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Jade Ring

The purpose of a story is that it's a story. It can be more, but it can never be less.


The most innocent things can alter the very course of our lives.

Consider; an ordinary, albeit strangely configured, piece of art acquired from a distant land and sent to a seamstress in a small town. She vaguely recalls the relative who has sent the gift, but cannot fathom the reason for the giving of said present.

A closer inspection of the item reveals a bizarre series of symbols inscribed upon the surface, simultaneously repulsive and yet attractive to the young mare's eye...


Day 4 of the Seventh Anniversary Story Bomb... and sister story to 'The Thirteenth Hour'.

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I mean, it's a fairly good story, but horror's never really been a genre I could get into or enjoy reading. That's on me, not you.


Also, I'm not sure this is something you can really fix, but the link to The Thirteenth Hour is poking through the spoiler bar.

Not too many surprises here, but nice and creepy all the same. Though I'm more intrigued by the implication that there are even more independent sinister goings-on elsewhere.

Good. A bit unsettling, so yeah! Excellent story..

Rarity knows the Gate. Rarity is the Gate. Rarity is the Key and guardian of the Gate.

Yog-Sothoth hasn't responded to her invitations for tea and a trip to the spa, but the dear is ever so busy.

An excellent bit of eldritch madness. Arguably even better than its predecessor. As Rarity notes, she's perfect for this role, while Starlight probably wouldn't have waited for Twilight's permission to drag her out. Thank you for it.

(So... Rarity becomes the first cultist and the gate of The Endless. Really telling how different she thinks now, how unconcerned she is about her own sister's likely death. Eldritch beings are a heckova drug. In any case, this was entertaining. Even worse is the implications of that universe, and how since it's tied in to The Thirteenth Hour, it actually feels as though this is far from coincidence. Like the eldritch beings are starting to make their play.)


Yeah, as much as this is a scary thing. The fact a pony named Pandora sent a box to be opened is kind if entertaining. Too bad Hope wasnt in that box at all.

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