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Generosity is a reward on its own. A small gift that you personally don't care about. It isn't the act of giving, it isn't that the other pony owes you. It's just to see a smile on a friend's face, the lifting of a dark shadow on a stranger's brow. It is the one moment where all your earthly deeds take a step back and for but one small moment you can truly be yourself.

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Pretty good, for a one-shot.
Some minor mistakes here and there, but over all fine.

Good stuff. Have a watch. Also, I left my thoughts on the gmail if you haven't looked there first.

I demand a sequel sir! This is an excellent one-shot!

2149298 Thank you. :pinkiehappy:

But for now, I'll let this story stand on it's own. I've got quite a lot of other stories I need to write/finish and whatever this story is about, on it's own it's already quite good. If however I get an idea for a sequel that I want to write on the spot, then plans might change. :derpytongue2:

So who's her lost love? Pinkie? The noise comment somehow fits her most.

The faint noise of Opalescence meowing in the background made itself heard, much to Rarity's chargrin.

Sounds like a middle school vocab sentence. Also, there's an extra 'r' in chagrin there.

Other than that, I really liked this one-shot. I saw one of your other reminiscence one-shots, though this one is better than the Fluttershy one, (which, TBH, could do with a bit of a rework.)

I plan to read the others as well at some point.

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