks! It is nice, isn't it? I think this fandom needs more Rarity-Sweetie sibling love.
1137490 :yay: Yaaay!
1137502 Thanks! That's just what I was going for.
1137569 Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

a few grammar mistakes here and there, but they won't stop me from yelling:

so cute!:heart:

but what did stop me is the fact that I'm a little sick and its 90 degrees with HOT wind;
but still a really neat story here

The cuteness level is just- HHHHHHGGGGNNNNNN


Makes me long for winter.

1137750 Thanks! Yeah, it's pretty miserable where I am, too. I figured a story about being snowed in would make a nice respite from the heat.
1139780 Success!
1139824 Thank you! I'm glad it had that effect.

This makes me wish winter would get here sooner. Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons anyway. It was such a cute story though, it really deserves a feature, a lot more than some of the stories that get put up there. I guess people just don't want happy? I loved it anyway, and the dynamic between the two sisters is exactly what I would have expected. It really was great. I'll have to check out your other stuff sometime if they're as good as this is.

I like how you have Rainbow do a Rainboom to break up the storm, great idea. She's getting good at those, isn't she?:rainbowdetermined2: I mean...they were suppose to be rare, but she's done three within the show alone. (Why hasn't Fleetfoot yet is always my question, if she's so fast)?

Er...getting off topic. Yeah, sorry. Love the story, and I'm gonna go watch you so I remember to read more of your stuff! See you (hopefully) later!

1143828 Wow, thanks so much for all the compliments, and for the watch as well! I'm so glad you liked this!

It's good and cute, guy.
I certainly enjoyed it.

1145060 Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Awwww such a cute story. Way to bring a smile to my face.

1146156 Thanks! It looks like this fic did exactly what it was supposed to do.

I can't believe what I just read, It was the best fic I've read that I can remember! It's relate-able, cute, and you even got the characters down perfectly! I am now waiting for winter to come, and when it does I'll think of this Fic! Thank you for making my day! :twilightsmile:
:applecry: I want winter NOOW...

For a few moments, this story made me forget that it's still the middle of summer. Of course the fact that we didn't even reach 70 degrees here today might have made that a little easier.

Anyway, a nice, peaceful story.

1147097 Wow, thank you! That's quite a compliment.
1147801 Thanks!

Cute and great fic. This is going in my favorites so fast. :twilightsmile:

1159282 Thanks! Cuteness seems to be my forte, I suppose.

yay something cold for these horribly hot summer months cant wait till winter so i can wear my sweaters again oh yeah fav

1169591 That's what I was going for. Thanks for the fav!

You probably heard this a million times by now, but this story, is just to cute for words my dear. I can post a whole story about how good it is, but that still won't do judge to the story, but I think, this will. *stands up from her chair and starts clapping her front hooves togehter* Bravo to you my dear, bravo. You crafted a masterpiece! -Rarity

1192229 Oh my, what wonderful compliments! I'm flattered. Thanks a ton! :heart:

1192264 *smiles warmly* You are welcome dear. -Rarity

I believe a positive picture is required. I require fluff from all the Train Wreck Exploring I've been doing.

1201328 Many thanks! I feel it's my duty to provide fluff for bronies who are in need of it.

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :pinkiesad2:

it's a really really cute story!!!

2710360 Thank you! It's good to see this story had the desired effect.


Oh, this one was a good one. Rarity and Sweetie were just... wonderful.:raritywink:


I'll read this later believe me. Just my winter lasted through May so I don't even want to think about cold and snowy weather.

The vision shall rise.

Oh, how can I upvote this harder. :fluttercry:

This was so happy it was sad. Or maybe my emotions just don't work right anymore. It's the nostalgia. Hot chocolate, board games, sitting inside with a blanket. Not grumbling every time it snows because instead of playing in it I have to shovel it away, since school's the only thing that gets cancelled for snow anymore and I don't go there anymore. The setting put me in mind of the wintertime Calvin & Hobbes strips, which were so often poetic and heartwarming, or just hilarious.

I seriously can't think of any criticism for this story. It's perfect. It's slice of life done right. The Seattle's Angels review (Which is where I heard about this story. Thank them, they're doing a wonderful service for us all) said something about there being no conflict, but that's looking at it too narrowly. It's Rarity trying to make her sister happy, and after she ends up not having to anymore, it turns out she did. :pinkiesad2:

2884216 Wow, thank you. Being compared favorably to Calvin & Hobbes is just about the highest praise I've ever received.

All I can say is...


2885171 Thanks! I'm really glad you enjoyed it.

Good job, I'm glad the seattle angels word was true.

At length she started to grow just a little bored, and started signing to herself – a quiet little tune about striped sweaters, which Rarity could only assume Sweetie was making up on the spot.

The context suggests that "signing" should actually be "singing", since the second half of the sentence refers to a "tune".

...other than that, it was quite a nice piece. I felt like you really hit all the character voices well, from Sweetie and Rainbow's dialogue to the Rarity-perspective narration. Well done!

2996068 Thank you! I'm especially glad you thought I got the characters' voices right (that's the one thing I worry most about). And thanks for pointing out that spelling error; I'll fix it right away.

I can't say anything then great story. Good show lad, Good show. :coolphoto:

Hot chocolate sounds lovely, I wish I could make it without scalding myself or having it be lumpy. Love the story.

3388663 Why, thank you! It flatters me that my humble story has rendered you nearly speechless, but I thank you again!
3396935 Thank you very much! (Funnily enough, I actually don't drink hot chocolate myself, though I imagine it might be a troublesome beverage to make and to drink without injury!)

Wow.....that was pretty damn good. Should be an episode good in fact. Better check out what other stories you've done

Quite entertaining, specially how Rarity "convinced" Sweetie Belle to settle for different colors. You got the mix between sweetness and comedy just right :twilightsheepish:

Rich,Sweet & enjoyed every drop.:rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy::raritywink::yay::twilightblush:

“Aha! Cloud Five!” She paused. “Oh, dear. One of my pieces is there. What happens to it now?”
“Um…I think it goes to jail.”
“Jail? Are you quite certain that’s how this game works?”
“Pretty sure.”
“Very well,” Rarity conceded, reluctantly taking her game piece – a red plastic pelican – and setting it aside. “But now it’s my turn. Hmmm… Sky Three.”
“Uh… go fish.”
The game continued in this manner for some time. Only the timely intrusion of a hungry Opalescence prevented Sweetie Belle from winning checkmate in twenty moves.

:rainbowlaugh: Reminds me of Bart and Homer Simpson playing "Scrabbleships". Or alternately, one of Zapp Brannigan's best lines: "If we hit that bullseye, the rest of those dominoes will fall like a house of cards. Checkmate."

Nice fluffy little oneshot, and good attention to character and detail. Isn't it amazing how the Boutique happened to run out of hot pink?

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